Kino Anime Collection Fiesta Take Two~!

There’s barely any posts about my anime collection *walks away slowly*


In this blogging game you forget the purpose of why you created your blog in the first place. You become swept in new ideas, going in one direction to the other. One of the purposes of this blog was to talk about my growing anime collection . . . where have those posts been Lita?


I’m a terrible blogger forgetting my purpose here.


Last January was the last time I discussed my collection and since then has grown once more. The lack of talk about my anime collection here, I blame on my youtube. This is one of the curses in having a youtube, you find doing hauls, talking about your newest additions is convenient over time. End of the day I’m a blogger first and foremost more than a youtuber. Monthly occurrence this honestly should be what I end up getting every month, which I’ll start doing beginning with April. Since getting back into collecting manga big time this year, my small collection of books has grown a little. But in this post I’ll be showing blurays and DVDs I’ve collected since last haul post.

I’ll do an end of April anime haul to get the ball rolling.

Nothing is in order of what I’ve collected since January, it’s all over the place. I’ll do an extra collection update covering what I’ve missed and all the manga. So without further or do.

Lets Get Our Anime On!!!




These two titles I picked up mid last year in a irresistible 50% off sale. Both ranging $30 to $60 each on on their own, ended up getting them together for $50. My god, I refused to stop buying full priced Bluray and DVDs a long time ago. Australian prices here are crazy expensive The Kawaii Complex is $55 on it’s own – Nasty. These two romance orientated anime were blind buys at the time, as I was in the mood for something romance. Since then I’m only currently half way through The Kawaii Complex, which was worth the buy hysterical romcom. I’ll do a post on it very soon.

Sakura Trick just looked so cute and was Yuri. I’ve upped my games watching Yuri anime Citrus, Bloom Into You and Netsuzo Trap. The cover is what made me buy it and premise just looked so adorable. I’ll get around to watching this year, as what I’ve bought since last year, only watched one or two of. This year is the year to watch those one, I’ve not watched yet on my shelf.




Of course Lita needed these swimmer boys in her life, you know how much I’ve spoken my love of this series and it’s music. . . OST give me life. You people out there who bash this series for being fan service material for us females, bet your ass we’re happy to have these hottie water boys in our lives. This was a snap up deal finding out my local anime store for $12, it was a happy day. Sadly the thing that irritates me how Free! went about being licensed, first season never got released here in Australia but the second one did. UGHH SO ANNOYING.

It’s hilarious I was in the DVD store the other day and noticed Funimation season one release just sitting on the shelf. Since when did my store start stocking American releases? well good to know I suppose. Either way all of Free! will be mine including the movies I’ve never seen, that’ll be a teary day indeed. This series is special to me because reminds me how much I love swimming and the water. Sounds silly every time I’ve been swimming I’m always thinking of this series, the profound effects of anime.



One of my goals for the past year has been to collect anime favourites, I’ve been doing well at this. Fate Stay Night was one of the first ten anime I ever watched and Saber took over my life during this time, majestic woman. This series got me into the fantasy genre more and back when I watched it, compared to now. It was not as popular, the franchise since my time has just taken off with more adaptations, most recent visual novel trilogy. Everyone raves on about the Unlimited Blade Works and Zero, I’ve yet to see but 2006 Studio Deen’s adaptation is special. People dismiss this series to not bother with, I’m someone who urges you start off with this adaptation.

People get confused where to start in Fate Stay Night franchise and I just say start here – First adaptation for this franchise. Then venturing into the others makes sense, trust me. I’ve wanted this series for years and years, people always priced it on Ebay at crazy prices $100. Luckily I found on Ebay for $25 with free shipping. STEAL!




90s anime are my weakness always. This was a blind buy before I put a halt on blind buys for good. Nadescio I’ve known about for years and heard it was pretty hysterical. I’ve only watched the first episode and it cracked me up, that was the first episode. . . how will I cope with the rest. Found out there was a movie so bought this alongside for $12 and can’t remember how much Nadescio was no more than $30. I’m saving this watch for when I’m in need of a laugh.



Inari Kon Kon, Koi Iroha another blind buy, I bought so I could get free shipping. But reading the plot sounded like a cute romance series. I need to write a post about this series because for ten episodes it astounded me, this little hidden gem. Romance is not this series main focus, rolls into deep themes of sexuality a little bit and acceptance. Friendship is a huge factor, the visually, glorious animations is just so beautiful, made my watch that much more enjoyable. I was so sad it was over after ten episode, I need more because the potential that it never ventured into, annoys me still. But that’s no excuse to disregard still such adorable series. Just wait till I get to talking about it in a post.




