Strike The Food Banks| Strike The Blood

Time to give the Vampire genre some love for spooky month. Finally a chance to talk about a series I watched last year. Wasn’t expecting girls offering them selfs as personal blood banks. 

Anime: Strike The Blood 
Published: 2013
Genre: Supernatural, Vampire, Ecchi, Harem
Producer: Silver Link, Connect 
Episodes: 24 Episodes ( 2 OVAs Season Two and Three)

Kojou Akatsuki’s was a regular high schooler till an encounter resulted him turning into a vampire – known as the 4th Progenitor. When he becomes aroused, Kojou cannot control the bloodlust only way to satisfy this is by drinking his own blood. Being the 4th Progenitor inside of him is Avrora Florestina spirit, which was the cause of Kojou’s becoming a vampire. Koujo has inherited all of Avrora powers including her twelve familiars. To gain control of these familiars, Kojou has to drink someone’s blood and only then familiars will recognise him as master. 

Kojou is watched carefully by Sword wielder, Yukina who is sent from the Lion-King organisation in case Kojou ever became a threat.



An Endless Supply 

Image result for strike the blood gif

Strike The Blood appears on the surface to be a fun, fantasy vampire series but few episodes in – it’s a sexualised free for all. The main thing that stands out in this series is his food source, the girls. There is no savagery in Koujou bites, blood spurting, every bite is tenderly and alluring for the girls. Every episode least once Koujou has his fangs seeped into his food banks. These scenes involving fan service weren’t a turn off for me in watching the series but it got old after a while. This aspect of the series might turn off people but in seriousness nowhere as bad as Food Wars, look at this sweaty mess.

Honestly should have mentioned at the beginning of this, but I’m covering the first season as since watching. Strike The Blood has a season two OVA and just announced a third OVA. Which I’m glad the series got a continuation as for how it ended was left open. Strike The Blood is not one of my favourite Vampire watches, overly not keen to rewatch but the series sits on the okay level.

Setting aside the sexualised fang bite scenes, the series plot was enough to keep me interested. Focusing on Kojou trying to adjust with his forced upon vampire powers and random situations he got himself into. The series had an episodic approach which doesn’t deter from the main plot – it slowly builds itself up to the main conclusion. I didn’t mind plot doing this but felt just sticking to the main plot – was enough. So far, Strike The Blood is not sounding overly appealing but one thing really liked about the series was the characters. Each character had their own flare about them especially Koujou’s harem of food bank girls, consisting of Yukina, Asagi, Sayaka and Kanon.


Best girl Sayaka

Sayaka’s character truly adored her, your typical tsundere. A toughie on the outside having a genuine dislike for men, but her interactions with Koujou brought out her vulnerable side. Whether when fighting or her guard is let down, it’s all likeable, has a genuine kind nature about herself. Next to Sayaka, Asagi and Yukina were only other girls that stood out for having lots of spunk and flare in their personalities. All of series characters fitted their roles well, but the villains felt were weak – which made me care less about them.

Though one element of the series I had my doubts about was romance. It’s clear enough Yukina has feelings for Kojou at the beginning but nothing truly develops so far. Harem of girls which are Kojou’s personal blood banks, they might as well remain that. But we know here Yukina will end up with Kojou, less the series wants to be an ass and stay fang sinking mess. Flash about that fan service like it’s the main attraction of this series anyway, haha.

Must commend Studio Silver Link on the Strike The Blood animation. I’ve always loved their animation style, everything is visually bright and colourful. Everything from the characters to the cityscapes had this beautiful glow about them, good job their. Strike The Blood doesn’t leave me much else to say about the series so far, as from not seeing the second or third OVA season yet. From reading 1/4 of the light novel, that sucked me in easier than the anime did, my hope to read the light novels at some point.

Strike The Blood is generic of generic you’ll get, plus fang sinking fan service. The characters were what held me to continue watching the series, but I still intend to complete. Though one element of the series I’ve had my doubts about is the romance. Harem of food banks for Kojou to feast on, At this point would love to know what happens with this series. Will you miss out on this vampire series in all? No you won’t to be honest.



Offering yourself on a platter


Wow, actually wrote some anime thoughts for once it’s been a while since September. Strike The Blood I’ve been meaning to write about for the past year, good to know that you accomplish thing eventually. Sadly not my favourite vampire series but wasn’t bad.

Feel free to comment below if you have seen Strike The Blood and agree with me, think it’s just generic?

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. I didn’t mind this anime, but also didn’t go to any effort to track down part two. I did attempt the first volume of the light novel but reading it was actually worse so I’m not continuing that either.


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