Motivation Is A Good Thing But Also Burden


OKAY…  GOT THE MOTIVATION I’m ready to write. Hours of overthinking, the paper or computer document is still blank. Pity motivation doesn’t grown on trees for us bloggers and we can just pick at it. 


  It’s up and down time being a blogger, you’ll have random bursts of creativity, write like crazy. Churning out endless content the flip side. You’ll be in slump mode but make a come back. Bloggers, writers always make a comeback, we’re all a highly-motivated bunch whom never waver…



what happens behind the scenes

Well we know this is a load of crap.


Reading Sir Meliodas post their struggle with motivation in writing. Had me reflecting upon my current un-motivational spell myself as I’ve mentioned last post. My blog and writing recently had taken a nose dive past month or so. Pent up stress started crawling upon me about all these posts, had yet to even write. Finally when the time came, having some free time to write something. All that motivational over-thinking of what I wanted to write. It disappeared and avoided writing. Motivation is good to have when you want to accomplish something, gives you drive. It also will backfire if you begin to overthink about the things you need to write, that you have not yet. Then all that rush of motivation inside of you will be gone.

Forced motivational over-thinking is a bloggers ultimate enemy. 



This hit me on the regular basis behind the scenes. The motivation will be there in wanting to write over-due posts, not having the chance to get around to. Sometimes coming to sit at the computer, open up a new word press post, all that constant overthinking. About what post should I write first results in not wanting to write a damn thing. This is where motivation will back fire every writer, blogger, every time. Every blogger, writer goes through this no matter how much content their churning out, no-one is exempt from this fact. If your someone that finds motivation to write is not a ever a burden for you, power to you.

Fact is not all bloggers will the same as you about motivation. That’s not a bad thing.

Every blogger in this blogging community I’ve gotten to know so far. It’s an undeniable fact, everyone has a love for writing. It’s not always going to be smooth sailing when your pursuing a hobby in blogging, takes a lot of time to put into. Common plague of thoughts that hit me regarding when I’m motivated to write. Focusing about what I’ve not written instead of, thinking about what is it I’m in the mood to write about. It’s the worst way to approach writing for your blog.

I’m telling you as a fellow blogger when you come to your computer next to write. Think about for a second what your in the mood to write. Overthinking about the posts I’ve not written yet in combination with motivation already there. demotivation is indefinite to hit you. To try and tackle this problem I’ve had with blogging recently, making a list of when I want to write. I’ll only take out that list when I’m in the mood to choose something from it, who cares whenever happen each post will happen.

Blogging should be a relieving experience to zone out from every day things. Immerse yourself in what your currently feeling or wishing to write. I was not doing this for a past three months, this is not a healthy approach. Which is why I wanted to just vent my feelings on this issue and hope be an eye open for others.

I hear others saying blogging shouldn’t be ever stressful like this but this problem had never hit me till these past three months. Feel like I’ve already rectify the problem with doing this post just like Melodias did for himself.


Sorry this was a bit of an up and down post but just needed to get it out. When you got something to say, say it unless it’s…. you hate desserts. Then I can’t know you, haha.

Please do comment below if you have run into this similar problem yourself. How did you get passed this? Do you write much easier now by not overthinking about what you have not written?

Writing after posts like this will be much easier I feel as per usual. Lita has some fun plans.

I’ll see you all next post!! 



  1. Hmmm I need to think a little bit about this one! 😀 I mean, yes there were times I had a lot of different topics I wanted to talk to and didn’t know which one to attack first.

    But, it never was a stressful thing for me. In fact, quite the contrary. It reassures me that I have other topics to write sooner or later which means that if there is a time where I’m blocked and can’t think of any topic to talk to, at all, then I’ll have those to pick 😛

    So, I think that would be my advise? Think about it as, “Good, there’s a lot to pick and even if I don’t write it right now, there will be other times that may just come in use” instead of stressing about wanting to put everything out at the same time…

    Great post ^.^

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    1. I knew this topic some bloggers might not stress or worry over this sort of thing. But as a person I do when it comes to blogging so this was more of a vent for me personally but Thankyou 🙂

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  2. THIS WAS EXACTLY THE POST I NEEDED TO READ. Just this morning, in fact, I published a brief update about my lack of blogging motivation (or rather, that it comes and goes in spurts). I think focusing on what you want to write in the moment vs. dreading all the things you haven’t written was a huge takeaway from this post. Glad to hear I’m not alone during these past couple months!

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  3. Cultivating motivation can be very delicate, like you said, you can easily burn out in trying to motivate yourself to write something, which is why I emphasized both inspiration and motivation, as I beleive if you are inspired to write something motivation will follow.

    As result, its very important to find a purpose to write rather than writing because you’re 2-3 weeks late or because you’re stressing about all the post you haven’t written. This approach will lead to either a blank page, or cancelled drafts, speaking from experience. This post really came through in illustarting that fact and I love how you found another aspect in cultivating motivation from reading my post. This was a great read, and thanks for the mention 🙂


  4. Well…as you know I have had a hiatus earlier this year. It could not be helped, because I know that if I had not taken it, I would have quit blogging after two or three weeks more, and would have never returned. I love blogging, in fact I don’t see myself living without it anymore, but I have never tried to for instance stick to a schedule. I just know that when I do that, and for some reason am not able to stick to it, I would only feel more stress. So…the biggest thing with blogging is that you are supposed to be having fun. I think we have all had days when you just can’t find the correct motivation to write something. And you know what? That’s just fine! It’s your blog…and my experience is when you take a small breather and get back to a post later on…you will totally find that motivation again 😊 This was a great post, and I think a lot of people can relate to it 😊😊


  5. I think because mostly with articles and the like I’ve predrafted them fairly far in advance, except when I’m just completely inspired to write something, I don’t tend to not know what to write. I write what I’m in the mood for at the time and then once a post is ready I schedule it for the next available week, or if I’m really excited about it I’ll move it up the schedule and bump something that needs some more work back a bit.
    Episode reviews are a different story but then I’m reacting to something I’ve just watched so I usually have something to say.


  6. I’m currently in a phase like that right now. Knowing the urge to want to write, but once you open your laptop, or computer with the opportunity to write, the mind is just blank. Simply trying to force yourself to write isn’t the answer. You gotta feel it. If that means you’ll be posting less than it’s a worthy payoff to get back into the groove of blogging. Last thing you want is make a hobby you love become something you dread. Hope you’ll find that motivation, and push you need to keep on blogging.


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