Window Into A Baseball Legacy – Mix Meisei Story

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As they say when it comes to seasonal anime. There is always a gem to be found, following in the footsteps of Mitsuru Adachi Cross Game and Touch. Comes Mix, two firsts for me into Adachi work and baseball anime. 


Wait Lita..

Didn’t someone say they don’t do a first impression based on three episodes? Haha well there is a lot in my anime tastes and how I approach blogging that’s changed, you don’t know about yet. You’re finding out one of them now.

“Seasonal anime you’ll barely see from me”, “I’ll be covering less” these comments over seasonal anime fair to say this won’t be the case anymore. Maybe my peak age of before 30 and for how long I’ve been in this blogging game has changed my perspective on many things. Honestly now it’s whatever floats my boat, being so strict with content doesn’t suit my groove anymore like it use too. What you know me already for in my content that won’t change, but taking other avenues. I’m a lot more open to other ventures.

Always being behind on the latest hottest seasonal titles that won’t change with me haha. Searching for the gems or series that won’t get a look in due to the shiny new up at the front has been my thing when it comes to seasonal anime. Spring 2019 series Mix gave all the appeal to me of being shoved at the back, left covered in dust. Why is it the forget me nots reel me in above everything else? 



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Mix is a first for me in two ways, introduction into manga author Mistsuru Adachi who is known for his popular works in keeping with MixCross Game and Touch. All in common one thing: Baseball. Leading to my second reason – this is my first baseball anime. The one to pay attention to here out of Adachi’s work is Touch, as Mix follows on from Touch when previous brothers Tatsuya and Kazuya Uesugi bringing victory to Meisei high school during the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament. Thirty years later we’re introduced to 8th grader brothers Toma and Soichiro Tachibana a talented pair. Who uncover their father legacies and the possibility of aiming for Koshien where this national baseball competition is held.

It’s been a while since diving into a sports anime last one was Days. Anime representation of sports is something thrilling and electrifying to me when watching my first one Chihayafuru. Sure, it was about the Japanese card game known as Karuta but presented in the most exciting and fascination sense. Sports genre of anime has made me enjoy sports in general even more. Though I’m picky in what sports I like due to the fact of what skills they require, as a teen I was a footy lover back in England. Getting older the idea of dribbling a ball is not exciting, it’s the same in rugby tackling for a ball. I love sports that require mad skills and practice, equally are fascinating. Baseball has been something I’ve always been interested in.

It’s been a dream actually since a teen to see a baseball game one day in America. It’s the atmosphere that enraptured me and hitting that on coming ball hard as you can. Pitching skills, back-fielders to retrieve the ball. Baseball is exciting to me, more than any other sport has, that and next to my love of shot put I did in high school.



After Mix’s first episode fairly sure I’m going to have fun with series. Check out The Null Set first episode coverage if you’re worried about having to watch Touch before Mix. I was worried before watching the episode but reading their impression put me at ease, that it’s you don’t have to watch Touch first initially. Later down the track I’ll definitely watch Touch. But going into Mix first episode even at the beginning of the episode were reminiscing scenes from Touch when twin brothers won the National Baseball competition.  

Great for new comers like me into Adachi’s work to know where Mix falls into this authors equation. Seeing the warming scenes at the beginning was a great foundation start, giving the limelight where Mix’s roots began from. Going back to Touch for a second her it’s over 20 years old as this series came out in 1985. Exact same situation as Banana Fish over two decades later, adaptation comes and reintroduction into classics of that era of anime. The episode did a great jobof giving reference to Touch on few occasions, seems will be a constant thing throughout but I don’t feel will take the attention away from – this new chapter in Adachi’s baseball legacy.



A refreshing appeal Mix stands out from other spring 2019 series is its 80s aesthetic animation style. It’s fairly, simple and clean work from a glance but brings such timeless appeal. Making me recollect my first time watching Ranma 1/2, visually simply and colourful visuals but in Mix it’s an upgrade from that, suiting the modern day. Animation aesthetic truly stands out during Toma and Sou ball practice scene, when Sou pitches and the ball landing in Toma’s glove and impact of smoke. I really loved this scene even more, when the music tempo picks up and the sound of ball slamming into the glove. It gave me tingles, was so sharp and it’ll be tingle overload if we get more scenes like this later on.   

Mix throughout the whole episode had a homely, inviting atmosphere both appealing easily to old and new fans. Everything had a nice flow for the introduction of centre brother duo Sou and Toma, you’re reeled into the fact of where baseball will take these brothers full of baseball aspiration. One of baseball members commenting to one of the new recruits how weak the high schools team is and chilled back they are. This was peek indication point in the possible turn around this team might have. Ultimately this what got me to watch Mix in the first place, journey’s like this are a suck in.  

Terms of the other characters there is nothing to dislike, side characters got equal lime light and I find everyone interesting at this point. Already think there is a good cast of characters especially the brothers, and their love of baseball. I loved the humorous tone throughout which made me chuckle a few times. Definitely gave the episode a lift, not boring as without that humour people might find it a slow, boring episode.

Mix first episode was pleasant and warming watch, I truly loved it. There is much appeal this series already has going for it. A window into Adachi’s baseball legacy and referencing the real National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament that’s held in Japan today held in Kōshien. Mix definitely the series has done it’s job for me to check out other baseball titles like Battery, Ace Of Diamonds. Beckons the question of where these baseball brothers and their team will go hitting all the home runs or the strike outs during their journey?

You can watch on Funimation!


Hope I get to see my American Baseballball game one day. Sure as hell be more fun than Australian scrappy fight footy, never has appealed to me. I cannot wait to see where Mix goes and the pleasantness this anime contains is endless.

Hope you enjoyed this seasonal coverage on Mix and if you’ve seen it or are going too Then pitch your comments below what you thought? Are you a baseball lover too?

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 





5 thoughts on “Window Into A Baseball Legacy – Mix Meisei Story

  1. I am so not sure if I want to watch this one since I plan on watching Hachigatsu no Cinderella 9 which is girls playing baseball… but your review has got me considering it…. But you know what? Sold. Time to be my true American and watch baseball!! In anime form at least. lol

    If you ever end up in the states for a ball game let me know, I’ll come watch and buy you a hotdog or two lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ILL TAKE THAT HOTDOG TO GO PLEASE!! Ahaha. Ahh your comment made me laugh and smile !!! Let me know how you go with the first episode it is a slow episode but has all the baseball charm 😍


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