Dealings In Running A Blog And Youtube


Indulging my time into running both a youtube and blog, others have called amazing and so cool. While underneath the surface I’ve had my run ins pursuing both hobbies. Maybe this will shed light for people who wish to pursue either platform but already have one or the other.

Lita is proud.

Any of my fellow blogger, youtube friends will know better than anyone, the hours spent building your empire of satisfaction in either your youtube or blog. Expressing your thoughts through a creative outlet is very self rewarding experience. But as content creators be a blogger or youtuber etc, we who love to broaden our horizons and try new things. I’ve noticed since creating this blog, bloggers wishing to expand to youtube and vice a versa. Alone it’s a self satisfaction delving your time into either platform if it’s something you’re passionate about. If you’re wish to extend this love further, that’s great. But as someone who indulges there time into both hobbies, it’s not without equal ups and downs.

Before this blog ever existed, I only had my youtube channel previously created in 2007. Not till April 2014 is when I started doing face on videos, slowly becoming more comfortable with, I was content with this outlet. Few months past I began to crave discussing topics in a different format and find more engagement from fellow anime lovers. A blog around this time known as Lilac Anime Reviews (dead now) that was a inspiration for me, gave me the nudge to create my anime blog of today. Indecently found myself having two outlets to talk all the anime. The sparks of inspiration took off like fireworks as to what was not possible before.

Sounds great right?

Oh it was, but through the time till now, I’ve had my fair shares of dealings in running two platforms. If you had asked me a two years if I was planning to drop my blog or youtube? There would have been no hesitation to say I’d drop my channel if given the choice. Revert to the now I’m still doing both so that answers for the present moment. Don’t get me wrong I love doing both hobbies but it would be a lie to you saying there wasn’t a lot of wavering that didn’t come with it. So I wanted to share personally what I’ve learnt and runs in when it comes to running both a blog and youtube. Especially if you’re someone similar to me or a you’re a youtuber or blogger who wishes to expand in either platform. 





The most important point of all. BECAUSE IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT. Time people, Time. If you have a hardcore passion soon as you get home from work or spending at night your time creating all the content for your channel or blog till late hours of the night. Then the cycle repeats continuously, good for you. In the beginning I’d spent 4 out of 7 days spent on my blog and youtube, you become invested in a inspiration buzz. Trust me it slowly fades away after a while and real struggle sets in, finding balance. Life changes and requires to you to change up how you fit in regular life and hobby time for yourself.

It took me a while to find my groove, everyone is different in accordance to others lives. Most important to evaluate how much time you have for your hobbies and especially if you’re a blogger and youtuber like me. My own ambitions in other hobbies besides blogging and making videos have expanded a lot over the last year. Being social more, reading all the novels I’ve got on my list etc but I think my age has affected my overall initial thinking. Currently how I balance one and the other in regards to posting:

Channel : A video once A week
Blog: Two or three times a week

Do I necessarily stick to these? they are more of a guide for me. but now next question you’ll be asking: When do you work on either during your week or day? 

Seems at the moment find myself on Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday I’ll spend on blogging and editing videos. Honestly this always changes up every week because depends what is on. Again this something that is different for everyone, I encourage to place a set time for anytime during the week to spend on your blog or youtube. Setting that time aside gives you something to look forward say if you’ve had a stressful day at work, and to absorb yourself in, if you enjoy blogging or editing videos. As a means of stress relief.

Running a blog and youtube what do you do start off with first?

Usually I honestly go by how I’m feeling but seems at the moment I like to write a post and then edit a video if I’ve recorded or have backlog. Sometimes I’ll spend one night working on my blog solely then another night my youtube.

Passionate drive and balance are the two most key factors for running both a blog and channel, without either. It will feel like a futile and unsatisfactory effort. Because you know and I know, it’s about the fun process in expressing your thoughts and content you want. Something such as these hobbies should not be viewed as taxing, because if you do view in such a way then you need to reevaluate.


Scheduling Is Your Saviour


not having to manually post a thing.

Scheduling option is a blessing for us content creators having the satisfaction advanced content will go out and you can take it easy a little. If you’re a blogger the schedule option is your best friend guys, for all the balance you’ll ever need. Regarding youtube I have been unable till now, schedule option nada. Though recently I reached over 900 subscribers and suddenly the option became available. To be double sure this was not in regard to reaching over a certain amount of subscribers.

I uploaded a random video on one of my other channels which has 33 subscribers and low and behold. The schedule option was available so it seems if you wish to create a channel, the option will be open to you. God I wish it has been open to me all these years ago because until now, I’ve been posting manually. pain in the ass.

Personally I do not have a set schedule of content for my youtube, accept one video a week, whatever day I complete said video. Then I schedule for the next day. My blog at the moment I’ll post two or three times a week but I have set segments such as my Friday feature and Post-A-Rama. Highly urge to make a schedule for both your channel and blog if you want equally balance and traffic. Next to balance, scheduling will become your second best friend in running a channel and youtube.


