The Torn Of Creator Vs Works


That moment where you’re watching a YouTube video and something mentioned reminds you “oh forgot about that post idea”.



My mind is overloaded currently with all these blog posts to write, my drafts have never looked so full. On top of this my blog posts are getting more random, haha. You guys are all for it really? Well you’ll have to be because my approach of treating this blog as a journal more recently, has been refreshing. I watched a fellow booktuber ShaeGeeksOut library tour video, other day for reaching 1000 subs. Shae is one of the most vibrant, happy channels I always come back too, definitely give her a look in. In her video going through her manga collection, she comments on a series, I love to death.

My first Samurai anime ever Rurouni Kenshin. Shae comments she cannot continue to collect the series, due to finding out Nobuhiro Watsuki was convicted in 2017 for possession of child pornography. This was a sad thing to find out at the time loosing fans. It’s understandable, hearing such ill, disgusting behaviour like that you never want to go back to those creators work. It’s not just about loosing all respect for Watsuki as a person but his stories along with it suffer. There is a small faction of people out there who love the story of Rurouni Kenshin like me, I’ve been invested in this wonderfully crafted story for 8 years now.

It’s unfair and sad in this situation, I was devastated little at the time of finding out Watsuki charges just like you, if you love this series. A creator tarnishing their name as Watsuki did, I’ve lost respect for him as a human. However there was no way for me to let go of my love for his story of Rurouni Kenshin, it’s the first series still even now recommend to new fans as a first time samurai anime. Looking at this from a different angle this February a local bakery near me (who also has two other bakery outlets) appeared in the news, being linked to a salmonella outbreak due to either handled raw eggs, meat. It was pretty bad 51 people took ill and 19 were in hospital, bad I hear you. The owners are lovely people whenever I had gone previously, were so apologetic and devastated by what transpired. Since then there have been massive improvements from the bakery working closely with health authorities and only this weekend, I went there to pick up some croissants because, they still have the BEST croissants I’ve ever had.

The situation was bad, they would have been shut down permanently if their cleanliness levels were not truly up to scratch. How many types of these stories have you heard in the news? Millions. Maybe you might see it as a risk for me to still go to this bakery, maybe you see me as crazy but there are still some findings that have not been conclusive still. Fact there even still open now I think that’s something but there croissants still tasted good as ever. I just wanted to take a different angle here, wanted to give the bakery second chance before deciding I would never go again, I hadn’t been since February anyway.

We’re not even going to go there on Vic Mignogna saga if you thought that was getting to get a mention, such a headache. If you’re looking for my opinion on that as a voice actor within his performances I still have respect for. So back to why should it be fair that because the actions of a creator? There works have to suffer for it. Suffer the potential exposure to new fans and Kenshin I’m sure has coped it a lot thanks to Watsuki actions.

Rurouni Kenshin is timeless and for the future will go on into the golden age of anime. It is the most well written, compelling story on redemption I’ve ever read. Kenshin’s journey is such a inspirational ride to follow and about a man who he himself is torn past and present. This is why this series a ultimate favourite for me. Watsuki went to lowest of the low but letting his best work Rurouni Kenshin fall to the same level because of one’s person actions is unjust. I get it. you who might love this series as much as me, don’t want to support a rotten apple, no-one has the right to judge your choice.




I choose to still speak in the highest regard for Rurouni Kenshin, it made me so happy to find out recently. Warner Brothers Japan is going to adapt the final arc from the manga into two live action films for summer 2020. Final conclusion to the three live action trilogy, fantastic news as these adapted live actions films are the best I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend giving the live action Kenshin movies a watch!!

These situations creators of famous works have tarnished their name and fans feel torn over whether to continue to follow or drop them completely. This tears me apart when I see this but I didn’t want to be in the majority for Rurouni Kenshin. I’m deeply invested in this series beyond words could say and if you’re love of a series is that infinite. You’re going to find yourself continuing to love the creators work, just not the creator itself. Those that choose to unfollow a creators works or never mention said works again, there will be those who still will be a voice, like us bloggers, reviewers, so these works don’t get left in dust. I’m not worried about Rurouni Kenshin ever going anywhere despite of what happened but I wanted to look at in this post two sides of the flip coin.



This is finally out of my system, old news I’m talking here but as mentioning watching Shae’s video sparked a forgotten idea. Talking about Kenshin now, I need that newly released figure of him because it’s a WORK OF ART!!

Feel free to leave your feelings on this matter down below or of a similar situation to this.

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. I agree. The man made himself a criminal and should have to pay for it. His creative works however should not have to pay for it. There are any number of books I love even though the authors did or believed things I find repulsive. It’s the same with anime. (And also. People are still people even if they’re criminals. I’ve forgiven people in my life for things worse than this. It’s not like once you’re convicted you are a hopeless human, forever, the end. No way.)

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    1. Thankyou for your comment 😁 it’s a touchy subject for some people and I understand and respect people’s decisions on the matter. It’s the creators fault for his actions and dont believe his work like Kenshin has to cop it at the end of the day


  2. For me, an creator’s works are a part of them. I feel like a hypocrite since I haven’t let go of my books yet, but I don’t think I’ll ever read Kenshin again. There are other creators I’d rather support.

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    1. That’s fair enough you support who you want to support my dear 😊 true a creators work are like a piece of them but my love of Kenshin was too great to turn a blind eye in this case lol

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