Before Bed Shoujo Reads #3: SP Baby


I may have figured out how to keep this enjoyable segment going. Because there’s nothing better than a shoujo fan sinking their teeth into a shoujo, to feel that satisfaction.


It’s been a while since you have seen this segment . .  . April last year was the last time. There was no I was intending to drop this but it got forgotten about, you know how the blogger mind is – drifting from one idea to another. Portion of people I’ve gotten to know since blogging love shoujo like me and were the prime inspiration for this segment. My recent manga purchases, I snapped up a two volume short shoujo, that gave me the boot up the arse to get this segment going.

This title I picked up at randomly off the shelf, it was a “ALL MINE” moment, there’s no stopping a shoujo fanatic like me – when I find a series like. Maki Enjoji the woman knows how to hit her shoujo fan demographic, always writing comical, romance stories.

SP Baby is no exception to this following Tamaki who is looking for a full time job to support her brother and herself. Tamaki misses a interview running into a situation of what looks like to be two pursers chasing one man. Tamaki thinking she is doing the right thing stops the purser. Tamaki misreads the situation as the man she ‘saves’ is the Kagetora presidents nephew who was running from his bodyguards – him wanting to just have some fun. Kagetora impressed by Tamaki’s resilient he offers her to become his bodyguard full time. Unknown to Tamaki the two have met beforehand. 

SP Baby I enjoyed for the shoujo fan I am. Tamaki and Kagetora reminded me of Chiwa and Hokuto from Happy Marriage a lot – the hilarious arguments and comical chemistry. Main female Tamaki was exactly like Chiwa swept up by the rich guy Kagetora but was a resilient individual and stood her ground when necessary.  Tamaki had to stand her ground a lot because it was a surprise the ‘invasion of privacy’ going on within the story. Upon reading other reviews what came up a lot was consent regarding Tamaki and Kagetora between their working relationship.

I can understand reading the reviews why people were turned off from volume one. Kagetora is mysterious in his actions and could be viewed upon as a weirdo. Understanding this typical shoujo story of a girl and a rich guy, the shenanigans that come along with it, for someone like me did not bother me as much. For new people the invasion of consent within this story will put them off, but what new fans will quickly learn the troupes of shoujo like SP Baby has, seeing these stories are everywhere. Shoujo demographic I like to think their is a split stance between fans like me who are all for a good time and laugh, used to the shoujo troupes. The flip side females readers who like raw real romance and a decent relationship development. I like both sides equally because of being a huge romance lover at heart, anything will float your boat.

Tamaki’s protagonist didn’t turn out like for example manga series Stepping Into Roses protagonist Yumi, who is downright pathetic. Yumi has no backbone or strong will, easily lets the guy she marries walk all over her, even though she only marries to provide for the orphan children she cares for – as Yumi is poor and her gambling brothers keeps brining orphan children home. Tamaki in the end falls for Kaegtora but doesn’t let him get away with his behaviour and invasion of their employee and employer relationship to an extent. Tamaki was very resilient and much like Chiwa but tad on the ditzy side, but Tamaki only ever wanted to do a good job which was genuine aspect about her character but Kagetora never made that easy.

Kagetora was quite the mischief and readers might not warm to this about his character. SP Baby for me was a satisfying read before my bed time, but this shoujo title might not be for everyone due to the consent issues within the story. But reinforcing the shoujo fan I am, shoujo lets me run wild in romance stories from good smut, cute fluffy to the realest love compared to a your average romance novel. That’s why reads like SP Baby are satisfying for me. It’s important to remember the sort of fan you are within your favourite genres and stick to reading what you know will satisfy you.

The return of Before Bed Shoujo Reads has returned my romance fans. Feel free to recommend any titles for me to cover for this segment, it would be so fun!!. The next title I have lined up is a historical one, which should be good.

I’ll see you all in the next post!



  1. I’ve passed on this because while I thought the setup (female bodyguard) could have been cool, I figured two volumes wasn’t going to be enough to show it and make a convincing romance. I might give it a shot one day though.

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