3 Main Blogger Worries That Exist But Aren’t Worth The Stress Over

It’s been on my brain recently the obvious pointless thoughts/worries. Bloggers will fester over and if you can take away from this feeling refreshed. Saying to yourself “it wasn’t worth thinking over” then yay. Sometimes we all need to be reminded.

In our element

Blogging can be consistently time consuming hobby, us bloggers pour our precious time into. Hours and hours of writing that have all it’s worth to us. People who visit our blog sites are painted this picture sometimes, how many posts we have posted, it’s all been easy. Behind the painted perfect blogger picture, it’s anything but this, that this hobby comes with it’s worries. The obvious blogger worries I’ll be addressing are one I’ve personally faced and picked up on throughout being in this blogging community. Also these blogger worries might not even have affected you but they have for others.

My main message in this post is kicking all of these worries to the bloody kerb.



Stats Are Low


Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.44.44 pm
My recent up and down Stats. oh let me panic LOL


Gone to look at your blog stats? Knew you have posted less recently? posted a lot but still stats are low? TIME TO PANIC!!

When it comes to stats in blogging, I find it’s a good and a bad thing. It’s great device to see how you are progressing as a blogger, where people are following you from in the world, it is a great thing. On the flip side, as exampled above using my own stats seeing constant low stats might be a downer for you. Especially if you are a passionate blogger who is striving for a particular goal, making blogger a career, to be successful.

In my early blogger days my first year, looking at my first full year of stats, how low they were. I became a hell downer, barely of what I’d written gain any traction. Made it feel helpless and pointless in pursuing this hobby at that point. It’s taken a long time now, to not give a barnacles about my stats. Doesn’t mean I don’t go not look, because even myself likes to know where my blog is sitting at. Stats are just numbers, it doesn’t take away the fact, the ones I know whom follow my content. The ones who read my posts, content, knowing this makes stats pointless to me.

Stats cannot be the be all end all to you, if you’re wishing for your blog to reach somewhere. Some posts will be a hit, others a miss depending on what it is you’re writing about. If you’re always constantly writing about popular topics, knowing you’ll gain the views. Your blog esteem is going to take a nose dive, from checking your blog stats.

Stats are just numbers people!



I’ve Not Written In A Week…A MONTH!


I think this has always been a number one worry for me when it comes to blogging. Even more so upon recently as my blog has slowed right down as of late. Constantly all this time all that plays in my head “I NEED TO BLOG”, this has never changed with me. Then when I say this in my head, come to the computer, I’ll draw a blank and decide to go watch something, haha. There is no lie staring at your almost dead crypt of a blog from not posting in so long. The feelings of urgency take over to write something, but in an attempt to it either works out or backfires. In my case usually backfires. 

Writing by how you feel, what mood you’re in is the best way. You don’t need Lita san telling you when real life comes along with a sticky note saying ‘your needed’, that you shouldn’t think it shouldn’t come first. Real life always will before our hobbies, because adulting too hard, take me to my teens of drooling over Beyblade and bingeing Saturday mornings. 

There is always a chance to redeem yourself when it comes to posting, currently I’m doing slowly. Just because life has taken a sudden turn last three or four months, didn’t mean my hobbies would be put on the back burner forever. It annoys me Lita has posted little as possible recently, that is just something normal this annoyance when it comes to blogging. Do I regret scraping my original blog schedule with the exception ? No it was a good move for me unexpectedly, you know life. Since posting so freely, it’s made me miss the freedom in writing instead of sticking to a schedule. Either have their merits but I’ll take freedom any day.

Next your looking at your blog full of cobwebs, dust it off and schedule some content ahead!!! Problem solved. 



Feel You Abandoned Your Blog


Real life likes to throw it’s curve balls, then we need to take a breather from our hobbies.

I personally don’t like taking breaks from my blog, doing this for so long, its something I like to keep constantly going. Which feeling much failure as of late, the time in my less posting was technically a break away from the blog and community. Then after feeling bad like in doing so now, for being hardly ever, ugh can’t win. No blogger here is no exception to the feeling at some point you feel, you’ve abandoned your blog. In all my time blogging never felt so bad for letting my blog just go quiet, ahaha.

It’s important when you feel the need to take a break from your blog or hobbies, then do it. The feeling that comes after that your sorry to your followers for no content, you went silent in the dark tunnel. This feeling other bloggers not have never bothered them but for a sentimental fool like me, it does even now. This is when you just got to shake it off and reset yourself. My blog still means so much to me and feel for the first time in whole time blogging, I’ve neglected big time. Which is why till the end of the year, I’ve refocused my priorities for this blog, my baby first.

 Reset and start anew after a break, shake it off like Taylor Swift saids.



shake it, do the loca friends.


hope this post may help other blogger friends and people. As any of these are not worth my brain power, it would be awesome. If down below you commented what are some blogger worries you have? But realise they mean Jack dirt, haha.

Right now, I’m resetting myself to bring this blog back up to speed with old content as I promised. I can tell you next post is Fruit Baskets related SINCE WERE GETTING A REMAKE PEOPLE !!

Please feel free to say hi down below as my appearance around the community has been like a ninja in and out !!

I’ll see you all next post!! 


19 thoughts on “3 Main Blogger Worries That Exist But Aren’t Worth The Stress Over

  1. Fantastic post Lita, I know I have a lot of issues with number 1, especially when I had the WordPress app on my phone I used to keep refreshing the stats page every hour (yeah not good) . But slowly working on it and like you said, taking pride in my content rather than just numbers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I worry about number 2 a lot. I unexpectedly took time off since my parents visited, and that took all my energy I had for blogging unexpectedly XD. I have the urge to still blog, but can’t force it out. I’ll spend 2 hours looking at my laptop with nothing coming up, and moving onto something else. When it comes back it’ll back. I just gotta be patient, even if its killing me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the worst time for coming back to blog is when coming back from a holiday or obviously time away. Your either motivated or not and happens to me every time I’ve not blogged for like 2 weeks. so I always wait for an idea to come to which it did, eventually and the groove is back.

      You will get your groove back for sure sir !!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thankyou miss shoujo 🙂 I’m so glad this post has received a positive response like it has. I felt connected in the blogger world again after feeling neglectful lol AND YASSSSSSSSS FRUITS BASKETS !!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I like having a blog to channel my anime/manga related thoughts but I knew from the start that I could never do this seriously or consistently, due to a severe lack of time. Also, I didn’t want it to feel like another job, and I didn’t want to have any stress from this.

    Therefore, I’m infinitely impressed at so many bloggers (like yourself) who are able to write as much as you do and post things so consistently! I can imagine how stressful it can get. Great job and thanks for all the sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes this blog is a writing haven for me whenever I have the chance now such is how life has changed for me personally. Which is why scheduling things is most important to me. I never wanted this blog to feel stressful at all. my opinion on blogging this year has changed a lot.

      I like to try and remain consistent for various reasons but thankyou for the sweet words. I enjoy your blog myself XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This was well written, the presentation was a bit jarring at some stages, at the segment with the gif it draws your eyes to it, making it slightly hard to read the text below, I enjoyed it and I can say I agree with all 3 points, expect the title… stressing over these ordeals is healthy, it pushes your mind forward to go and make better content, at-least what I’ve noticed in my little time as a blogger ^^,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou for your comment and feedback. Ill definitely keep that in mind when using gifs and I fully agree stress is a good thing to strive you to get stuff done. Stress does this well for me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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