You Wouldn’t Want To Skip This Goodie Basket

In light of Fruits Basket receiving a new anime adaptation, which no-one expected. After three weeks I’m still in shock. Now because this new adaptation will cover the entire manga series, we shouldn’t bother with the ‘other’ anime that people think lacks fruitiness?

Ah, my first old anime post and there is just many more to come my dear people. No clue how much I’ll get to posting, writing and watching but go with the flow. The first thing I instantly knew in wishing to talk about was Fruits Basket. It’s already made my 2019 after 21 years we are getting a new adaptation covering the whole manga, I’m sure people who’ve been watching anime past decade. Like myself is absolutely stoked for this but one thing crossed my mind, that the 2001 adaptation by Studio Deen will become forgotten.

The 2001 adaptation took a different route missing elements of the manga but it’s not a series cannot just push aside. It’s a 2000 classic to me in my eyes and just because it never followed the manga series back then. This oldie has it’s strong merits which make it special to an decade anime fan like myself. It still deserves in acknowledgement three reasons to not miss this fun-filled Fruits Basket.


Goofy Sohma’s

Every rewatch over the years of this series has never failed to crack me up. The centre of the crack ups comes from the eccentric Sohma family. It’s sad the members of the Sohma’s have lived a curse that has caused more hurt to each member physiologically. But despite this fact, every member doesn’t let this fact run their lives entirely. When the series can become heavily focused on each members personal struggles, their are plenty of hysterical moments among the grimness. Truly each member of the Sohma is individual and more than easy to become attached too.

There is great comedic relief when things become dark, the series does so well that. In my full opinion to enjoy the series goofiness to the fullest extent. Definitely watch in the english dub voices like Laura Bailey (Tohru) Jerry Jewell (Kyo) Eric Vale (Yuki) will make you love this hilarious trio especially.



Angel Tohru



Tohru is one of the most adoring character in anime that feel she can do no wrong. Now if you would love to point out, she’s too goody shoes, you’ll have to step outside with me. Tohru can be as pure and good much as she wants, I’ll never get sick of it. BECAUSE the way this girl changes the lives for the Sohma family is rip your heart out, not knowing what to do with the feels. Props to Laura Bailey performance as Tohru, Laura kills it I tell you. A girl who’s faced a lot already in her life, loosing her mum, her home. Yet throughout the series finds reasons to keep on smiling, Tohru’s strength to always stride on is so touching.

The connection Tohru builds with each member is always moving and hilarious. Each new member she encounters something crazy always happens, catching Tohru off-guard – which is damn hilarious. Tohru is such an inspirational character that stays with you, she’s always been a favourite of mine for the last decade, people will nitpick at Tohru’s kindness and selflessness might be her weakness at glance. Tohru is quite naive at times but her openness with people and about giving chances. Tohru’s openness equally is her greatness strength also, the guarantee you’ll fall in love with Tohru is instant people.

Take my word for it!!



Lessons Of Life 


The best thing you’ll ever take away from Fruit Basket whether this adaptation, the manga or new series is the hard hitting lessons that come with it. I feel like Tohru should just be a permanent councillor for others, the level of majority in her words and advice. When consoling any of the Sohma members is really hard hitting, to the truthful point as such in life. One lesson that I’ve never been able to forget was when Tohru was explaining to Kyo how we all have a “plum on our backs”. Referring to that one thing that makes us uniquely individual even if we don’t notice it, it’s always there.

Anime has this powerful way of conveying the truthiness in life lessons through it’s series. One of my favourites that does this so well is Fruits Basket covering on such topic of isolation, acceptance. The theme acceptance is the biggest stand out in this series and made a huge impact on me, through Kyo’s struggles. He’s the one out of anyone that learns the ripened delicacy what he’s missed out of life. The coverage on acceptance in this series is bloody touching honestly is all I can say, and it’s a tear jerker at times too.



You will never be forgotten.

If the rest of the world forgets about you old Fruits Basket when the new series takes over. I shall not forget. You will live on even after all this time. I’m still excited for this new adaptation of course, more people will know of this timeless classic, so they should. Hope you enjoy my read not to give this oldie adaptation just because we’re getting a new one. !!

The old content is finally coming out now people! I has been a busy Lita as of late.

I’ll see you all next post!!



11 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Want To Skip This Goodie Basket

  1. You’re absolutely right. Classic Furuba is unforgettable; it’s actually one of the shows that first really got me into anime to begin with. And it’s adorable and sweet, even if it does miss parts of the manga (for which I’m excited about the new one). But yeah, the older anime will always be close to my heart. 😀

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  2. The original Fruits Basket is great. While I wished it had a more conclusive ending, it is still a series I binge watch fairly regularly and is definitely a good comfort anime when you are feeling low. Definitely still has a place regardless of a new adaptation.

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  3. I noticed a lot of fans begging for the English dub cast to return, and if they don’t, I wonder if that will help keep this old version alive. “Oh, yeah, the 2019 version has the better story, but the old version’s dub was amazing!” I’m guessing this probably won’t be as strong of feelings for the Japanese cast in Japan since all the voice actors have other, more well-known roles, and it wasn’t as much of a gateway series compared to Western viewers.

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  4. I have, I admit, thought about a redone version, more true to the manga. They did it with Fullmetal Alchemist, after all. But just because I like FMA Brotherhood doesn’t mean I don’t like FMA anymore. Quite the contrary, I appreciate them both. And it certainly didn’t hurt that they used the same voice actors for both shows. I love Fruits Basket, and I always will, no matter what they do with the new one. 🙂

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  5. I feel the absolute same; sure the original anime was goofy and didn’t really wrap up cohesively but that’s what made it great. It’s short, simple and re-visitable. I hope that more fans watch this series as well with the new series coming out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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