There Are Many Slumps But Reading Slumps Suck AS

Finally for May I might actually have some posts scheduled as I’ve failed too do so most of this year. Scheduling Slumps exist but hardest slump I managed to get myself out of for the longest time was the manga slump.

It’s definitely feeling like Autumn now here in Australia, the rain this week were getting is insane since we’ve had a massive dry spell for 4 months. Winter and Autumn are the best seasons to readers in the best mindset to cuddle down with a book. Since end of last year the last of many slumps I managed to crawl out of was the manga slump.

What is even a manga slump?  An individual who has not read manga in years and has struggled to get back into the once loved hobby.

The following above was me for about seven years, watching and collecting anime consumed me during this period. Not until scrolling through Instagram the amount of manga collectors, sharing their collections – discussing what currently reading . It astounded me the invoking passion each post I read, It was inspiring, before I knew it,  my readers soul was reignited. Only last November, managed to get myself back into normal reading and following on now manga reading.

If you, yourself are in a manga slump, can’t seem to find the desire to pick back up reading this piece of creative literature.  I wanted to share what got me back into reading manga again, maybe you’ll find useful.



Collection Profile


Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 9.01.08 pm


The amount of manga collectors and fans I’ve been found and been introduced too has been crazy. Creating this seperate account from my personal one was the best move I made. For a while I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my nerdy side on my personal account. You definitely feel more freedom running seperate accounts and finally felt like I could let loose. Instagram seems to have more appeal factor for manga people to share their collections than twitter I’ve found. While I’ve found many manga and anime collectors over on twitter, instagram seems to be the place to be. 

Running this account has made more happy and highly encouraged me to post more about manga. Following so many manga collectors has been the highest influence, sense of manga community on instagram is wonderful. But no matter what platform you wish to share your love of manga or what you’re reading, doesn’t matter.



Following Enthusiastic Collectors 


Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 9.09.48 pm


It’s easy to feel intimidated by fellow collectors collections, amount of manga they post about, how big their collection is. That shouldn’t be your first thought whatever social media your using to share about your collection. I never felt like this when creating my instagram account, seeing all the manga I’ve been missing out on these years of not reading. Only drove me more to want to not waste anytime and get back into regular reading. Fans who collect anime I’ve always found influential and infectious but manga collectors I’ve found have a irresistible resistance when it comes to the collecting game.

The amount of manga I’ve added already to my own collection, I fully blame the passionate love of manga collectors from instagram, youtube and twitter this has been the centre of why daily reading has returned to my routine. Everyone conversation with fellow manga collectors I’ve had has been awesome, has added to my own passionate drive. If there is no authentic enthusiasm in collecting then you’re going to burn out easy and not come back to once loved hobby. Truly in this manga collecting game, that element of enthusiasm and genuineness is essential, is what I believe anyway.

My manga to be read and buy list is scrolls long . . .  wohoo!




Manga Challenges And Readathons


Biggest influence that truly got me into reading more was participating in my first manga challenge. The lovely Shae Geeks Out ran the 24hrmangalove readathon in the spirit of valentines day. Where you read as much manga within 24hours with the theme of ‘love’. All the shoujo excuse here, aha! It was my first readathon, I’d ever done and it was a great experience for me. This April just gone I participated in my first manga challenge originally created by manga youtuber Lohali, the ‘Lohali30for30. You had to read 30 volumes of manga over April. Again it was an amazing time, exposing myself to new titles and revisiting old ones. 

This centred manga events you felt all the inclusion and all the while I felt included. It was nice to challenge myself but my main purpose was to get some reading done. This was the boost I was in need of to get back into reading manga. Mission accomplished on that point as every second day I’m reading manga. These challenges and readathons should be taken as nothing but fun, bonus whether you have twitter, instagram plenty of opportunity to participate. There are so many challenges out there and you can even make up you’re own, which I’m currently thinking about doing for later on this year, hehe.

Also BUDDY READS!! They are a massive thing in the manga scene, currently I’ve buddied up with someone to read a couple of manga titles. Another fantastic way to get out of slump mode and excite you about manga once again.

Surrounding yourself with a positive atmosphere and enthusiastic fans and collectors will be all you need for your reading drive. 



Outside The Comfort Box 


But shoujo. . .

Credit to the Uraraka for the expression how I faced the music to myself, you must step out of your cozy comfort nook. Shoujo is what makes my soul happy when it comes to manga, I’d happily read nothing but that. This was my thinking when I was 18 or 19, decade later is only when you build up wanting to expose yourself to genres you don’t read a lot of. To give an example during Lohali april manga challenge, a title I ended up loving unexpectedly was World Trigger a shonen series. I haven’t read shonen for a long time, last title was Rurouni Kenshin .  .  . that was 7 years ago.

World Trigger turned out to be a humorous, entertaining read for it’s first volume one. Focusing on earth fending off these aliens known as Neighbours, humanity defence is a task force the ‘Border’. Neighbour alien Yuma and Border agent Osamu encounter one another, meant to be natural enemies. Their bond could go either way enemies or friends?  Surprised it’s been rarely mentioned after researching a little more, finding out it has an anime 73 episodes !! This series looks to be a whole lot of fun and cannot wait to continue. Best advice to give in this case is pick the next best genre you would read above others, might just be kick you need to fall in with titles yet to be discovered. Don’t pressure yourself to step out what your comfortable with, only if you feel ready too. This year and my age point I was ready to expose myself to other titles. Nothing should ever be forced.

Still . . . shoujo will always win no matter what.


So hope this might help others or be a reminder, take what you will from this post. This was a completely unplanned post and lately I’ve missed writing posts with no structure. I took a page from Irina, she’s a good influence like that. A blog can look pretty all it wants but you guys are here for the thoughts of the blogger.

May I add manga reading has been so glorious as of late, I am back in the manga game.

I’ll see you all in the next post !!! 



    1. Glad you enjoyed the read Conan ☺️ haha def you can participate in a readathon how you want. I had no idea when doing my first one how into it people were LOL but it is really fun !

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