Inspiring Unconventional Heroines – OWLS March Blog Tour

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Our February tour was perfect fit looking at adore for a mushy month. Again we have a perfect fit for March in respect for Woman’s History month tackling Feminism. Where I go back to the old roots of home for this one.


If you have never heard of OWLS, This group consists of bloggers and youtubers, where each month participate in a blog tour. Having a set topic using pop culture to talk about said topic. Were a group about promoting acceptance about worldly topics equality, race, disability etc.


In honour of Women’s History Month, the OWLS bloggers will explore the concepts of femininity and feminism. We each have our own definition of these two terms and we will explore our definitions using “feminine” characters from various pop culture fandoms. We will discuss how these characters are “feminine” or show signs of a feminist agenda. We will also share our personal stories about the amazing women that supported us in our lives as well as sharing experiences involving women’s rights, oppression within the patriarchy, and/or issues of growing up as a woman or having a feminine persona.




Austen’s Unconventional Heroines 


Feminism, Feminine, Feminist these words mean so much more in today’s society, going beyond women’s rights alone. Running deep into political, cultural, equality aspects bringing a whole new perspective on feminism as we know. Myself is no expert on this matter because the subject of alone runs off in complex direction that not everyone would be able to grasp. What you hear in the the media about feminism, just runs over people’s heads I find, the depth people discuss within this subject. Equally can be enlightening but toxic at the same time, the roots of feminism run much deeper these days but beyond complex in areas of discussion.

A woman who’s influence through her writing even today helped me and is helping other women grasp in the simplest way the meaning of feminism.  World renowned Novelist Jane Austen has become a respectable icon in the world of literature for decades now. I’ve loved Austen’s stories since teen hood Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Pride And Prejudice to name a few having a profound affect on my own beliefs and views. In each of Austen’s stories of what makes them special is her unconventional heroines. Ones that female readers and will connect with easily, Austen’s heroines who hold strong dominance in their beliefs.

Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice among all with the strongest feminist perspective. The plot of the story, Austen reflected well in the realist sense. 18th to 19th century particularly in Britain was a repressed time for women. Common factor women to only marry in this time for financial security. Pride and Prejudice follows Elizabeth and her four sisters, The Bennett family has no inheritance to rely upon. Mrs Bennett desperately wishes to marry off one of her daughters for financial welfare. Elizabeth is one not to conform to the social norm of marriage for financial security. Elizabeth is looked upon as “wild”, a free spirit with too deeper views within society.

Elizabeth’s passionate nature on the stand of equality is not a excessive feminist perspective. I believe it demonstrated her independence as a woman and upholding her traditional views of marriage against the norm. Elizabeth was a fiery individual when it came to her beliefs, her constant banters with Mr Darcy made this clear. Elizabeth and Mr Darcy may have had disagreements, as Mr Darcy is not a agreeable man in the beginning. But Elizabeth’s strong feminist perspective of not conforming to the norm of marriage, social status had a positive influence on Mr Darcy. Causing him to revaluate his stubborn pride and high position to win over her affection.

Austen relays the message in Pride and Prejudice and her other novels social standing or simplicity for money does not matter, more importantly to marry for love. Austen put a part of herself in Elizabeth’s feminist perspective reflecting part of her real life. Austen received only one marriage proposal in her life from her childhood friend. But knowing he was wealthy and would bring financial benefit. Austen’s revokes her acceptance of the proposal, it went against her beliefs, she felt no affection for her childhood friend. Austen to me has a strong sense of pride but not in a condescending way, I admire how Austen stuck to her beliefs despite the benefits it would have had.

Speaking on a personal feminine level in my beliefs of love and marriage. I’m one that does not believe you need to get married and have kids in order to live a fulfilled life. A pet peeve I have is the judgement of women like me who do not wish to have kids. We have to do our part as women, it’s weird we don’t have the same thinking as said others. Don’t ever listen to others who say it’s apart of nature to do your part, no-one has the right to dictate your values. Because it’s known as not the norm. We’re in a era with more free rein than ever to reject the ‘norm’ as we know, than say back in the 18th or 19th century. That is something I appreciate about today’s society, women are speaking up more but though not everything is perfect in this world. It’s always a work in progress.

All of Austen’s unconventional heroines and strong views are ones female readers will resonate with whole heartily. Austen had a great understanding within herself of her feminine beliefs, reflecting in her stories in non excessive sense. Endearingly is one of the reasons she is one of my favourite authors, her stories embody women empowerment in the truest sense which I’ve always believed in. Out of all her heroines Elizabeth was one I resonated the most with, her defiant nature and passionate values of love and marriage, we share one in the same.

Jane Austen’s will continue to rein as a timeless icon for us women and your doing yourself a diservice to not have read or watch any of her empowering feminine stories, Shining a beacon for us women who have every entitlement.


Well this month’s topic was a hard one to tackle hope I did it justice, as I said I’m not expert on feminism. Overall I’m happy with how this turned out and hope you enjoyed !!

Have to thank Austen for the inspiration. !!

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