Let This P.A Works Blossom Not Wilt Ever


It is very sad.


Hope all blogger friends had a wonderful xmas and have a fabulous time celebrating new years. Saying last post the old content will come rolling out slowly. BUT something that I urgently needed to write about seeing a P.A Works series being taken down from Crunchyroll as of new year’s eve. The gravest of importance more over to TALK ABOUT THIS SHOW.!! 

The saddest feeling ever seeing a series being taken down from any streaming service. Scrolling through twitter the other day Crunchyroll announcing the removal of slice-of-life, comedy Hanasuka Iroha as of New Years’s Eve. Hanasuka Iroha had the pleasure of watching last year but never wrote about it. Went into a bit of panic that left it too last minute this post, but finding out its on Amazon Prime, let me breathe a bit. Never less having three days left on Crunchyroll, maybe my words will swoon you to binge this series while you can.



Fest It Up!!


People have their own definitions or interpretations when it comes to the slice-of-life genre. It doesn’t just range cute moe girls doing adoring things, series Amanchu changed this perspective for me. Hanasuka Iroha (Blossoms For Tomorrow) opened up my eyes even more, to a real worldly lens into the working life. Following Ohana, having a zero care factor mum has left Ohana to fend for herself. Ohana then is dumped off to stay with her grandmother, who runs an inn in the countryside.

At first few episodes had me not convinced about the series but main character’s Ohana personal growth attracted me to continue the series. By the end had fallen heels over for this emotional slice-of-life, realistic approach that rings much truth towards reality. Ohana is someone to not show weakness around others, the broken that resides around her, she ignores. Indulging in the philosophy, “I can make it on my own”. Ohana is a very resourceful girl throughout the series in all the lessons, no-one not even her own mother had taught, she was a late bloomer. Ohana’s ‘can do it all attitude’ might come off as snobby but Ohana built her own perception to cope with being left to care for herself.

So, Ohana’s character might not grab you at first but from the other individuals, that begin to take influence over. Ohana becomes more accepting in the aid of others, which narrows her one track perception ‘to do it all on her own’. Ohana underneath it all is actually a beautiful character, a girl who was shown the ropes late on basic life lessons.




It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the workers at Kissuiso inn alongside Ohana. Each individual having equal lime light of their place at Inn and reasons for working there, backstory coverage is great in the series. As Ohana grows as an individual, Ohana infectious energy rubs off on her fellow workers bringing newfound passion of why they love working at the Inn and thinking of their own personal goals. The whole of Kissuiso works as a family unit, it’s not clear at the beginning but the reformation of old bonds along with newfound ones. Bringing everyone at the Kissuiso Inn closer together.

I found watching Hanasuka Iroha educational in how particularly Japanese Inns function and work to an extent but mainly what had my constant focus was the group at the Kissuiso Inn. Learning of the group’s personal individual aspirations and goals was really touching in such relation to real life. It’s what Hanasuka Iroha is excellent at giving a reality lens which is unmistakeable to find relation with. It does not shy away from the harsh dealings and learning curves in the working life. The best lens we see this through is Ohana’s. Coming from a broken home to find reconnection somewhere with her mother and discovering a new part of herself.

Hanasuka Iroha is not a easy-going slice of life as others portray it to be. It lays all the rawness for you in the first couple of episodes. Focusing on when having no-one rely on but yourself to accepting aid from others, exposing yourself. Also a realistic approach to the working life how people at the Kissusio Inn value each other and their clients. It’s a beautiful, emotional ride you’ll be taken on but with such honest sense. It’s what I feel in love with about this series not shying away from some of realities truths, portraying through a genuine, loveable cast of characters. 


Ohana’s watching you to see if you’ll binge her show this weekend !! 

If I have not convinced you enough to check out this raw slice-of-life then check out Taku’s in-depth piece he wrote last year for OWLS discussing the beauty, dignity and hard work this series portrays beautifully. He nails it talking the beauty of this series. If you have seen this series, did you feel it portrayed the reality of the working life, the harshness, the trials we go through?

Go watch it this weekend before it’s not there anymore, then come back here to tell me what you thought of it? Also tell me if you’re loving this new approach to my writing? is it more laid back Lita? 

Ah I’m so proud of myself recently and my constant creative drive remaining very active, so look forward to more posts !! Cheers to more posts!! 

I’ll see you in the next post!! 



  1. I literally SCREAMED when this announcement went out because I’d been telling my brother and sister to watch it some time, and that Crunchyroll would always have it. Well, not anymore, so I made a last-minute RightStuf purchase since both of the Blu-rays were on sale and finally bit the bullet. Soon I’ll have it archived on my shelf, and that’ll be a blessing in itself.

    I love everything you say here in this post. Such an eye-opening, tear-jerking, heart-wrenching series is a MUST for any fan of P.A Works. Seeing as how we’ve already bonded on NagiAsu together, it’s nice to be able to extend our passions for this wonderful studio together and share our mutual love for it.

    Glad to hear again that you enjoyed it! Oh, and thank you so much for the shoutout—I hardly ever get these nowadays, especially content from over a year ago, so this really excited me! 🙂


  2. I’m a bit late to binge this anime on Crunchyroll, but I’ll check it out in some form or another. Sounds like a pleasant watch. Slice of life when done right are absorbing through and through. Plus Ohana’s stare looks very deadly. Wouldn’t want to upset her!


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