The Beast Filled The Weakened Heart


Last week decided to begin making my way through my off the shelve anime, I hadn’t rewatched or seen. As my anime watching has been all over the place, a Mamoru Hosoda movie was a good place to start.

My blogging game has been way off pace, mentioning few times now. Behind it all past couple of weeks coming to my computer, to write. The desire was not there for some reason, then myself walking away, haha. The wanting to just binge crap, knowing needed something to give me a lift. Randomly scoping my shelve had totally forgot about buying The Boy And The Beast earlier this year.

Hilarious Pair lol

Few years it’s been watching anything by the amazing
Mamoru Hosoda who has given memorable titles I adore – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars. Each movie I’ve seen by this director, his ability to always give us resonating story – you’ll find personal reminisce in. The Boy And The Beast focuses on individuals duo Kyuta (formerly Ren) and brute Kumatestu, at first blind to the fact there one in the same. The relation of feeling outcasts, through the course of things – begin to grow fond of one another. At the beginning the film felt rushed in the meeting of Kyuta and Kumatestu, felt the focus on distraught young Ren. All in one pouring shot, broken boy loosing his mother, running away – hating everything. This focus felt forced upon you, right off the bat. The movie didn’t have the strongest start because of this for me.

Once Kuyta and Kumatestu bond began to slowly form is when I felt invested. The talented voices of John Swansey as Kumatetsu and Luci Cristian (kid Ren), Eric Vale as adult Ren were a perfect match. There wasn’t a moment I was not laughing whenever Kumatetsu and Ren began arguing, it made me love their interactions even more. Hearing John Swansey using a deep, grunt vocal approach to play Kumatestu was a surprise, going from playing the commander in the Aquarion Franchise – commanding regal role. The man can do it all. Luci Cristian as a kid was funny to hear honestly and Eric as adult Ren, portrayed well a mature Ren but with some growing still to do.

The english cast was well-suited for all the characters specially Kumaetsu and Ren. Both of them are hot heads and patient levels are not the strongest. Eric and John capture the immaturity of these guys so well.

The Boy And The Beast was a fun movie, the most thing I loved about was Ren and Kumaestu both learnt so much – from one another. Gaining the feeling of knowing your needed, there is a place for you. Ren was the one that struggled most with his own identity, place of belonging. Evoking the message through the series fantasy setting which was cool – we all have a void that yearns to be filled. Ren became torn when meeting Kaede, finding his father whether he was human or apart of the beast world.

All of it was mass overload for Ren until the most warming moment in the film, struck me hard. Sealing in this one shot, filling a void you can’t fill yourself. It signified the bond Kumaestu and Ren had built together, it’s beautiful.  There is much you’ll relate to yourself with this fun film, though can’t it say will be my favourite by Hosoda. I’ll still rewatch in the future but characters like Kaede found one dimensional, just seeing her as ‘there’. Which is bad to say, wished Kaede’s character had more personality really wanted to like her, but no. Things felt awkward in Ren and Kaede’s standing of where there relationship was left, that was a bother too.

Doesn’t matter this was not my favourite by Hosoda it still is a good film. Certainly was a therapeutic watch I needed for myself honestly. It was funny, surprisingly powerful is what taking away from this fun tale. How this post turned out is not my usual style but I was not in the usual mindset to do this way.

Tell me if you have seen this movie yourself and what ‘s your favourite Mamoru Hosoda film? Mine still after all this time is Summer Wars still!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



    1. Think me and you are on the same page with this film then haha. It was different to what hosoda has done priorly but I loved the message behind the movie. Girl who leapt through time ughh gets me every time haha

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  1. The Boy & The Beast is a great film, but my favourite of Hosoda’s is definitely Wolf Children. Every one of Hosoda’s films has such a nice story to them, though. Certainly one of my favourite directors.

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  2. I really enjoyed this movie as well. It is such a wonderful movie that tells a very interesting and beautiful story. However, I do have to agree with saying that Summer Wars is my favorite Hosoda movie. This one is a close second, but Summer Wars is my favorite.

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