First Introduction: Waiting For Spring



It’s ironic I picked up this random shoujo title as it’s just turned spring in the aussie land but it was a very sweet read, liked it more than I thought I would.


Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Sports 
Published: 2017
Volumes: On – going
By: Anashin





First Look  

It’s been a while reading any romance anything, Waiting For Spring was what I’d been waiting for -see there terrible pun. The story focuses on insecure Mitsuki, whom like anyone struggles to open herself to other people. This all changes when she befriends four basketball boys Towa, Rui, Kyousuke and Ryuuji. Beginning the first few pages found myself immerse already, which I didn’t understand. Mitsuki main girl there is nothing special about her, in her characters introduction. Trying to adjust in a new school and set up ‘I’ve got no friends’. An easy winner to grab you which works every time people.

In Mitsuki case she got me good because of her exposed vulnerability and insecurity. Throughout the first volume in every awkward situation, I loved seeing her frantic and random thoughts racing million miles an our. Learning what misconceptions and good come with in the meaning of ‘friendship’. This was something openly honest about her character especially Mitsuki’s building friendship with the boys.

Our basketball boys are likeable enough, one particularly stands out Ryuuji is hysterical. It was few pages in and recalling this hilarious scene, that made me love the dude – he is a oblivious one. If you start reading this and get to what I’m talking about, you’ll be laughing. Towa despite seeing his character type “quiet but I’m a softy underneath”, seen too many of his type. How he interacts with Mitsuki and there mini moments, it’s really sweet and had me swooning over.

One thing I already love about Waiting For Spring is the artwork, beautifully detailed and captivating. Especially in the characters facial expressions, Mitsuki one’s in particular make her look adorable. After reading volume one Waiting For Spring stumps me as is this a reverse harem?. Towa seems the obvious choice Mitsuki will go with but honestly would just be nice, keeping friendship with all the boys. I love how the boys and Mitsuki interact together, it’s feels natural and warming. The most thing in the next few volumes I’d want to see is their friendship grow. Waiting For Spring was a funny sweet read for volume one and I can’t get enough of the artwork, really beautiful.


Kino Enjoyment: 


I was in the mood for romance and it delivered.




Fair to say I’ll be continuing this title, it was a sweet read and felt good to read an romance. I had been missing very much. It was ironic when picking this up it’s Spring time in Australia now, which sounds weird to others probably.

Feel free to comment below if you have read this manga title, Did you find this title sweet? Feel free to recommend me manga titles and I’ll be more than happy to do first impressions.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



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