Lacus The Loveable Pacifist

There is not many females in mecha genre that have stood out to me. Male dominance is a thing within this genre. But among few females I adore, one shines like a beacon of hope. Plus she made me like the colour pink again.



It’s been a while centring on a particular character. But I enjoyed these pieces in indulging characters I’ve loved for a long time, you could say Irina was an influence over me in this respect. From all the mecha shows I’ve seen over the last decade, there has been few strong female characters that get to stand out. In the saying this now who knows what future shows will change my mindset on this.

Male dominancy is plastered everywhere within the mecha genre. Men piloting these kickass robots will take full centre stage. When I first started watching a lot more mecha series. It began to sink in wanting the females to have spotlight. Gundam Seed destiny was my first Gundam after seeing wing when I was 10. At the time of watching, had no idea seed existed, no wonder I was left confused and having many burning questions.

Destiny introduced me to a female full of strong belief and great heart, reminded me what I always wanted to be like towards others and to myself. Lacus is what you call a pure soul, by being near her you’ll feel at such ease – as for whenever Kira was ever near her. Lacus people might see as a another preacher of peace, wanting to end the war between Zaft and the Earth Alliance. Female characters like her are never appealing to be seen as nothing but weak. Lacus was a woman with resolve, on a mission and not a woman of complaints. If you ask me a female character within the Mecha genre that is weak, I’ll tell you Princess Marina Ismail from Gundam 00. Sad excuse of a character for such a fantastic series, Marina brought no dynamic to the plot of 00 is all I’ll say.

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Not until finally watching Seed did I have better understanding of Lacus’s character as in Destiny, made me curious what shaped her into the poised female she’d become. In Gundam Seed the main plot is surrounded on the war between Zaft and Earth Alliance over neutrals (humans) and coordinators (Altered humans). All centring on species difference as coordinators are scientifically altered humans, who are capable more than the average human – everything enhanced. Lacus was a coordinator and the daughter of the supreme council head Siegel Clyne belonging to Zaft or the plants. Lacus was not one to complain being betrothed to Athrun Zala a zaft pilot due to politic reasons. The girl could have had a cozy life not partaking in any politics nonsense and a nice life with Athrun.

But no, Lacus was a individual driven on the idealistic notions of peace. Upholding her dislike of war and full believe coordinators and neutrals can coexist together. Out of all the characters Lacus was the one only to uphold her beliefs through Seed and Destiny. Lacus had many run ins between the opposing forces of Zaft and Earth Alliance, one point becoming a bargaining chip but she was happy to be one in fact, if it meant no pointless bloodshed. Lacus by nature is a pacifist, usually pacifists personalities can be taken in an annoying sense, if there one to preach in excessiveness of their beliefs. Lacus’s opposition towards the endless cycle of war the girl always made known but not in a irritable way. 

In fact Lacus Pacifist nature earned my respect, among few of the characters in both Seed or Destiny who hasn’t lost sense of their beliefs or ideals. Lacus never lost that and only drove up her confidence more. Lacus is a gentle soul and that gentleness touched many particularly her strong bond with Athrun and Kira. Lacus became those boys’s shining beacon of hope, at points where both became lost in what they should be fighting for. Her deep philosophical thinking and words projected onto them, added new purpose and same went for when addressing the masses. As the chairman’s daughter of Zaft Lacus had a duty to calm the worries of civilians through her popularity as an singing idol. Lacus upholded this duty with much kindness and leaving a everlasting peaceful atmosphere that shifted any doubts. But going into series Destiny, Lacus becomes nothing but a useless pawn to the new Zaft council head being replaced by a fake Lacus. Showcasing to the masses how Lacus fully supports Zaft ideals and to gain more support for council head Chairman Durandal, who wants to eradicate the neutrals really. Having the real Lacus interrupt Durandals plans by sharing her ideals to coexist with the neutrals was something he couldn’t let happen.

Lacus only became more passionate and stronger in her beliefs and at the end of Destiny, showcased the extend of this girl’s resolve. This was my favourite part to see Lacus taking the reins as leader of the Clyne faction, going against Zaft forces and chairman Durandal. People say pacifists are foolish people in their own beliefs but Lacus to me was never foolish, she never acted higher than anyone else – just because she was a coordinator. Everyone she came to encounter, Lacus remained her kind-hearted self treating no-one differently. Lacus was a character needed for how chaotic both Seed and Destiny became, she’s one to hardly to find a reason to hate. Her way of thinking is refreshing to hear reflecting on the current state of our world to me. Lacus can be as philosophical as she wants, I’d happily sit there and listen to this loveable pacifist, never letting her resolves waver – remaining in a peace of state.




She makes me love the colour pink again.


Feel the Lacus love everybody!! One of my favourite female characters, a loveable pacifists is the perfect title don’t you think? Hope you enjoyed this piece on Lacus and tell me if you love her too down below!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



6 thoughts on “Lacus The Loveable Pacifist

  1. Ahh, I remember liking her, too, though she wasn’t my fave female character (that’s for Cagalli). I may not remember GS’s and Destiny’s plots, but I remember liking her passion and determination. I remember how I liked that she stayed friends with Athrun (I shipped them, too, but not more than AsuCaga) and always had that pink ball thingy Athrun gave her. Anyway, she’s a nice and admirable girl!


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