Setting Such A Good Example Aren’t We?

“I’ve been in this community longer than you, heh, heh”. Don’t you hate that line? ugh.


I feel old writing this post (I’m exaggerating just a tad), I’m 28, avid anime fan for last decade, still blogging. Such is fulfilling love even now but something has me stirred up inside recently. The amount of new faces coming into this anime community, are we setting the most inviting example for them? Things about to get real here. 



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Such a simple truth right when it comes to media.


That is an excellent question Lina brought up in her tweet came across last week.

Before I joined the blogging and youtube game, in my glorious early anime days. Fifteen year old me just fell in love with everything that was introduced to me. These stories displayed in front of me, were no longer something I had to fantasise about. THEY WERE REAL, THEY WERE HAPPENING. Best time in my life falling head over heels for anime, discussing with friends was always a blast. It wasn’t without opinion clashes but we’d just laugh it off. Even when I meet new people at other gatherings and conventions, it was always a pleasant atmosphere. 28 years old now and one thing that hasn’t changed is still falling in love with every new story. My early anime days were glorious but I’m not saying things haven’t gotten better or evolved even more. 

Since joining blogging and youtube my world was opened up even more to talk about anime. Meeting so many individuals who just loved anime like me. There’s been times of second guessing during my blogging and video making to whether to continue over a period but here I am still. Somewhere along the way even I lost myself in all the mass amount of negative this anime community can emanate over social media. 


People over Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero

I find people are more critical of anime than ever, especially when it comes to seasonal anime. Being a blogger and youtuber yes, it has made me see viewing anime in a different way but hasn’t made me hatefully critical when it comes to a series, that is not my jam. Rising Of Shield Hero involving episode one false rape accusation that just blew unnecessary as no-one was seeing the bigger picture, I’ll cover in my own post. Accusations that one scene was promoting the author having a prejudice against women, which there is no evidence to support thus far. 

Fans chose to follow this accusation being discussed and not bother with the show for that sole reason. It makes me question what example are we setting to others, especially new fans? I don’t blame someone who doesn’t want to interact with the anime community over social site like twitter, reddit, they’ve had enough of the negative nature. I see this happening more with new fans, bloggers and youtubers. Once you’ve been in the anime community for a while you’ll know the ones you meet who you gel with but – no-one going to blame you. If you’ve had enough of trying to discuss with new people who are nothing but assholes. 

I encourage you to surround yourself in a group where you’re comfortable, nothing with that. 

I feel another reason to be here than just talk about anime.


Anime has grown so much since a decade ago but so has the criticism towards anime. The high expectations from seasonal anime for the next greatest thing, adaptations sticking to the source material, the list is bloody endless. It’s like feeding a pack of seagulls they’ll never leave it alone till they get that one hot chip. Till fans get what they want then when they don’t, swarm for those thrown on-the-ground chips till there is nothing left. Dissatisfaction among anime fans I’ve seen over discussions is becoming a common thing. 

New fans who are entering into the anime community have their eyes opened wide pretty quickly “Yeh man I just came to talk about anime not to have a full blown argument with you”. We know there those who are just the unreasonable type in discussion you don’t want to deal with and you have every right not too. It’s important than ever for new fans to set half decent example that this anime community is not all toxic. There are individuals you can have a civil conversation with, that won’t rip your head off. There are bloggers and youtubers who just love to talk about about anime if that was your purpose for creating your channel or blog. 

The state of the anime community right now is not going to change, I know that. People who’ve I’ve interacted know how I am on this blog is the real me in real life. I like helping people, making new bloggers and youtube people feel welcome in this community. It’s become important to me advocating the anime community is not all toxic, that are individuals just like them, came to talk about the anime. For as long as old me is here, I’ll continue to do so.

Goblin Slayer, Rising Of The Shield Hero upset it caused made me laugh at times. First episode Goblin Slayer was disturbing cannot lie there okay. Because while myself watching these shows, it wasn’t advocating any bad message. It was part of the story in my eyes. Not saying it didn’t make me squirm but that was part of the thrill in the unfolding story. Rape, killing of children, prejudice against of women theres plenty more of that in real life and other media. Even more horrific. Fiction is fiction, story is a story.

