It’s Mini Post – A – Rama Because I’m Just Behind Ya Know


Ya girl Lita is behind on post – a – ramas by 2 months, Hmm? What can we do to correct this?  A MINIATURE VERSION *inserts magic cape reveal*


We’re tired over here.


Update Because?

It’s always good to touch base with you all, whether it matters or not, haha. May have noticed over the past couple of months have been a mixture of free from and structure combined. For the past year I had remained pretty structured in my posts but I’ve gotten very laid back more. I was trying to find that balance between both and I’ve found it. All round how the blog is doing, I’m pretty happy with the flow of things and posts I’ve put out. This half year has been for me to learn to be more laid back in my hobbies more, like not review every anime I watch. At this point I won’t be changing the flow of things currently except continue to remain consistent with weekly posts of some sort.

Hope you guys are good. Do tell Lita down below, I don’t always like to speak about myself ahaha.

Besides the blog, running the flow of my youtube channel has been good. Definitely put more videos out this half year more than any previous years. Getting back into the manga scene has been the biggest influence, meeting new manga youtubers and collectors. Creating new inspiration for manga related videos, which has been really fun. Cannot sit here and lie, it’s not been easy for past couple of years to find balance with my youtube or blog which I’ve spoken about that ordeal, having two hobbies like I do.

So my blog and youtube really happy with the status of them right now and the on-going plans I have to both….. because you know Lita is always full of surprises. Anyway that’s enough about me.



Mini Post – A – Rama Finds



Hopefully… this will be a weekly thing so I can feature some beautiful bloggers and other creators. I haven’t decided anything yet as I’m doing this because it’s been AGES since Lita did. Posts I’ve had chance to read recently are wonderful like always. . .  any posts I read are always amazing no matter it’s about.


Marmalade Boy Ultimate Scrapbox Collection Overview

Collection posts are a instant click more than other posts for me. I think that comes from being a collector, haha. TakamakiJoker his relationship with 90s series Marmalade Boy. This has been on my import buy list since last year, hopefully I’ll have by July, because 90s shoujo is ultimate indulgence. Melodrama screams out to me with this series. Takamaki Joker shares his rare DVD scrapbook collection, which you will have trouble finding but it was really interesting to see, old releases like this – compared to now. If you like your vignette like Lita then check out this post for sure!!


Defending InuYasha’s Indecisiveness

Inuyasha is one of my favourite anime ever but one frustrating element is the love triangle involving Inuyasha, Kagome and Kikyo. Tess from All About Anime and Manga, discusses that we should give Inuyasha a break for his indecisiveness between these two fair maidens of choice. Inuyasha made some poor choices in turn hurt both woman but Inuyasha at times was put in a difficult spot. Tess doesn’t excuse some of his poor decision making but the feeling he had for both woman were genuine, even by the end he finally chooses someone. Tess covered how I’ve felt about the series for years now really well.


Maiden Railways – Manga Review

You like Yuri manga well here’s a title for you to try as discussed by Zeria. This manga collection of short stories surrounded on couples and the setting being surrounded near trains. Zeria describes the authors use of trains in connection with the females relationships and loss, it’s a very well thought out concept. So if you like Yuri anything then this is title is for you !!


5 Reasons To Watch Shugo Chara

Casper sent me down memory lane with their post covering an old school magical girl anime, I loved in my younger teens. Shugo Chara was my jam back in the day, still the most adorable series I’ve seen from the magical girl sphere. Caspers covered perfectly all the reasons to dive into this wholesome series. Best aspect about this series, it’s coverage on self discovery through it’s main protagonist Amu, about finding your true self. I need to marathon this series, sometime this year and relive the magic !!!


Anime Podcast of Some Awesome Sort! With Irina 

I like to listen to podcasts when have a minute. I was all over this when my buddy David who runs the Anime Podcast of Some Sorts and It’s In Season podcasts had the famous Irina be a guest on his Anime Of Some Sort. David is a good sport and awesome dude, I’ve had the pleasure being on his podcast before and it was thoroughly enjoyable time listening to Jack, Irina and David discussing the striking sonic hedgehog trailer and recommendations of dating sims from Irina for David to try. It’s a good time so give a listen… like now !!!



Told ya it was going to be mini.


Check out these cool posts and I hope to be back with more next week, or however I figure out how this is even going to work. I felt bad I hadn’t done a blog feature like this for ages so hope to make up for lost time.

Look forward to fun posts I’ve got planned for this June, you’ll be seeing some varied content between anime and manga.

Hope you guys enjoyed and see you next post!! 






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