Staying Outside The Generic Bubble Is Hard


One of the biggest things in all my time creating content through blogging and youtube, I’m sure all people will agree on is: How do you stand out from the rest?


By nature, and spurting out my content about anime, sticking to the stickle fads and trends have never been my style. From the time others start up youtube or blog, following the popular traditions becomes second nature. Therefore diminishing the chances of newcomers within communities further of being noticed. It’s a sad fact and drumming up fresh, getting a look in in twice as hard, compared when I first entered. But looking at the term here ‘getting noticed’ can mean different things. Some people who have aspirations making a career out of blogging or youtube, have to constantly tweet or post on social media any new post or video.

As oppose to people like me who only wish to be noticed for the satisfaction in getting to know other anime lovers and seek discussion. This still applies the same as when I entered the ball court of youtube and blogging. Although you’re thinking will change over time and there’s so much I’ve learned from both hobby outlets. Like the rest of the herd out there, creating all the social media accounts I have, I do want to be noticed – for other factor people discover something new.

In all I’ve built and shaped in the last few years, I’m proud of. Trial and error is a massive apart doing hobbies like youtube and blogging, finding what works for you. I’ve and am still dabbing in out of popular trends, seeing if it fits in with my style or not, but without wanting to be put in the same bracket as others. Know what? It’s still flipping hard as ever!

Notice me I’m here Ya’ll


There is no reason to critique others if they choose to follow whats popular but only choosing this to get famous or views. It is not going to bring you any satisfaction or happiness. There is nothing more than I believe in to always be yourself, I’ve always been an open book here on the blog and my channel. Through the anime community online and real life, the truer me got to come out. Why would I deny that and all the connections, what I’ve built until now? All for being in the spotlight amongst those who may only strive for popularity and fame – by sticking to the generic trends within each community. No thankyou, haha.

In both doing youtube and blogging, it changed my perspective to experimenting with current trends, then finding of ways to counter attack them in my own way. Most have been fails because no matter what I did it still felt like, nothing stood out. The honest truth to what you can only do is:

Putting Your Own Spin On Trends 

Personality is everything that can turn the tables of what is generic, and making it into something that represents you. For me to say now, myself knows whats makes me feel like I stand out from others is a huge thing. My approach towards my content is random, you never know what I’m going to put out, I like to be full of surprises. Both in my videos and blog posts I love to be humorous and fun. These are things I feel keep out of the generic way of things nearly completely but mostly, myself knows hows to put my own spin of what is current.

I believe it takes a long while to know one self’s content and feel confidence in this. Only in the last year, I’ve felt satisfaction in my own content and what I’m putting out. Ultimately when it comes for any creator wishing to stay out of the generic bubble, I believe they don’t need to put the stress of keeping up with the ‘times’. Self doubt sets in so quickly for new creators especially, feeling like they will bring nothing new to the scene.

But You Will, Your Personality, Your Energy, Your Drive. Is All You Need. 


There is a massive list of blogger and youtube people I could list here, who follow the trends within the anime community. But they’re known beyond the factor of trends, instead for the people they are, all the energy they bring to their content and love of anime itself. Don’t feel intimidated by the popular trends because nobody is the same, every single person brings they’re own flare on things. You need to make them you’re own. After all this time, I know what makes me stick outside of the generic but at the end of the day. Long as your comfortable in the content your producing, spreading your love of anime in a positive manner for yourself, that’s all should matter.

Main take away here is doing you’re own take on what is trendy and changing it up to suit your groove and style.

Or stuff trends entirely if this is not you !!! Haha


Ahh, feels good to get this off my chest now. This is something I’ve seen a lot of new bloggers and youtubers worry over in there content or speaking their love of anime. I would love to say screw trends but some people care about that sort of thing, haha.

You do you guys!!

Still screw trends if you don’t have give a hoot haha.

Hope anyone found this encouraging or related in someway, feel free to share any thoughts you have below.

I’ll see you in the next post my dears!! 


12 thoughts on “Staying Outside The Generic Bubble Is Hard

  1. Nicely put, ma’am. And a good reminder to me.

    The last couple of times I did a review blog I ended up chasing trends instead of doing what I wanted to do. It turned into a chore and quickly became “not fun.” Not doing that this time. Especially with something that I’ve been a fan of for close to three decades.

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    1. Thankyou 😆 that what I was hoping people takeaway as a reminder. We all go Through the phase of following trends no one is excluded from this. Trends are the norm these days but doesn’t mean have to stick to it. Glad you have found your separation from what’s current and have a clearer view on what you want to do ☺️

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  2. Trends don’t matter all that much to me. If you do good work to begin with, success (whatever that means to you) should follow. Of course, that is extremely idealistic but I believe people will be genuinely interested in you and not some fad your participating in for reliability. As for blogging and video, I would do the latter if I had the equipment and time. Editing and upload demands so much of both it isn’t worth it to me.

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    1. That’s why I said screw trends if ya don’t give a flying hoot ahaha lol people should be interested in you and not what trend video it is about. Blogging and YouTubing is not for everyone it is taxing I won’t lie. Requires BALANCE and LOTS of scheduling haha. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts ☺️ I’m glad to see you blogging more as I love your posts !!

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  3. I think it is important to remember what you wanted out of your blog to begin with, since that shapes what kind of content you post. If you get hanged up on following trends to increase the viewer couint you might lose what made your content unique in the first place.

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  4. Good post. Granted, I’m someone who avoids trends at all costs especially with my main blog and with my review blog, but I can’t hate anyone who puts their own personality or spin on talking about some popular things. Not my style, obviously, but I appreciate when people have their own identity and can make their own opinions without being dictated to by the crowds. Of course my post today had QUITE a divergent take on a popular opinion, but that’s besides the point. Haha! Keep doing what you’re doing though.

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