Fall Anime 2018 Had Some Goodies For Me

Living on the other-side of the hemisphere it may be hard to understand for you. The feeling of being out of sync with seasons like the rest of the world, feels so strange. It is currently spring in Australia, but we’re here to talk about Fall.

Isn’t it great when you start shows you hadn’t planned?

Well here we are.

Fall Anime 2018 had me most intrigued with particular series I wanted to check out. Everyone knows, I’m very up and down with seasonal I’ll miss a season then dive right back in. So you can be on the look out for some seasonal impressions, unlike other bloggers. Doing first impressions, I’m someone who cannot judge a show only on the first episodes – hence my impression will be three weeks late usually. It’s been rare I’ve ever dropped any seasonal series, I’ve started watching –  it just gets put on my hold list.

From what I’ve watched so far, can tell you I’ll be continuing with all of the series I’ve chosen. First two series I’ll be covering, one that has stirred the pot Goblin Slayer and main stream boys love The Most Huggable Man Has Threatened Me.


The Savagery Is Too Much…Oh No

Best to start with the elephant in the room hey? Goblin Slayer indeed has been talk of the town over the last two weeks. After watching first two episodes this week, I see why. My interest in watching Goblin Slayer has not come from the controversy of discussions over it. Originally had been on my list to watch, after my first view over of the season. White Fox’s last fantasy series Grimoire of Zero was enjoyable, course was excited. So, just wanted to make this fact clear, but not hard to understand why people are drawn to this series now.

Does anyone really need to hear why this series has been centre stage? For it’s strong yet stomach turning first episode. Things start off harmless a young priestess off with a rookie party to kill goblins and after it’s just…BAM!! Right in your face. It was very unexpected how truly quickly violent things became and automatic hate you feel towards these vile creatures. Honestly it’s one of those things you least expected and believe me in no way do you expect. Especially the exposing, twisted nature of the goblins, rape scene of the girl and killed babies.

No one expected such intensity, definitely while watching first episode, was unsettling to watch at the scenes people are angry about but, Goblin Slayer’s ability to create such a thrilling atmosphere like that, was impressive – cannot ignore. I don’t find the series is riding on vicious acts to cause an thrilling atmosphere, it’s to give edge to our intriguing plot. Seriously the moment, our Goblin Slayer walks in – everything stops. This was a chilling moment and absolutely loved it, fiery flames swirling around making our main character, a force to be reckoned with.  

Our Goblin Slayer is a character you can’t help but be entranced by. Diving into episode two your given a glimpse of backstory into his reasoning to eliminate all Goblins – it’s sad actually. Goblin Slayer is not an anime for the faint hearted, it’s presented itself as cold and dark already. There is nothing to question in myself continuing this series, making a fascinating, but brutal impression.

The strikingly, brutal first episode set off a bomb this fall season and people are upset. But why should this series be viewed as ‘unforgivably brutal”? because of the rape and killing scenes. As blogger Mistress Of Yaoi discusses in her post that this series is not doing these vile acts intentionally. It’s to give Goblin Slayer some edge and prove the grim world these characters are in. Which I agree with Mistress completely. At the beginning of this year I discussed the series Cross Ange. Focusing on a princess living the high life then turning hell to the next – Cross Ange has been sided a lot for it’s female exploitation and graphicness. Why should be Goblin Slayer be the only one, others are making a big deal out of?  

Before diving into the fall season, recently finished the series Btooom! which can tell you is just as gory and brutal as Cross Ange and Goblin Slayer. These are series that thrive on creating intensity to give us a compelling, thrilling story – but how people view such things these days is blown out of proportion. Going from Btooom! diving right into Goblin Slayer was a great choice on my part, the thrills of excitement will continue.

Been A While Main Stream Boys Love 

2018 seems to be the year of yaoi and yuri to make it’s stand. It was surprising this season seeing a boys love anime streaming on Crunchyroll, haha. Never has that happened in a long time now but it’s thumbs up for me for the boys love genre. The Most Huggable Man Has Threatened Me has all your typical boys love tropes. You know against your will being forced to sleep with another, how come nobody is talking about this, yet Goblin Slayer is so ‘bad’?.

The Most Huggable Man Has Threatened Me is straight up hilarious even with the usual tropes. The two main characters Takato and Azumaya are a humorous pair. Takato constant thinking to himself having me cracking up, of someone who needs a wake up that it’s not all about you. Where Azumaya a huge fan of Takato comes into the picture and Azumaya wastes no time getting right in there with Takato. The first episode was absolutely hysterical to Azumaya’s demanding request to have sex with Takato. Don’t think the other boys love anime I’ve ever watched, things escalated so quickly.

It’s a massive wake up for self-centred Takato with the intrusion of Azumaya. This boys love anime is doing nothing different in terms of the usual tropes, force your love upon the other, main character is resistant to the idea. However there is something interesting to me about Takato and Azumaya relationship already. Perhaps it’s Azumaya boldness right off the bat? It’s certain on my end I’ll be continuing this series because getting a main stream boys love…IT’S BEEN FOREVER!. I know this show is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s mine.

Lita… fall seasonal impressions… theres more to come WHAT IS THIS !!

Better believe it when I say couple more posts will come out with more Fall seasonal impressions. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me at this point, my anime watching is all over the place but I’ve got some old coverage coming in November. I have to admit feels great to cover some seasonal stuff again.

Hope you enjoyed hearing some overdue fall impressions. Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series I covered in this post and suggest what else should I check out 🙂

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Glad you are enjoying these two. Arthifis and I are working together to cover these at various points throughout the season and I’m going to admit, waiting for our next post is killing me because I want to write about both almost as soon as I finish watching the next episode, but I’m enjoying reading the impressions of others on them. Hopefully you continue to enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Only two anime I’m watching this season are Goblin Slayer, and Karakuri Circus with my bro. I’m pretty much eh on Goblin Slayer. Still feel like something about it story, and characters are lacking for me. My bro who read the manga seems to like it so far though.

    Karakuri Circus packed a lot into a single episode, but in the end I ended up liking it. The premise of fighting with puppets is interesting, and seems like there going to be a lot of promise in it. Just gotta wait til more episodes come out to know for certain if it’ll turn out enjoyable. At the moment, it’s a pretty cool shounen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am late replying to this and a lot of comments but Karakuri Circus had no idea was a shounen. fighting with puppets? that is interesting. Reminds me of Angelic layer where the players are controlling the dolls through their imagination and brain waves. Cool concept.

      I have not caught up with Goblin Slayer. all the talk for it has died away at the moment. haha which I thought might happen LOL


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