Interpretation is a funny thing about people, in how we view different things. Your entitled and every right to speak your personal thoughts and opinions but screaming every upset will drive others away in this anime community. Is this setting a good example of what this community is like? No. Tracking back to the question of When did people forget the purpose of fiction? In regard to anime things are blown out of proportion pretty quickly these days, ridiculous in my opinion. Sitting laughing at as I write this, what can you do about that? Nothing, just speak blog my feels out.


Anime community I still love regardless what I’ve said in this post.


This post totally went off track for a bit but stayed within what I was saying. You may not feel like being apart of this anime community you have to set a good example. But to me there is more than ever. To make feel new fans, bloggers and youtubers feel welcome in this anime community, show them it’s not stuck to the stigma completely of toxic. My words may have no power to make a massive different but still to make significant impact to someone – it’ll be damn worth it. This anime community will never be perfect and neither will every other fandom out there.



Too late, they know my age.


This got heated quickly my discussion and you realise Lita is an oldie. I felt old writing this but you’ll all tell me, I’m still young so thankyou in advance. If you would like to leave any thoughts go right ahead but should know was a little nervous writing this post and my thoughts but it’s OUT THERE NOW.

I’ll see you all in my next post!! 




  1. That was an interesting post. I haven’t seen those two aforementioned series, but I do know what happens in them and the reaction has been quite toxic. Hopefully, I’ve never come across as caustic even when my opinions about various anime, movies, and other media tend to be contrary to most people’s opinions. Interpretation can be a strange thing. Some people do overreact while there are other times where that criticism is justified. Shoot, I’m surprised that I haven’t received hate comments for the things I’ve posted on various issues or reviews (okay, I’ve had disagreements, but they were civil though). Just keep doing what you’re doing.

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  2. I think you are right in that you can find communities within the anime community that are incredibly positive and supportive but you can also find those who want to win every ‘argument’ (and turn everything into an argument) or just want to push their agenda. Hopefully new fans find a community they can fit in with and enjoy anime because more anime fans would be such a great thing.

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  3. “This got heated quickly my discussion and you realise Lita is an oldie. ”

    Oldie? No. Wise, yes! But old?

    No, you’re still very young. I only dimly remember when I was 28… Was 1990 really that long ago?

    Thanks for writing this — it gives me another reason to try to stay positive. I don’t want to drive any new fans away; quite the opposite. So thanks for the reminder!

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  4. Whenever I get into anime, I want just want to enjoy it and be able to talk about it without getting into heated debates. The good thing about fiction is that anything is possible in anime. There are some people who are concerned about being critical than just enjoying it and going with the flow.

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      1. Haha I know how you feel! I just want to watch anime. These young people wants to start drama and prove they are better. I am going home in my room and watch my shows without a care in a word. Watch anime, not start war. Lol


  5. Man, thank goodness I got into anime the when I did. I doubt I would have bother interacting with the community if it was this bad back then. I’ve encounter a few of these individuals the more time I spent in it. Only one of them actually became cool with what everyone else liked compare to his old self of insulting people for liking something he didn’t. It gets tiresome seeing how much of this gets blown out of proportion.

    One advantage WordPress has over any Discord server I use is everyone is free to express themselves, and usually do without any hostile action taking place. On Discord though, groups get formed to really discourage people from experiencing a wide variety of anime for dumb reasons. It eventually feels like talking to a wall when you have a different opinion to offer, and it gets ignored completely by others. WordPress from my time using it is better for interaction. It’s just instantaneous like Discord, but the impression is almost always good with other fans here.


  6. I totally relate to this post. It seems like where anime is concerned, in one way or another, everyone’s a critic these days. But I think so long as we continue to converse and connect with popular and quiet opinions alike, we’ll still all be here to bond over the glue that holds us together: anime.

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