These 5 Cuties Know How To Break Me

The Gif above makes me laugh, too accurate. For when I’m in love with anything in practically. I’m in the mood to talk about cute things, there are some particular characters – that make me crumble within seconds.

It’s what cute things do, bring you to your knees.

This post really should be about Sailor Jupiter, is what you might think. Makoto is cute I’ve always thought but there are others that top her. Cuteness comes in different forms, ones who don’t have to do anything to themselves, you just find them cute. The ones you relate too well. The ones who are kick-ass, the ones who are cute you want to eat them up. The references are endless people but… there are cutes one who take no effect in breaking you. Here are mine then at the comment below, you can share yours with me. 



Chiskai Hiradaira


Nagi No Asukara is truly one of my favourite series ever.
A endless wave of drama and emotions, centring on a young group. Who deal with serious emotions at an age, you wouldn’t even have dealt with as a child. It’s a transitioning period of explosive love, like and change. Chisaki among the group, I connected with very strongly – as like me. We both don’t handle change very well. Chiskai treasured her friends dearly and endless thought of everyone drifting apart, not being friends in the future. It drove her mad, drives me personally mad when transitioning into anything new. Seeing this own trait about myself when it comes to change, through Chisaka’s character. It is like looking at your own reflection, dead on.

There is a massive plot twist half way through the series, which brings out even more – Chiskai’s feelings of hidden anguish. As she feels blame and guilt for events that transpired, which she couldn’t let go of. Chisaki is at heart an insecure individual, with the slightest change about tips her over the edge. Above all this, Chiskai is such a loving individual with a big heart, it’s this feature about her, has me caving quickly. One glance of Chiskaki’s adorable smile and bashful face when blushing, has me in awe with seconds.




Yes, it’s that face people. Yukine stole the show in Noragami for me, his cuteness factor sends me into overdrive. Apart from the factor, my love for this character is hard to contain. Yukine’s struggle during the series, grabbed from the get-go. I don’t see how it couldn’t honestly, in the desire Yukine craved to have things mundane humans take for granted. At periods Yukine’s childish desperation unravelling itself, might make Yukine appear only acting out – like a child would. An easy judgement to make but there was a relatable sense from his emotions. That was an undeniable pull to not feel some relation in the fact, jealously of others – Having things you don’t have. On top of this Yukine’s endearing attitude which beneath his childishness, that was there. Yukine broke me quickly, seconds man. His relatable pain and deadly shyness is what did it.



Lacus Clyne

From all the Gundam series I’ve seen so far, Lacus has always been favourite female from the franchise. Lacus in this list brings kick-ass to the word cute. There is no stronger female character I can think of that will remain righteous in her beliefs – no matter anything else. Lacus has some self belief within her strong ambitions, that I can only dream of having that courage and gumption. Throughout Lacus remaining adamant of doing what she can within her power, to bring change to the war. It’s bloody inspiring, while others were lost in their own personal battles. Lacus continued to grow stronger, till by the end, she was something to acknowledge. Lacus is a deadly cutie, will be able to swoon you with those passionate eyes and kind nature. All the while when push comes to shove she’ll do what needs to be done. I love this woman so much, if she can be a reason for you to give Gundam Seed. You won’t be disappointed.



Ikki Kurogane

I’ll have an Ikki to go please? This will be the most surprising choice for this list. Chivalry of A Failed Knight was not a series, personally was not expecting to love so much. For it’s genre it does what I’ve seen others series fail to give, actual good story and strong romance. Ikki is your typical good two shoes, but this respectful manner and humbleness, is what grabbed me. Ikki has quite the past and is an individual that mustered all the strength to stand on his two feet. His interactions with love interest Stellar showed off the best qualities about Ikki’s character. He is the good guy but while not always giving into people’s demands, having a sense of proud pride. But not to taken into a arrogant way. The title of this series is damn wrong, failed knight? More like valiant Knight, in my eyes at least.

There is always one on every list, that is there for eye candy. Ikki it is, sorry not sorry.




Someone on the level of cute with Yukine is Amy from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. Seriously, this girl could be the light of your life, bringing such happiness. That is what she did for main Ledo during the series. Showing Ledo that there was much to life, you could make your own choices. Not relying on following someone’s orders constantly. Amy changed Ledo for the better, her infectious excitement about anything really. It’s rubs off you quickly, one smile from Amy. Makes the cookie crumble, made me in the process crumble, haha. Amy is just such a happy soul, that I wouldn’t want tainted and I just love her!



Cutie hell hurts the cheeks.


There you have it, my five personal cuties which can break me within seconds. Would love if down below tell me what cuties break you? Next moments you go scrolling through tumblr, fanfic or what not. To get over your fix on them, but then it happens again and again.

At this point my blog game is still slow, but look HOORAY for an actual post!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. If we’re going for cute, it’s pretty much Mii-kun. I’ve never really been into cute, but that little bundle of bandages just had me tilting my head and going ‘aw’ at the screen ever single week.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ikki sure is respectable, but I did not consider him as being cute in a way that would break me 😮
    Eru Chitanda and Hatoko Kushikawa would be my couple of choice who broke me… My heart can’t remain fortified with Hatoko’s rant in particular :’S.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That’s fair enough dear he breaks me, that’s all that matters haha. Hyouka I’ve seen the first episode and Chitanda had me hooked to get from the get go. oh god her curiosity in everything is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I would have added her on here if I had seen the full series.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmm…good question. If it’s about cute: right now I am watching March comes in like a lion. And I have to say Momo is just so incredibly adorable. Every time she enters a scene, she makes everything light up 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The two anime are kind of iffy, but at least you can still experience the Negi-ness.
        Also, that post I mentioned before that you might be interested in went up today. Didn’t want you to miss it but I forgot to tag you.

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  4. For me, it would be Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura. I find her to be an endearing character with her kind hearted nature, and cheerful personality makes her a joy of a character to follow. Whenever I see her sad it broke my heart several time to be honest hahaha. Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the things in general that got me to tear up, and a lot of that is because Sakura is so likable. When it comes to cute characters for me, no one beats her since besides being cute, I also like her as a character, and the growth she goes through in the series.

    There are other characters I did find cute like Misaki Suzuhara from Angelic Layer, and Iki Hiyori from Norgami, but not the same extent. I do enjoy seeing them whenever they appeared, but I don’t care for them as much. And then there’s also the characters I find cute, but don’t like. There’s Minoa Asagaya from Animegataris whose I find annoying at times, but ah, her dawn cutesy design. There’s also Suzuko Homura from Selector season 3 & 4 which is a utter moron, but again, I think she’s kinda cute XD.

    In general though, cuteness is something that usually doesn’t get my attention. Once every full moon though, there’s an exception to that appears.

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  5. “Amy changed Ledo for the better…”

    That’s a great measure, isn’t it? And Amy really changed Ledo…

    For me, it was Felli Loss. She had this amazing combination of power and vulnerability that even now (years after the series ended), I still remember her character fondly.

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