It’s a BOOMING August + Partly September Post – A – Rama !!

Overdue is overdue right? 
But this Post – a – rama is more booming than last month’s at least


Noone needs to tell me this was late. 

I do apologise again and also that no Friday feature came out, it was finished just not scheduled for the right day. This will be corrected for next week. Anyway during August and part of September what is featured here, only is what I read. But when this goes out I’ve read fair bit more since this time. There was some great content as well, I’m seeing more collaborations recently which is becoming a reoccurring thing.

It’s been an up and down time with blogging and things in general last three or 4 months I talked about in my blog update. It feels good now to be back on track wth things, with a fresh approach. Damn well does and only expect surprises of content till the end of the year, I have planned. You all know what I’m like but enjoy this Post – A – Rama and part 2 will come first or second week of October probably sometime. 




If any anime posts can catch my attention it’s unknown anime. Rai and Gloria teamed up for a awesome collaboration. Discussing unknown anime they feel should be known more. I saw Shugo Chara in this list, that is a magical girl that is NEVER talked about anymore. Check out the girl’s awesome post and learn a new series to add to your watch list.




Spreading the love of Shugo Chara, Gloria writes an adorable piece of the series good and bad points. Summarising it is a breathe of fresh air magical girl series. Anyone can easily give into. Love magical girl, you need to check out Shugo Chara!! 



Antagonists need as much attention as protagonists, we can’t bad guys as just bad guys. It’s good to humanise these characters much as any other character which is what KimiSama describes in their discussion post. I agree with everything they stated in their post, that deemed ‘the villains, bad ones’ deserves character depth – much as any other.



In the game blogging will fall off the bad wagon from time to time. Remy expresses in his short post which was a refreshing read to be honest. Restating the factor blogging is about “Write for yourself, not just your audience”. Wise old Remy at best.



Lucifer wrote a personal and interesting view point on his anime watch-alongs with fellow anime people from the past. I’ve never come across in blogging someone talking about this topic and enjoyed the personal read.



Idol shows? They are not for everyone but what if there ones doing more things right than wrong? That’s what Aya discusses in her review of Idolish 7. This series had been on my watch list, reading Aya’s thoughts. Discussing the series ability letting every character have a chance to shine and fleshing out well their personalities. Great read.



Apart from reading anime posts, I do read other pop culture posts. The new muppet movie is one I’ve been wanting to see for a while. Reading Jon’s humorous thoughts on this naughty puppet title, was funny and definitely to watch this before end of the year.



A anime classic film to see you’ll be recommended over and over is Ninja Scroll. Jenn’s opinionated thoughts on the film, are something to make you laugh in a good way. This is film is not what I expected it to be after reading Jenn’s post. Full of lots of sexual graphicness that was surprising. Jenn’s goes into detail in her post just make you wary if you decide to check it out!



These days in blogging seeing more blogger collaborations is so good. Great example is recent one from Raistlin and Arthifis. Exploring in conversations, how they both approach when replying to peoples blog comments. The idea is there an art to blogging? It is a very interesting read and great collaboration idea. Good on you two!!




It’s a shame Manhua or web comics are talked about enough in general. Coming across Eumiiboo short review on shoujo manhua Lan chi, was a refreshing post to see in my reader. I’ve been getting into webcomics more and more, this is title that will be my next read for. Definitley check out this review if you are been curious about Manhua and web comics in general.


A post I came across that couldn’t have agreed more with was from Kurumi. In her passionate post of her love of character Deku from Boku no Hero, why is best shounen start in the genre. She’s hits the nail on the head, capturing all the adoring things about Deku and his path towards becoming a Hero. Definitely a post to read.



Ever since watching Amanchu in 2016 my feelings have changed about the genre. There are slice of life series that explore more than just about every day life. As Jack brings this point across of the slice of life genre, exampling certain series that differ from the stigma stuck with slice of life. Refreshing read to see on the slice of life genre and reminder for me to write mine.



I was excited when Scott dove into a favourite 90s series of mine His and Her Circumstances. He pretty nails what this series is all about, fantastic coverage on two main characters Arima and Yukino. I just enjoyed reading his thoughts on this one, definitely check it out !!



If there is a blogger whom knows about architectural anything it’s Hazel. Her segment Ani-reality is one segment always worth checking out as she looks at Attack On Titian real life inspirations, taken from real life. A very informative and educational read to check out !!




I love it when bloggers explore think outside the box which is what Moongoose did. Exploring in their post the significant representation of holding hands, this was a really great read. I had a moment hitting me, that this something no blogger had explored yet and definitely worth your read.



Any post title or description has the words ‘old anime’ you know I’m there. Ahoge Girl wrote a list of three 90s shows you shouldn’t be missing out on. All three selections fully agree with, for their own individual reasons and she gives compelling arguments as to why you should watch these series.



Don’t you hate it when your into a series… then something puts you off it? Anna describes this very thing while watching Summer 2018 series Happy Sugar Life. Best as she explains it’s a crazy mess this series but Anna can’t help but want to continue. Reading her post reminded me when I watched Cross Ange, feeling as exactly as Anna did.




The title of this post caused me to click on it on honesty “Matsuri Sociopathic”. It was a humorous post and reminder still need to write my thoughts on Citrus. Ktulu writes a strong review on Citrus pointing out equally the series good and bad points, from it’s melodrama factor to Mei’s strong convictions. This review shared a lot of the my feelings about this series.



Doesn’t mean all of these posts are from these months. Back last June Miandro wrote a great piece on Guilty Crown. He was a-taken of the series exceptional writing centring on trust among the characters. It’s been some years seeing this series and this one thing I did pick up on – was great to see someone else did.




This one is for the game lovers. Naja has made her comeback with her Thursday segment Thrifty gaming, presenting three games from current 2018 that won’t blow your budget. Check this out if your a game lover for sure!!



Finally this went up oh my god!!


This is a been a very long overdue Post – a – rama. This is all I read over August and part of September. I’ll be doing a part two September as well because I wish to do a bigger one. I know some people had been missing this segment but here it is. Please as always go check out all the awesome content from amazing bloggers in this community.

I’ll see you all for part 2 at the start of October !! 



  1. Thank you so much for featuring the post from Arthifis and me amongst this truly wonderful collection of posts. Really kind of you to do this. And I second Karandi’s comment, I also look forward to the next one 😊😊


  2. Hi Lita, thanks for mentioning Gloria and my post 😀

    And as always, thanks for sharing all of these awesome posts!! It’s a great way to discover new bloggers :3


  3. Thanks for the mention, and you enjoyed it! Makes the fact I basically started from scratch twice while on that post all the more worth it! Can’t wait to get around reading these other posts as well!


  4. Gotta check out as many of these posts as possible (I’d say “all”, but I know I haven’t seen some of the related shows).

    To be honest, I did have an Idolish7 post lined up way back in May, but it was associated with something I haven’t been given the OK about so it’s been half-written for a while now…


  5. Woah! So many posts!

    Small correction, though I do appreciate the inclusion, the film review you have from my site is actually authored by my contributor Jacob so if you could mention that he and I would greatly appreciate it 🙂 He does a LOT of my film reviews so usually they are from him and not me. Still awesome to be included though 😀


  6. Great posts you were able to pick! Need to go and read some of them myself since it seems it passed over my head 😦 Thank you so much for including my collab with Raistlin ^.^


  7. I know due to anxiety and depression issues Anna has yet to thank you for putting her review of Happy Sugar Life on here but it meant a lot to her to know someone enjoyed reading it so we’d like to thank you for making her week!

    Liked by 1 person

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