I’m A Complete Chicken With Horror Films But Anime Gives Me The Best Compromise


There is a lot of things I’ll never understand about myself. One of those is when it comes to normal horror, I’ll avoid to watch any. But when it comes to a gory death game, or vampire series, I’m all for it. How does this work?


One of my least favourite genres in general is horror. I’ll never watch them on my own, only when I’m with another or a group of people. No way do I not enjoy a good scare, my younger teen me probably did more than now. Spending time with my cousins all together was always a highlight, especially watching 18+ horror films. We watched some the odd messed up one, as getting the films passed the adults was never easy. Last one can recollect we watched all together was the creep or creeper something. I honestly can’t remember the title but it was a skin crawler one.

The last horror film I watched was the sequel The Descent 2, about these girls who go cave exploring. One girl whom is experienced decides not to tell the group, her choosing to take a unknown route. One she had never done before, the group find out soon enough they are not alone down there. It’s still so fresh in my mind, of what happens and something can never get out of my head, ugh. So if someone or you suggest to me a horror film to watch, I won’t. Unless with another or in a group, then I’m usually fine.

Straight up normal gory horror is what I’ll refuse to watch any of it, if it’s such titles as Warm Bodies, Zombie Land or just bad funny horror. I’m fine to watch those even on my own as they have comedic aspects to them. Throw in some humour in there, it’s all good.  Buffy Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf  I’m a sucker for this kind of pr-teen trash, find it less heavy than straight up horror. Does that sound weird?




Anime seems to to the compromise when it comes to horror. 



If you ask me straight up “Why can’t you stand general horror yet you’ll watch a cut throat anime such as Deadman Wonderland without flinching?”. It would be honestly hard for me to answer this, this is just something asking myself, I’ve never been able to answer. The best honestly could give at this point, after watching a few anime from Thriller/Psychological/Supernatural/Vampire genres. Anime gives me the best compromise among these genres from a death game like Future Diary to cutesy vampire Chibi Vampire. I don’t find in normal horror there aren’t as many compromises, only a few. You’re not going to get a romantic, comedy vampire series in normal horror are you? No. 

I’ve been exposed to a lot of gory titles in my teens and yet now cannot bring myself to watch any normal horror film. Yet anime titles such as Psycho Pass, Terror In Resonance, Death Parade are ones cannot wait to dive into this October. My early anime days watching titles Elfen Lied, Hellsing, Corpse Princess, initially thinking wouldn’t like. I’d stop within the first few seconds, was at full chicken stage back then. Even if I was watching it with my friend. But no, In fact was a wake up call to myself, as fell in love with these gory titles. Been so long since watching anything like that from the time with my cousins, feel like that passionate was reignited a little. 

Brutal anime genres of Thriller/Psychological I’ve found more thrilling than normal horror. Supernatural and Vampire comes a mixed bag of light and heavy which I love. Particularly Vampire genre is number one favourite above the rest, anime satisfied a lot of cravings on that one. So in conclusion anime in it’s heavier genres, I find more thrilling and weaves off into different branches of variety. That has made the best compromise for me when it comes to normal horror. It’s not all straight up all the time, it can be cute, funny, and thrilling at the same time. 



This is me now if you made me watch a normal horror film.


This post was a pure ramble, hopefully made some sense to you guys. I still don’t feel I’ve found an answer to my own question why gory anime, love it. Yet normal straight up horror I’ll press the off-button within seconds. Normal horror I find more intense?

Thought this would be a fun discussion with you all if you find normal horror too much, too intense? If your like me not a fan of the following genres above, is anime a compromise for you?  Leave a comment in the cauldron below !!

I’ll see you all in the next spooky post!! 



  1. Well, I absolutely love horror, pretty much all types of horror as well. It’s always been my favorite genre of movies next to science fiction 😊😊 Interesting to see you mention corpse princess. That one was really good (just a shame that it ended without a resolution, was really sad about that 😢)


  2. I love horror but don’t have a huge tolerance for blood and gore in live action. In anime there’s a clear distance between me and the characters so I don’t really have any issue with incredibly violent or horrific anime.


  3. For a lot of folks there is a tangible disconnect which makes anime easier to watch. It isn’t a real person and it is easier to not get caught up in the moment. Also anime, in general, due to the art style gives that gap too. I’m glad you are able to enjoy some great anime though! 😀


  4. Not much of a fan of horror either, but that’s mostly because I hardly find any horror movies, or anime I like a lot. I also feel the same about seeing gory anime. For me, I guess it’s the fact it’s not live action, and my mind tells me it’s fake makes it easier for me to see fictional violence in general. Also, sometime the lighting is dark for me to see anything gruesome so there’s that going against it sometimes XD

    One horror movie I would recommend is a South Korean zombie movie called Train To Busan. It’s pretty good, and a far cry from the usual zombie movies that get made generally. It’s about a father trying to keep his daughter safe during a zombie Apocalypse, and it has special place in my heart because of that. At least for me, it came off as more thrilling than it did scary. If you want something straight up weird, well, that’s this 1977 Japanese movie called House. It is so weird you’ll be laughing at points questioning if you’re even watching a real horror movie hahaha.


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