First Introduction: The Water Dragon’s Bride



It’s been forever since writing an first impression for any manga, since January. My recent library trip had picked up a mix of newer and older titles. Among those first read was Rei Toma’s latest work The Water Dragon’s Bride.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Published: 2017
Volumes: On – going
By: Rei Toma




First Look

My first introduction into Rei Toma’s work was Dawn Of Arcana, which is a personal favourite for me till this day. Focusing on a princess, an outcast in her family having to marry a delinquent prince, really thrilling story. Since the announcement of her latest work The Water Dragon’s Bride last year, getting a Northern American release. Truly was ecstatic to dive into this title, it’s been so long since seeing anything from Toma. Absolute bonus that my library has all the up to date volumes.

The premise of The Water Dragon’s Bride is fairly straight forward, Asahi young girl is taken to another world, where she becomes the sacrifice for the water god. Only, then the water god taking a shine to Asahi and making her his bride, when older. Fairly simple premise right?… Once getting into the first few pages to my surprise the story takes a deep dark plunge.

The struggles in the first volume Asahi goes through, becoming a sacrifice for the water god, dragged to strange world, taunted by the water god. Its shown in vivid, detail creating this suspenseful atmosphere while your reading. Nothing lets up for Asahi soon as she enters this strange world, facing the grim reality. How selfish and malicious the world can be and the people in it. I’m not sure what age you would pin Asahi around ten, but it was daunting on me the early trauma this girl has already experienced. It’s ONLY the first volume, haha. This isn’t a happy tale of a girl going to another world and living happily with the water god, it’s just not.

There could be fought affection for Asahi as meeting young Subaru who finds Asahi, when she enters the strange world. The two become acquainted well with each other already, Subaru becomes smitten fast. Subaru comes to Asahi aid every time even when Subaru’s evil mother will do anything to get rid of her. As for the water god, he’s as cold as you can get, with no real care for the human race, seeing mundane humans as nothing but entertainment for him. A fight over Asahi looks to be happen maybe later in the other volumes, we shall see.

The Water Dragon’s Bride is first manga reads in forever, a premise has deceived me. But, these kind of reads always make for an exciting read, got me pining for me. How this story will go, What will happen Asahi?, Will she forget her past life, when grown up? Ahh I need to know, luckily volume two have already among my borrow library haul. Volume one was a thoroughly surprising read and interesting tale from Rei Toma, makes me want to go re-read Dawn Of Arcana. Which eventually I’ll cover in a post but The Water Dragon’s Bride certainly I’ll be continuing.

Kino Enjoyment:


I’ll always put an image here to indicate my enjoyment factor just for fun.




You can expect many more first manga impressions over the course of September. I went a bit crazy at the library borrowing wise, haha. Least I’m fulfilling reading more manga as one of my goals for this year. If at the least, I can achieve this then I’ll be happy.

Feel free to comment below if you have read this manga title, Did you find it surprising as I did? Feel free to recommend me manga titles and I’ll be more than happy to do first impressions.

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. Sounds like another typical day for a young heroine in a fantasy manga XD. That water god sounds very cold indeed. Wonder what he’ll do to Subaru if he interferes. Haven’t read this, but will keep an eye out for it.


  2. I’ve been curious about the plot of this manga/also drama, but I had NO IDEA the protag was so young… This isn’t for me, I don’t think, now that I know the specifics, but I’m so glad you wrote about it so I could have more info! Thanks!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve only read the first volume and I think she grows into an adult in the next volume. Time skip plays a role in this manga is what I’ve been told. so I’ll let you know once I’ve read the second volume. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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