Give It To Me Ufotable Your Tragic Brother And Sister Plot

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While it’s Spring for parts in the Southern Hemisphere, I’d like to remind you on the other side where it’s coming into jumpers and jeans season. Honestly not really. Autumn is whacked here in aussie land.



Lita has lost her mind officially, watching seven shows this Spring 2019 anime season. You’re guaranteed from me to be seeing seasonal discussions more as mentioning two posts ago, opening up to everything. Trialing what works and doesn’t for my continuing blog. I knew what was not going to work past tense of writing a huge first impression list, please no. Individualise series as I did previously with Mix: Meisei Story works better for my writer flow. 



Demon Slayer 



What can you do about the most hyped series? It’s either give in or dismiss completely. You know me giving all a fair shot, Demon Slayer’s centre storyline on a brother and sisters survival is not a plot I go for at all. Although this tale sounded tragic and sorrowful, hungry feisty demons, giving me Sirius The Jaeger vibes. Demon Slayer had a brutal start automatically drawing me in. In my entirety of watching anime a brother and sister struggle never had me sold, until now.

Tanjiro a gentle soul protagonist that is always a grab me and was no different in this case. As the sole provider for his family and kind will to help others, not much to nick pick here. Such a heartwarming atmosphere Tanjiro’s family emanated, an important set up for what tragic turn comes around. A warming first quarter introduction is destroyed within seconds and gripped factor is achieved from this point. Striking scene to feel much empathy for Tanjiro and his beloved beautiful family drenched in bloody red, it’s a compelling scene.

This is my second experience with Ufotable as priorly seeing Fate Stay Night Presage Flower. Ufotable animation style is the grip backbone, raw vivid detail in everything is astonishing to look at. It’s a walk in a park for this studio leaving viewers hooked from the first two episodes. Saddening moment Tanjiro coming to terms with loosing his family and his sister Nezuko is now a demon, set in motion for me, I was going to like this. The series setup was precise and effective, reminded me exactly from Sirius The Jaeger first episode.

Recollecting in my anime watching I’ve never watched a supernatural series, the concept of finding a way for once human becoming a demon – turn back into a human. This was the most appealing draw in for me. Tanjiro’s love for his sister, to do anything for her isn’t smothering, it’s sweet and just. I’m at a point of being over siblings relationship going to the red district at this moment in time. Nice to have a chance of pace where we just have a sweet brother and sister trying to survive what seems the impossible right now. It’s been so long having a cutie brother and sister duo.



Tanjiro looks magnificent here

Let’s talk action factor here for a second, animation is insane during the sword fight scenes. My eyes could barely keep up with it all, loved every second. Ufotable animation style I’m not used to yet but it won’t take me long, because they’re majestic magicians at what they do. The demon creatures themselves are gruesome and grotesque perfection for this demon series. Demon Slayer had wasted no time at the beginning with it’s hard hitting plot. It’s going to be heavy, tragic, but what surprised me was among the intensity of first three episodes. There was comedic relief and it WORKED, it was funny and lightening the load from the heavy. Tanjiro’s complacent and kind nature got him trouble before realising it was all too late and it’s hysterical.

Tanjiro’s his kindness has been pointed out as a weakness for becoming a demon slayer. Tanjiro has to toughen up when facing demons but his empathy will become his greatest strength as Tanjiro is not going to be like other demon slayers. It makes me so curious to see what demon slayer he’ll form into. Nezuko also deserves a mention, the girl isn’t talking a lot at the moment but is a fighter. One look at her eyes and you’re in love, cute demon girls like her win every time, let’s face it.

Expect pacing issues I had with episode 3 regarding passing Sakonji Urokodaki test in order to make the demon slayer cut. Too fast to fit in by the end of Tanjiro mastering what he had been taught. That should have been space out over two episodes. But Demon Slayer has all the right things going for it currently to be a entertaining supernatural series. Tanjiro and Nezuko I’m sold on this brother and sister duo, pair of sweeties, I love them already.


Does Demon Slayer have you sold? Leave some thoughts below.

Dark struggle tale was something I was need of right now and Demon Slayer is it!! Hope you enjoyed my first thoughts and look forward to the next batch coming through over this week!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 




3 thoughts on “Give It To Me Ufotable Your Tragic Brother And Sister Plot

  1. “Tanjiro a gentle soul protagonist that is always a grab me and was no different in this case. ”

    I really enjoyed how we got to see Tanjiro interacting not only with his family, but with the townspeople, too. You could see by how they treated him that they held him in high esteem!

    “Nezuko also deserves a mention, the girl isn’t talking a lot at the moment but is a fighter. ”

    I think it says something when, in the first episode, Nezuko can be fiercely impressive as she protected Tanjiro from Giyuu; and in another episode, she can be heart-breakingly adorable as she sits in a basket, cloth over her head, in the back of a darkened room to protect herself from the sun.

    “In my entirety of watching anime a brother and sister struggle never had me sold, until now.”

    Except for Bakemonogatari, that’s my impression, too. I think this show’s handling it just right!


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