It’s A Late June + July Post – A – Rama

We got the big boom factor this end overdue post a rama!!


BOOM BOOM!! sounds more exciting me saying this !!

End of June and July Post – A – Rama is all about. I’ve been overdue with this but I took my time playing catch up, didn’t get far, haha, 

Want to watch K – on because this character clearly loves their tea.

Oh my goodness.

Can’t tell you how good it feels to be finally doing this overdue post people. It’s time to grab a cuppa and take a back seat – for me anyway. June and July were up and down months for me unexpectedly but I’m glad it’s a new month. Being kept busy has resulted in my lack of reading people’s post and I’m still even behind. Do yourself a favour as a fellow blogger, just don’t worry about being behind on reading other’s post. You read posts when you have that spare minute. Not worth the stress over trust me.

This week, I’ve tried getting back into the blogging Jam among juggling other hobbies. Told myself, I’m not letting this blog or youtube channel be put on the back burner no longer – like in June and July. New month, new start is how I see it. Which it feels really good even, being able to sit down and write this honestly.

Going to keep this intro short and sweet, as I’m excited for you read the content I managed to come across June and July. Not all I could get to comment on, which is another thing need to rectify.

Without further or do, let’s see the goodies !!!



Pride Month: My Favourite Yuri Anime And Manga By Rai’s Anime Blog 

June is known as Pride month and is important to many people. Rai who resonates with this theme personally, she discusses her favourite Yuri in anime and manga. This personal lists are always such a fun read, and learning new perspective about such bloggers. This post got me easily as I’m a fan of the Yuri genre myself, If you are, read this cutie list. 


Album Review: Full Moon o Sagashite: Full Moon Final Live By Daiya Manga 

Full Moon is a manga I read last year, which surprised me. I have yet to see the anime but reading Krystal’s review on the anime songs from main soundtrack – sound pretty. The way Krystal describes in detail some of the tracks, sounds really interesting. Making it sound for a soothing listen. Plus it was bonus to read such a post talking about soundtracks and detail Krystal went into. Hope she continues to do anime album posts like this, let her know if you would like this too. Because I certainly do.



Self-Care Sunday: Conquering Loneiness With Things That Make Me Smile By BibiloNyan 

In the last three months Nyan is a new blogger I’ve come to befriend. Nyan’s pure honest nature in her post is mind blowing, a blogger who is not afraid to put themselves out there. Nyan’s Sunday series focused mental health is a fantastic blog series, they have. This personal piece, Nyan goes deep and just puts a smile on your face reading – of what makes her happy. To help them conquer the negative, a very encouraging read indeed. 



The Rape Trope In Yaoi – A Very Personal Post By Lina

There are those post that just leave you lost for words. Lina certainly did that here, while reading her very personal piece. Tying in the relation of Lina’s dislike for the rape troupe used in an romantic setting – in the yaoi genre. Opening up a side of herself, which is a raw Lina, honest to the core. I applaud her bravery with this post, power to you girl !!




20 Questions Review Of Citrus By Anime Q and A 

Matt is another blogger discovered during June. They have a fun blog style using the good old ’20 questions’ game. Matt discusses the misguided Citrus, as this series is painted like other Yuri anime. They equally go over the good and bad about Citrus but in a fun, fair way.




5 Reasons To See Maquia On The Screen By Sophie’s Japan Blog 

Sophie’s blog is one, I’ve followed for a long time. This post is overdue now but still nice short read in 5 reasons to check out Maquia. Sadly I missed the chance of seeing this film but Sophie’s, makes me so intrigued to see it.



Where are the Aces? Asexual Representation in Anime By A Nerdy Perspective 

Sam is another blogger, I’ve come to befriend, lovely girl. Sam opens up about her sexuality and the representation anime interoperates through various characters. Another personal piece that made me feel like, I got to know Sam better and individuals views on sexuality.



Good Reviewers Vs Good Writers By I Drink And Watch Anime 

Who doesn’t know Irina now, haha. Posts coming out right, left, this read was one of those that make you think. Think about your own blog style, as Irina discusses the stigma of what a review should be. Were all different how we blog, Irina shares her personal views on this discussion.



How To Survive In A Mecha Anime Or Manga By On The Edge Of Enlightenment 

D.T Nova is not currently active on their blog at the moment. But, they squeezed out a humorous list you guys may enjoy. Someone such as who has seen various mecha anime, it was a hilarious read the obvious things, pointed out. You would not do if mecha were your real life. 



Pastel Idols & Space Magic: Magical Angel Creamy Mami Retrospective By Otaku She Wrote 

Old anime is my Jam no question here. Marion brilliant, informative piece on 80s Magical Angel Creamy Mami is something to read. I’ve never seen any 80s anime yet, yes shame on me. Marion goes into such detail about the history of this series, being the first to introduce magical girl mix with Idols. Definitely worth your read and great to see a blogger covering 80’s anime magic.



Wish I could have gotten through more posts.


Not a massive post a rama a my May one. I’ve already started up my August one as I plan to make this a big one. August is my comeback game to the blogging scene, so look out for many randoms pieces. Please do check out everyone in this monthly post – a – rama, as they were all fantastic reads. 

No usual Friday feature, decided was the perfect time to post my belated Post-A-Rama.

Happy weekend guys !! I’m actually looking forward to this one myself.

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



  1. I really think it’s great that you are doing this, and you have certainly gathered quite a number of absolutely wonderful posts here: Really enjoyed both Lina’s and Biblionyan’s posts as I though they were very brave to share something so personal. Not only that, but both are just two really extraordinary people! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lita, sorry for the late reply.

    Thank so you much for the mention 🙂 It always means a lot to me. And thanks for helping introduce me to other awesome posts and bloggers ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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