My Birthday Ain’t About Me But You Guys



Those old posts are still coming but after Christmas you’ll see them, too hard this time of year. Especially hard when having to celebrate three Birthday’s for my family and mine is among them.


Happy birthday to me and Lita.


I feel bad never celebrating on 5h December Sailor Jupiter’s birthday, actually… just forgot. Whoops but I can make up for that since it is my birthday now right?

Hope you all have been well as my presence on this blog has been lacking but always a chance to redeem right? I had no intention of a post coming out on my birthday but there is something really wanted to get out, as my birthday was approaching. Your either a birthday person or not, I’ve never let my age define my hobbies or things I love. Myself is one to embrace it all, even it wasn’t always like this, dam well is not now. To be honest don’t know what it was about this birthday or year that made me realise, how important it is to let nothing stop you in what you wish to pursue. Whether if it’s a failed venture or not, to say I did this. It becomes worth it. 

I’ve been blogging for four years, doing youtube since 2013/2014 (around then) talking about anime. Through the people I’ve befriended and met, equally anime communities in both hobbies the controversies, worries that come with these hobbies it’s daunting – more than ever. Of what people become swallowed up in, which cause them to not enjoy what they’re doing anymore – leading me to cover in a video last year.

In the spirit of this joyous time, it’s a time of giving, in my small way for you guys fellow bloggers, youtubers, creators, I’d like to send you some encouragement. This post may not make a massive difference to the masses but when you got that blogging itch to write, you got to get it out.



Shoot For Youtube/Podcasting Ventures


This year I failed in my new venture of trying a solo podcast, realised doing it solo isn’t my style. Doesn’t have to be yours though, if you’re a blogger whose wanted to bridge that gap of expanding into other ventures. Take that ball, setting up for that new venture shot to who knows where it will take you. There’s nothing wrong with expanding from being a blogger into ventures of youtube or podcasting, but the level of quality standard there seems to be expected is beyond off-putting. These days the look of well-edited videos, jump cuts, music has upscaled from when I first started youtube. Podcasting has to be well structured, need to have a eccentric personality.

While some of these points are important, if you ask me in my whole youtube and podcasting, Ive just winged it. If you want a specific standard in your content that’s fine but these days for me all about keeping it simple and real, so I can get to talking about the main point ANIME, MY FEELS. Sure, I’ll still do the usual in my videos but that’s all out of habit, becomes second nature.

Take that chance in creating that youtube channel or podcast, post when you want.  Don’t feel you have to post out of duty, let either be a sideline hobby to come to when you want might feel like blogging on such occasions. This ‘standard’ people keep preaching there is, there setting up the wrong impression. There’s no physical thing standing in your way from making that account, it’s up to you in taking that leap if it’s out of your comfort zone.




The Standard 



Ah, see this girl slapping the other with the fan. That girl getting hit she’s the representation of standard that is set by no-one, they just seems to exist among the known community. Such things as why do posts have to have a set format if that isn’t your style? Covering seasonal anime gets the most views, posting regularly as much as possible so your blog doesn’t die. I stopped following such standards as of late last year, I’m a meticulous person when it comes to my hobbies of blogging and such, sure. Can’t help that but I’ve become more chill when it comes to standard.

It’s okay to want to be noticed, make your blog look appealing etc, but for me people like me, haha well at my age…the standard known in blogging or youtube community. I cannot be bothered to follow with, somewhere along the way getting caught up in the commotion. I’m old now, ain’t got time for any of that commotion. Lita is at a period of her blog posts turning into no format and full on rants. Well.. some format standard will be kept, haha.

To hell with the standards that exist when it comes to content creating about anime within communities. God dam it spend all your time gushing your feelings bro, in what series you love, what your watching. Let it all come ON OUT !!




Unrestrict Your Opinions


It’s either you’ll be criticized for your honest opinions on any anime series you like or love. It’s the worst put down in this anime community and people have felt restricted when talking about series they loved or didn’t enjoy.

You.. YES YOU do not have to please these people. 

There is a time and place for when appropriate to give your opinion, completely understand this. Others will be confident to voice their opinions, as this community can be toxic at points, same as online discussions.

ughhh… just to flaming hell with the whole thing, in 2019 Lita is letting her opinions more looser and freer than ever before. Many many posts she still wishes to write and to think I’ll listen to a put down of my opinion I’m giving, when someone wants to be an ass. They can think again, you do not have to tolerate that behaviour. You don’t have to deal with assess, we can’t escape them sadly, but you do not have to converse with such unreasonable individuals.

Loosen the rope a bit in your posts, feel the freedom for yourself to let opinions you’ve had pent up for so long. To just be let go of, I support anyone who does this, because it’s BRAVE, HELLA BRAVE MAN. !!



Time to feel the blogging power!!


If my words gave any friends encouragement, it’ll make me happy. The things mentioned in this post weren’t even covering the whole scope of what content creators worry about. I covered the ones people I noticed seem to loom over. Now, as Lita is another year older, definitely not all wiser but passing some encouragement is what I wanted to give. Let me know down below if you felt the Jupiter push, haha. 

It’s nearly 2am, a eventful birthday awaits tomorrow and I’m excited. That old content will be starting up after Christmas and I wish you all my dearest friends, blogger people a boiling or freezing Christmas whenever you are in the world. Aussie land is in for a heat wave week for Christmas… oh my goodness.

I’ll see you guys next week !!! 

Merry Xmas !!!!


9 thoughts on “My Birthday Ain’t About Me But You Guys

  1. It’s so nice of you to spend part of your special day on us! That tip about posting up to date content vs. posting what you want really stuck with me—when I look at my own blog, I’d much rather post a review of a show from 2003 that I loved in 2018 rather than force myself to talk about what’s current. It’s hard to find the balance, but sometimes that doesn’t always mesh well with what others want to read, and that’s ok. We just gotta do what we like, right?

    We ADORE this strong 2019-focused Lita, so go out there and kick ass my friend! Oh, and HAPPY FRIGGIN’ BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy birthday! honestly, I think that “standard” and the weird expectation to put out consistent content really does freak a lot of people out (including me!!!!!!!) so it’s nice to be reminded that you can just Do You at your own pace. 🙂 thanks for sharing!!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful time! Thank you for such a great post with some amazing advice that I can always do with hearing. It’s so easy to get caught up in the spiral of having to please people and meet a certain standard so it’s nice to be reminded that it isn’t the case! Again have a wonderful day and eat lots of cake xD


  4. Happy birthday Lita!! Hope you eat lots of cake and enjoy a lot of great anime! We appreciate and love your bubbly personality and thank you for sharing with us your blogging advice. ^^


  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one! Never been afraid to share my views on anime, even when it’s on something widely love. That got me into a fair share of heat, but that comes with any fanbase. Been getting back to blogging thanks to the 12 Days of Anime I’m participating in. It was last minute, but it’s working in getting me into the writing mood again.

    Good luck with the podcast. Have friends that started one earlier this year, and had me on there 4 times. From my experience, it’s a lot of fun to do, and also gives me chance to make a fool of myself on someone else’s channel. Plus, it’s good practice to get comfortable in front of a live audience, even if its just a few people. Most important part of a podcast, have fun with it!


  6. Happy birthday Lita! It’s nice of you to think of us, even if it’s your day!

    As you know, I’ve always been quite the bold person when it comes to stating my thoughts on Anime and I honestly don’t regret it, despite the drama and fights it’s gotten me into over the years.

    Never be afraid to share your opinions. Just let loose and the people who really care about you and value your friendship will stay by your side.

    And Merry Christmas to you as well! Have a good one!


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