Free! Adrenaline Ability

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I’ve been reeking the benefits since joining the gym, Free wifi = all the anime catch up. Finally nearly all caught up with Free! season 3 which has been amazing recently. One of the episodes captured something about Free! I absolutely love, music people.


Can I guess if your reading this your a Free! fan? Good stuff. If your curious in my meaning of ‘Adrenaline Ability’ better keep on reading.

Next to Banana Fish I’ve been keeping up with this summer season. Free! season 3 was a must watch for me, reeling the fact it’s even airing right now. Never thought we would get another season but here it is. It has been an amazing ride so far, our swimmer boys delving into new directions for themselves. Plus the strong focus on swimming. What’s always been a true stand out with Free! in all the seasons, I’ve harped on about is the music. The uses of interesting mixed variations between fast-paced electronic and urban tracks for high energetic scenes . While subtle, softer tone tracks for powerful, emotional scenes. Free! most powerful pull comes from it’s music is it’s swimming scenes, full of high energy causing such a rush to watch. Whenever watching these particular scenes it sends a burst of adrenaline, that I find entrancing.

There was a moment during episode 5 in season three that perfectly examples in a nutshell, the powerful pull of Free!’s music, creating such adrenaline atmosphere.



Episode 5 focuses on Iwatobi past swim club members Nagisa and Rei. Their team along with new members Romio, Shizuru and Ayumu participate in a training camp alongside other high school teams. At the training group Romio is reminded of past middle school memories, where during a race he false started, ever since this has placed fear in him, That he will mess up again. Towards the end of the episode the ending sequence how Romio comes to overcome this fear is powerful and pulls you in.

When the swimmers come to take their mark, a slow tempo, electric beat comes in.  Shizuru and the others swimmers take off and the music pace begins to pick up when camera angel focuses on Romio. Him looking over at the crowd cheering from left to right with in-time beats playing and setting up an infectious atmosphere. 



Singular angle focus such as Romio clenches his fist, is where beat really begins to pick up and found my excitement levels rising. The crowd cheering, mood is feeling high, as Nagisa enters the water, the music tempo changes immediately when Rei touches Romio’s shoulder. Fast-paced beat continues along with now a electric guitar. Rei ensuring Romio that all the team is behind him and give all he has got. This a perfect moment to me, in change of music pace, it emanated Rei’s genuine support for Romio with a powerful backing.

Soon as Rei takes off the electric beat keeps constant, leaving me squirming with much anticipation for what was being set up to smack with a emotional bang.



Music takes a slight mellow drop as Romio’s time comes up. Romio reflects up to this point of his teammates encouragement and support, working toward the same thing. Including Sousuke’s advice. Fast electric music comes back in right on cue when Rei is about to make the handover towards Romio, this is actually a tension part. The guitar comes back in and the fast-paced electric music unites together, creating surge of excitement rush. 



Back and forth angles to Rei coming up fast and focus on a nervous Romio just in perfect sync with the continually rising atmospheric music. I love how with the elevating music, nothing was rushed, focusing on Romio’s mindset, how he was feeling, preparing himself. You could feel Romio’s emanating rising, anxious emotions along with the music. Resonating with him, Sousuke’s stuck words “What’s your reason to diving in”? Without this gushing, powerful music, to go along with such words, might not make impact for you with Romio’s situation. It made impact alright on me, I was on the edge of my seat in this moment, waiting for Romio to just go for it, the wait was such a tease.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 8.57.50 pm
The unifying electric melodies are reaching max output, as your kept in anticipation more Romio has a brief moment about to take off, then doesn’t. The music drops slightly in sync with Romio’s near take off then it’s just:

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 8.58.01 pm


We get 1,2,3,4 and music reaches it’s adrenaline climax, full bore of guitar and electric sounds. It’s a well-planned build up to when Romio finally dives in. This amazing sequence electrifying music and Romio’s anguish emotions just work in perfect harmony. Making such a powerful impact on a secondary character like Romio. This scene demonstrates in my eyes Free!’s ability, how to handle, make these little adjustments with it’s varied, urban, electric music. Making it look effortlessly for such an adrenaline explosive impact.


I need those Free OST and fast, you have no idea what I’m going through right now.

What do you think is the best thing about Free!, apart from the hot bodies? Is it the music, boys bond? Let me know down in the comment pool!!

I’ll see ya’ll in the next post !! Lita 2.0 is here !!



  1. I have always loved the Free! soundtrack and this season has just gotten even better. I’ve even noticed a few remixes of songs from previous seasons this time around. The soundtrack is definitely one of my favorites parts of this show as well though. After all the shirtless boys, of course lol

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      1. I bought the soundtrack for Iwatobi last year and just got Eternal Summer’s in the Mail. Let’s just say that my car rides to university are much more exciting (and surprisingly chill too) than what they used to be!


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