My Inuyasha collection pleased to announce is finally COMPLETE, as of last year. Thanks to a Madman sale they were selling the missing seasons I was needed, each $10 – such a steal. Part of season I managed to find on a secondhand set to fully complete it. Inuyasha is one of my favourite Isekai, adventure anime, along with having one of my favourite dubs. Beyond happy it’s all mine now!!!



Nodame Cantabile another blind buy I got last July at my local convention. Siren Visual anime distributor here in Australia are a awesome company bringing some American anime for home release in Australia. One of these was this musical, romance series, I remember watching the trailer for this a long time ago. It looked like a series that would win me over easily as every series seems too, haha. I’ve still not watched it but this is only season one, I’ll have to import the second season. I’m excited to dig into another musical anime, a genre of anime I haven’t watched enough of ahaha.




A Supernatural favourite I’ve been wanting for ages. Inu x Boku is just plain quirky and adorable. Eccentric cast of characters is why I love this series so much, course Ririchiyo and Soshi growing relationship is just adorable. This is a perfect series to fill hole if you have come from watching or reading Kamisama Kiss.



This was a very special addition to my collection before xmas last year. Hearing this classic 80s series was going out of print, I took the plunge on this one. Purchasing through Rightstuf for the first time, came within a week, packaged well. I was impressed, so I’ll definitely order from them again. $50 all up currency included but it was a worthy investment. This series is held in such high regard among the older generation, covering on sexuality and other deep themes.

This series spoke period drama to me, something I love watching always, that was my initial lure to getting this title. I’ve been saving this watch for the right moment but feels great when you get a out-of-print title. A piece of anime history is what this is.



I’ve saved the best for last because feel so privileged to own this special find. The new Sailor Moon dub I cannot get into, I’ve tried multiple times and I can’t. Every time coming back to the original dub is where my heart lies. Having all of Sailor Moon has always been a goal, my friend in New Zealand back in 2016 sent over a bunch of anime she wanted going to a good home. Among was the original Australian single volumes release of season one which I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life. 

It got me thinking, maybe I can find the original Geneon releases of Sailor Moon S And Super S. Chances of finding these rare release were slim to none, but I found. . . the original 2003 Geneon American release of Sailor Moon S on Ebay Australia for $80. My jaw dropped because it goes for way more on Ebay than that. Price was low due to the missing original box but I had never pressed that ‘Buy It Now’ button so fast in my life.

I streamed myself unboxing this beauty on instagram, acting like a total ten year old loser, gushing like a mad woman. This find was in such immaculate condition, couldn’t not get over how well looked after this set was. I put one of the discs in my DVD just to hear that original dub and . . . it was a satisfying moment. After I knew I had to have the original Super S which surprisingly is not hard to find. This year I’ll complete my Sailor Moon collection. Sailor Stars is the only season that never got a release until last year announced by Viz Media would be getting it’s first home release. I’ve never seen Stars, I’ll have no choice but to settle for the new dub on that one, maybe I’ll get the 90s re releases of Sailor Moon one day. as well. But this was my highlight addition to my collection last year . . . can you blame me for my excitement over this?

ahhh !! such a rare, lucky find !!



At this very moment Lita is looking on Ebay probably…


Finally this collection post I’d been writing for weeks now is done. This has been long overdue haul post, as mentioning from before. I’ll be making a habit to do monthly haul posts no matter how small or big, but I’m picking up things on the monthly so. I hope to also talk about collecting more on the blog as I only ever seem to on my youtube. Oops there, haha. Anyway I’m really happy with these additions to my collection but I’ll be real with you . . .  this isn’t half of what was meant to appear in this post. There…. more so I’ll feature that in another post Blurays and DVDs. More anime collection posts yay !!!

Look forward to end of April haul post next week sometime!! Share below some of your recent anime additions to your collection or what your looking to add? Let’s gush together !!!

I’ll see you guys in the next post!! 



  1. Good on you to obtain your own copies of Rose of Versailles and the classic Sailor Moon S! They’re such beautiful releases, especially the Versailles LTD ED box sets. And you can never have too much Free! and Fate in your life!!

    Liked by 1 person

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