Being Too Kind Isn’t Foolish At All

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Look it’s one of those episodic coverage things Lita spoke about like a long ass time ago. I seem to enjoy writing these posts in particular, it allows me to take the personal route more often. What series couldn’t not getting a focus from me other than Fruits Basket !


Taken me a week to write this post because life and other things going on within the Lita laboratory. Spring season this year has been extra special with the return of a shoujo classic that decade fans like me, never though we would see. Top of this finding out we are getting 63 episodes in total catering to adapting the entire manga series. That means. . .  I need 63 tissue boxes. Eleven episodes only in and cried multiple times already, the comfort Fruits Basket brings then slices you in two the next moment.

Watching new fans reacting to how this shoujo is not your run of the mill, scratching but the surface of physiological elements that are deep within. Every episode so far of the reboot has just been . . . glorious to find the words of happiness towards Fruits Basket. It’s hard man. There are too many things to say why I love this series but If I had to pick a main reason, how the show relays real life lessons, that viewers will connect with easily. Most recent episode eleven is just one of many examples with Fruits Basket.



Tohru is practically an angel, beyond selfless and always thinking of others before herself. Spending her work earnings on chocolates for the Sohma’s and others important to her for valentines days – resulted her behind on a late payment for her school trip. Shigure, Kyo and Yuki not realising and upon finding out feel guilty in not knowing, Kyo especially angry for buying those chocolates instead of spending it on herself for things she may need. Momichi randomly then brings up about a story in his class they read, ‘The Most Idiotic Traveller In The World’.

Momichi was describing Tohru’s actions from the traveller in the story. The traveller was constantly being tricked by individuals, giving up all the traveller owned from down to their clothes. Leading to the travellers demise giving up his body parts to demons. The last demon left a gift for the naive traveller with the word ‘Idiot’ written on piece of paper. The foolish traveller was full of gratitude for the demon’s gift, having never received anything like that before. Momichi stated how foolish the traveller looked to the rest of this classmates but Momichi thought them to be a genuine soul.

Making Kyo and Yuki look at Tohru’s actions from a different perspective and how Tohru is as a person, it’s an impact full of smack haha. This episode made me think about over the years Tohru’s character has been casted as ‘boring’ or ‘goody two shoes’, theres nothing ‘exciting’ about her character. Tohru is a simpleton girl whose presence casts magic over you with her constant optimistic outlook on life and treasuring what’s most important in her life. For these reasons, she has always been one of my favourite female anime characters for the past decade, a character that resonates a part of myself.

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It’s just not in Tohru’s nature to turn a blind eye on not being kind to others, always giving chances and doing acts of kindness when no-one asks her too. Despite my loud, crazy nature, deeper inside I have never been able to help myself from not doing kind acts. Whether it’s been bringing cakes for work colleagues, buying mum her favourite yoghurt, aiding new blogger faces to the community. It’s not in me to turn a blind eye like in Tohru’s to not do these things, if I stopped doing any of these things – a part of myself is being denied.

I can’t be a blogger who doesn’t read other people’s posts or doesn’t comment, I can’t be someone who ignores those who wish to feel included in a community. All of these feelings come from a place of facing past exclusion in my own life. People who were ever negative or didn’t treat me right, It made me more resilient in the fact I refused to be like these people – unless they gave me reason not too. Opening yourself to doing kind acts, there is the risk of getting hurt or going unnoticed but that’s how it rolls sometimes. I feel people are afraid these days to open their hearts like myself or Tohru, that’s okay everyone is different. Tohru’s kindness can easily be seen as a weakness and taken advantaged with ease but would you ask her to stop being kind altogether? She wouldn’t be Tohru then.

I wouldn’t be me if someone asked me that question. Doing simple acts of kindness fills Tohru with such happiness and that’s worth it to her in the whole world. Commenting on people’s videos/posts, making my friends laugh being stupid, doing a shoutout brings me a small dose of happiness each day – where if noticed or not. There is enough negative around, just bringing some positivity to someone else is worth it to me in whatever form. This is why I love Tohru so much, her kind acts are apart of her. The kindness she shows is not foolish, it’s brave whether appreciated or not, she doesn’t change this constant momentum. Using as a force to drive her forward in life whenever she feels like she might falter. How exactly I perceive my own kindness and acts.


Feel free to check out my previous episode focus from the Ancient Magus Bride which I enjoyed writing at the time. Now that this is out of my system.

If you’re not watching Fruits Basket get on this emotional pull tug now !! Crunchyroll is waiting for you muahh.

Hope you enjoyed the read and now I’ll get back to the Lita Laboratory, where I’ve been working on some things for the past while. Oh so many surprises to come !!

I’ll see you in the next post!! 



  1. Being kind in the face of cruelty takes more power than anything I’ve ever tried to do.

    That’s why I’ve never understood the people who say that Tooru is weak. I can’t imagine the energy it takes her to stay positive the way she does!

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