Which To Platform To Post On? 


You might find this point funny but it’s becomes a thing. I’m jealous of people it’s so straightforward to run either a blog to youtube, one platform, all they need for their creative outlet. Unlike folks such as me who have both, it has made me become indecisive in whatever topic or anime wish to talk about. Do I do it on my youtube or video? haha sounds ridiculous now but there have been topics I’ve only wished to talk about alone on my blog or youtube.

As a compromise a long time ago fellow blogger Martha suggested alongside my blog posts do videos discussions also related to said post. Both either platform offer a different form of expression for individuals, which I whole heartily agree with. I haven’t done one of these videos for a long while which I’ve been meaning to get back too but this compromise has helped me out. Ultimately you have to ask yourself whatever you wish to discuss do you want to write or record it? Also what are you in the mood for? There have been plenty of times I’ve gone by how I feel and thats always the best option.


Engagement And Traffic 


The benefits of both running a blog and youtube are all dependant on how much effort you put into either one and how much you post. If you’re posting frequently then the flood gates of traffic will pour out, also depends how engaging you yourself are with your audience. Now my blog and youtube may appear small to others but I prefer it this way, I’ve come to know who read my posts or watches my videos. It takes a long time to build up your own audience that you’ll come to get to know, who enjoy your content. 

There are followers who prefer watching videos as oppose to reading posts vice a versa and that’s okay. I love the small audiences from both my blog and youtube, engaging with them is easy, replying to their comments is fulfilling. I would rather have that than a massive following of say over 5,000 people. But there are people who pursue beyond this factor to be known out there in the community. Then it all comes down to again you’re passionate drive and how much you want it. There are definitely beneficial merits in running both platforms, you’ll entice people’s curiosity in your other hobby ventures. When talking terms of traffic, it definitely is beneficial factor but if you put the work in.

Speaking of engagement if I was to say which platform was the most engaging it’s a hard answer to give. Because blogging out of the two is the hardest to get noticed in, compared to youtube. I started out knowing no anime blogger souls until I put myself out there commenting and following other blogs. There’s no way this blog would have it’s audience if I had not that burning desire to engage with others. Massively it paid off with all who’ve I’ve come to know today. The same goes for youtube but that comes down to more about thumbnails and tags you use. Engagement and Traffic ultimately comes down to hardwork in a nutshell but I find it’s worth it in the end, if you wish to pursue doing both platforms.



Shouldn’t be this running two platforms: 

Should be this: 

I’d say it’s not till this year I’ve found complete balance for myself running my blog and channel. Taken a long time in honesty, there has been so many times I’ve wanted to drop my channel and concentrate on my blog. Thoughts will pass you “This is not worth it”, “What’s the point”, but regarding my channel their the people who watch my videos play a huge part in why I’m still doing it. But also reevaluating my content was something I did for the new year which has given me new inspiration – both combined have had a positive effect.

When it comes down to it for me, I love both running either for the process, particularly video making process, is the most fun… sometimes. If it’s a half an hour editing well you’ll have ill sleep, past all the complaining too. Both platforms have given me time and time again, a different way to voice my thoughts and opinions on my love of anime. After doing it so long, it becomes a hard thing to give up but I think somewhere along the way. I’ll be sacrificing one which will be my channel in the future but for now all I want to do is continue talking the ani talk.

Running a blog and youtube, I would suggest not doing ever haha. Stick to your one platform less you want it badly or to try something new. At your own risk.

Because then I’ll be saying:


Welcome to running a blog and channel hell club!! Muahh !!


This post was inspired by Mr Dakoto a fellow anime youtuber who has just joined the running a blog and channel hell club!! recently with his new blog Ani Boo
nothing like fresh meat ya know. Hope this was insightful for anyone who is looney like me and one who wishes to pursue either as a extra hobby.

Feel free to leave any thoughts below if this is something you’ve contemplated doing? or will never do haha? No-one will blame you.

I’ll see you guys in the next post!! 



  1. That’s interesting, running both platforms. I indeed already thought of manking videos for youtube but that’s not really for me. I’m better off sharing my thoughts by writing articles. Scheduling is really important, i really need to start doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a comprehensive post! I’ve always wondered how you did it, as you’re the only WP blogger I know and follow who also does YT besides Crimson. I really like how your videos are now, so I think you’re doing things quite alright. Maybe one of these days I’ll step up to YT, but I heard things are pretty sketch now what with copyright claims and all. Still, something worth considering I suppose. Thanks for sharing these behind-the-scenes thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thankyou Taku 🙂 for all the kind words. Glad you like how my videos are 🙂 it is sketchy on youtube with copyright honestly recommend build up your blog. If I didn’t have my channel my blog might be greater possibly ahahaha who knows

      Liked by 1 person

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