Despite It All We’re Lucky Anime Fans

I’m a using this Rin gif as I miss him from free season three. I have free blues


Before even beginning to write this post, instantly knew which gif I wanted to use as the main image, haha. It’s Thanksgiving for all my friends in America though it’s not an Aussie thing. I wanted to talk about something as a fan just grateful when it comes to anime.

This is probably a tad early post for those in America and Canada you have your thanksgiving early. But what are you meant to do when you live in the future, muah. It’s coming up to my favourite month of the year, totally doesn’t have anything to do with being my Birthday, no… which I’m not usually excited about. Since coming to Australia, transitioning from cold, blizzard UK winters that I thought would love forever, to hot, sizzling summers that have thrown the whole meaning of how I viewed my Decembers. Literally out of the window since moving down the under, as winter used to my favourite season. But this sunny Aussie life rubs off on you quickly.

Nothing could ever beat truly a cozy Christmas by a fire and snow but BBQs and by the pool hot Christmas’s has it’s perks too. Aussie life has certainly made me love the month of December so much more over the years. It’s one of the many things I’m thankful for, to moving countries, a change in perspectives. Christmas, Thanksgiving to me they all mean the same thing a time to be ‘thankful’ not just being about with family and friends. Time of reflection also and this is something I’ve thought about over the last couple of weeks.



Regular Ani Announcements


My reaction to fruits basket new adaption announcement.

Anime has always been something I’m thankful for in many ways, as a hobby and chance to meet some incredible individuals. As a fan for over a decade now, ugh my age is showing here. Happening on a regular occurrence than back in my early anime days is the amount of anime daily announcements. Raise your hand here who checks anime news network almost every day? It’s apart of my twitter routine always to check the latest anime news. Does anyone ask themselves how often on the regular there is a series never thought would get another adaption? A manga come off hiatus after years?

There are so many examples I could give but two I’ll give is Chihayafuru getting a season three in 2019  announced in February this year. Then… the biggest whopper surprise just last week Fruits Basket getting a whole new anime adaption, covering the ENTIRE MANGA SERIES. 2001 Studio Deen adaption I love but for fans of this timeless classic, this is huge thing, to cover all the missing segments the 2001 series never did. It was hard to comprehend reading the news on twitter, that after 17 years… something like this was happening. Look at freaking Banana Fish a 1980s manga get’s a adaptation 20 years later currently airing now. This is all mind blowing stuff to me, every time a blast from the past reappears. Doesn’t anybody else think this is a mind blowing thing? or do I have a problem with getting too excited about crap?

The amount of regular daily anime announcements is nuts these days with how much over the years social media has grown. Teen me, way back thinking there ever would be another Fruits Basket anime, was a fruitless dream. It was unheard of the amount of anime announcements we get now compared to a decade ago. New fans coming into the world of anime wouldn’t know such a simple thing like this. As fans, easy for us to grumble about an anime that never deserves another season, like Sword Art Online, got to use this one as the best examples. Sword Art Online the most slagged series, I’ve ever heard talked about, you can slag it all you want people. It’s STILL going strong with a current airing season three.




Will grumble, whine “this should exist”, “JUST WHY!!” some common comments from us anime fans -no-one is an exemption from this though. We get what we don’t ask for but hey what are you to do? Me and my group who want our Haikyuu season 4, we know will happen, BETTER HAPPEN.… back to my calm composure. Despite all the cries and pleas we tweet, facebook on our social media, of anime products as consumers we never ask for, series that don’t deserve an adaptation. It’s important to be thankful as a fan, the amount of anime we have an our disposable. 

Since 2015 when I first entered into the seasonal scene, it has just taken off from there. The dispute over the amount of shows per season due to desperation about making money only, has effected fans outlook on how many seasonal series that is aired. It’s understand to wish for a good produced product at the end of the day but every seasonal has it’s series, never meeting this mark. It’s sad how picked off seasonal shows are treated now because the high standards and expectations, fans have built up and being about only what’s popular. This fact alone has effected in how much I never want to watch what popular but always steering to series, that I think will never get a look in.



Were Thankful Really 


There is no disagreement here that are such anime series that just you know… ugh give you a headache or why is this a thing. But deep down all the online debates, squabbles over so and so a manga taking so long to come off hiatus, a series getting a adaptation after years, were just grateful in the end. There is no winning if a new adaptation doesn’t go the way you think or had imagined, it’s apart of this up and down anime road. Especially if you’ve been invested for as long as I have, but every time scrolling through anime news network. The amount of old anime comebacks, sequels etc I’m seeing compared to a decade ago is unreal, its actually freaking awesome. It’s something as a fan I’m so thankful for, how much anime is accessible to us now, the comebacks, the unexpected. There has never been more of an exciting, thankful time to be an anime fan, than for right now through this pair of decade eyes.



Lita loves you all !!


I promised a fruits basket post for next post (it’s coming) but this was something, I needed to talk about big time. Lita can be a serious sentimental at times and this is one of those times. Are you thankful in the end despite all the adaptations you never asked for, manga coming off hiatuses, old comebacks? Tell me down below. Ugh this post makes me feel old writing, I’ve been in this game too long. Give me some cider!!

I wish my American blogger friends a amazing freaking thanksgiving each and every one of you !! Drink till you drop, and eat till you can’t no more.

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. I can only imagine how much adjusting you had to do to have summertime Decembers! But thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, and I wish you a happy Thursday out there in the future!

    I’d love to see more older series get full adaptations or coming out with seasons later. Hopefully more series will get a sequel or remake! (C’mon, Please Save My Earth!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a lot of adjusting the moment got off the plane when I came here it was a 40 degree day which is 105 F and I just remember this blast of warm air like it came from an oven and felt sick lol

      I couldn’t agree with you more for older anime adaptations. I’d like to see deadman wonderland and Btooom !!! ughhh badly of course Haikyuu as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll be the happy and grateful when we get Haikyuu Season 4, but what’ll make me happiest and infinitely grateful is when One Piece ends with all the mysteries solved, and when D. Gray Man (manga) ends, again with all the mysteries solved. Good things are worth waiting for, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. With One Piece, I usually wait for an entire arc to end before bingeing it. So I’ve paused after the Dressrosa arc, waiting for Wholecake island to end.


  3. I’m grateful for stuff like Hinamatsuri, Serial Experiment Lain, Big Fish & Begonia, and other great anime I saw for the first time this year. My anime viewing this year was way better compare to last year. I am however not thankful for the bad ones I saw this year. They were pretty rough XD.

    Nice! Got a friend who loves Fruit Baskets, and I know what he’ll bug me about for the next couple of weeks. Although, if I get a Flame of Recca remake that covers the entire manga I’ll be really happy. Gotta wait for that to (never) happen in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My anime viewing this year has been all over the place but I’m trying to end on a high note. lol I haven’t seen any of the anime you have mentioned but one day I will probably ahah

      Fruit basket gloriousness 🙂 I’ve only seen up to episode 7 of flame of recca. I watch it at the gym whenever I go. Yeh it sucks when some anime do not get remakes or second seasons like YONA OF THE DAWN !!

      Liked by 1 person

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