The Me That Got To Come Out – Owls ‘May’ Happiness Tour

First Cosplay Shoot 310
Swag Nerine from Shuffle


Back for another rounds of Owls and this May month we look at something every single fellow nerd and geek alike will relate too within their hobbies and obsessions. The individual happiness it brings and expect this post to be sentimental as hell.



Happiness is subjective. We all have different definitions of what happiness means to us and we also feel happiness in varying degrees. This month we will be exploring several questions describing our happiness in our fandoms, communities, and hobbies. Why do we find enjoyment watching anime or reading manga? Why did we decide to join the anime or pop culture communities? Why do we blog about our hobbies or cosplay as our favorite characters? This topic is all about the passions we have for our interests and why they are important to us.
Anime blogging community
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Fanfiction junkies


You don’t know the awesome group of OWLS bloggers?

Owls bloggers started up two years and I’ve been a member since. We are a group of bloggers, youtubers and podcasters who do monthly blog tours discussing selected topic for that month. We are a group that loves to spread and promote acceptance within important worldly topics, disability, race, sexuality, human equality. Initially we used anime and pop culture only to discuss our monthly topics but now Owls has branched out beyond this into music, sports, books. The options are endless now for us and our growing group.


 Decade Ago Me (probably more than that)


If you have not read the other sentimental, amazing posts for this May go read them here. They have been such joyful reads, learning what happiness anime brings for our members and also check out the next sentimental amazing post after this sentimental load Megan’s post.

Where can I find the words to start here. . .?

I’ve spoken before in a post back in 2016 that is still very relevant to how I feel now, what anime means to me. Ultimately what this crazed hobby has done for me has given me experiences, friendships never dreamed I’d have. It’s a loner aspect at times when you’re someone with Autism knowing you may never get to experience what others luckily enough get too. Going back over a decade ago to the ‘me’ that constantly had these thoughts all the time. Fifteen year old me felt like her world was not going to expand further than at the point it was. At that time I was half way through college in year 10 (Uk schools work differently) I was into basics Sailor Moon, Yugioh, Pokemon, Dragonball z still. My anime world was small, having only one friend at college to geek out with, rest of the time, it was a solitude thing. My only other connections were through back when a thing Bebo existed. If anyone remembers that social profile site before facebook was a thing. I absorbed myself in the world of role play with other anime fans, it was of few happiness I had.

The negative experiences growing up through school and personal exclusion I felt from a autistic aspect. It felt hopeless to me at that time my hobby of anime would expand. Simplest dreams and wishes of just having a group to talk about anime with, friends to geek out with. Something never felt I would experience in real life. People only ever saw a facade half the time, a quiet, keep to herself girl. Inside I knew the real me and only time I let that side of me open was through roleplay. Nothing but a dream that she would ever be allowed out.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

She Came Out.

Flood Gates Opened


My whole entire world changed in 2005 when I migrated to the aussie land. My first family’s move just had be across half the bloody world, haha. It was a terrifying but exciting transition, but I don’t deal with change well at all. Restarting my year 10 all over again, feeling of dread overcame for what would come next. I was ready to put the facade on again but. . . the moment meeting my best friend at school. My small anime world expanded beyond what I couldn’t even comprehend. I can never forget the moment my friend brought up about Sailor Moon at that bowling party. It was instant connection, our first sleepover we marathoned Sailor Moon like no tomorrow.

From that point slowly the locked away, loud, crazy me got to take a new step forward to reaching a place of self acceptance for the first time in my life. In each step, my anime love grew at a increasing rate to where it cannot be measured today, haha. Soon enough what felt like a dream having friends to geek out with, became a longing reality. Anime above anything else has given me connections and experiences that might have remained a dream, if I had stayed in the UK. I never like to think how things might have been if I had never come to the aussie land.


Avcon 2009 034
Sixteen year Lita at her first convention with a cute Tohru


My first convention felt like another long lost dream that would have remained in the abyss forever. It was the most magical experience, to be surrounded by fellow geeks and nerds who loved all the same thing. I had found finally a place of belonging. Funny factor my mum made me wear these ugly as black leggings to go underneath my sailor skirt, ruined the entire look, haha. This local convention since then I’ve gone to every year expect once and each time has been a truly treasuring experience.


Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 4.17.29 pm
One of my most treasured moments


This was one of most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life meeting my penpal of 9 years back in 2015. Finding out she lived in New Zealand was a surprise as she was only 4 hours away haha. She’s been one of my most beloved friends for years now and I met her through Bebo of all things. It was inevitable we would meet one day and I’m sure there will be many more future hangouts.


There’s So Much More.


Venturing into the world of anime blogging, my personality and self got to explode, as what it is today. One of the best things I ever did creating this blog, meeting many long time friends no matter the miles and being introduced to another expressive side to discuss my anime love, which has lead to making many amazing connections and opportunities. No matter if some connections I’ve lost along the way, the experiences and memories I’ve been left with, is timeless. I can look through these memories with happiness without falling on the negative as much now, but that’s taken a long time do now.

Anime didn’t change just myself but opened a portal to a world of simple opportunities, others might take for granted and not see the way as I do. Anime gave me connections I never thought fifteen year old me would never have. I’ll have eternal gratitude and happiness hence forth into the future memories and experiences that are awaiting.



This was a happy occasion for me to recollect what this medium has given me and hope you guys enjoyed the read none the less!!

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  1. Oh my gosh this is such a beautiful post!!! I absolutely loved reading it, even got those warm fuzzy feelings in my gut! Sharing how much your love of anime has helped you be your true self kind of reminds me of the impact anime has had on my life.

    Such a wonderful post!! ❤

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