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Know when it takes you ages to get around watching a popular series? After finally watching it, your kicking yourself. WHY didn’t you see it sooner?. I’m kicking myself a little for not seeing this godly anime any sooner. *Reposting again due to wordpress not saving properly and having half my post missing*

Anime: Noragami And Noragami Aragato 
Published: 2015
Genre: Supernatural 
Producer: Bones
Episodes: 25 (4 Ovas) 

Unknown, nameless god Yato dream is to make a name for himself. Accepting people’s wishes for a measly 5 cents. Yato barely scraps by, without no shrine to call his own. High schooler Hiyori saves Yato from being killed. As a result Hiyori goes through a body experience, where she slips in and out. Discovering the existent of the near shore, where humans existence and the far shore. Lost souls and demons dwell. Taking on Hiyori’s wish to fix her body, Yato takes in a wandering human spirit Yukine, as his new regalia. 


Impactful Spirit World Set Up


Recalling Inu x Boku Secret Service was the last supernatural series I probably watched. That was two or three years ago, why so long?. There had been no such series that reeled me in. Back in 2015 one such series caused quite the buzz and it still holds up strong. All this time I’d purposefully put Noragami off, it’s plot didn’t sound interesting to me. Honestly if having the ability to transport in the past, I’d slap the me from back then, haha. The Japanese history of gods and spirits is something that has always fascinated me. Supernatural genre captures these aspects in such vivid perspective. Noragami spoke before in my episode focus post, it stretches the limits far. From the viewpoint of the afterlife, bringing us something impactful.

Similar to setup Shakugan No Shana, Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia which impacted me like Noragami with their afterlife focus. Noragami though drew it out further, through it’s characters inner struggles. These gods with past feelings, regrets that could not be left behind, wishing to not be forgotten. Expanding on the notion, that everything isn’t peaceful on the other side. Tying in the realm, the far shore where lost souls, full of regret and darkness become corrupted. This concept is nothing new when it comes to the supernatural genre but as saying before. Noragami expands this in a relatable sense that viewers will resonate with easily.

No supernatural series I’ve seen before has impacted me like Noragami has. On themes of living with such wasteful regrets, that hold you back. People take for granted about what they don’t have, stead of what they have. Noragami brought me to tears several times, this series makes impact indeed.

What’s In A Name? 

Noragami has given me a lot of tough call to fault on much of anything. It’s THAT good. Most surrounding thing that came up time and time again, which I’m surprised nobody has never brought up. The significance in a name, Doesn’t sound like a big deal right?. In Noragami it’s a big deal, as each god have a Regalia. bestowed by a god, a human soul. Most of these souls that become Regalia, are aimlessly wandering forever. This is where we get into the impact side, Noragami packs a punch. When Yato takes in wandering soul Yukine, but only a child, Yukine becomes defiant – deep inside filled with conflict and negativeness.

Yukine felt empty. Being dead, all that was left in Yukine, the feeling of never getting to experience the normal things. Graduating school, getting a job, fun with friends, watching others take advantage the life’s simple things. Yukine’s negative emotions put a strain on his friendship with Yato. Yukine was in a delicate state and it’s frustrating even in everyday, others not looking at what they already have. Made me burst into tears, Yukine feeling like he had no place, anywhere. This resonated with me closely, Yukine’s character made it worse. Apart from being cute as hell, Micah Solusod dub voice had me holy invested in Yukine’s character. His performance in Yukine dealing in such pain makes you look at nowadays, teens and children of today. Mental health for teens and children is more important than ever.

It takes Yukine time to feel purpose and confidence again for himself and balance in his friendship with Yato. It’s such a sweet moment recalling Yato saying to Yukine “Yukine is Yukine“, saying that’s your name. That your alive, you have friends, a place where you can still experience what humans do. Again had me in tears. Yukine wasn’t the only one, Yato also. Being a unknown god, in every wish fulfilled always ran the risk of being forgotten then. More than Yukine giving Yato meaning in his existence, Hiyori gave more meaning. Hiyori swearing she would not forgot Yato or Yukine, had significant impact, through her kind-nature and loveable personality.

The trio, Yato, Yukine and Hiyori together are a comedic bunch. I love how they interacted with one another, it was like a comedy show. Chemistry among them was strong and a bloody likeable bunch, love them so much. 

The significance of a name did not just mean a lot to Yato or Yukine. Also bad-ass god of combat Bishamonten. Unlike the other gods, Bishamonten has multiple regaila, in her unwillingness to see wandering spirits being attacked by phantoms. Regalia are more a tool of means, there family to her. It takes great mental endure of how many Regalia are in her family. Season two goes into more detail but Bishamonten at first didn’t tickle my fancy. But after fully watching the series, learning how of her own enduring pain – putting her family first. Bishamonten is beautiful soul on the inside and her arc was crafted so well. If she could just give me her regaila Kazuma, I’ll take him to go. Because, bless his soul the devotion he has for Bishamonten, such a sweetheart.

A name is not just a name in Noragami, It’s upholds everything a spirit is, knowing there not just a spirit. They’re still a person whether dead or alive. To be given new meaning and purpose means more to someone, that we could put into words.


Sick Beats And Action 

Infectious characters and fascinating story check. Noragami can’t do better no? WRONG. Like Nagi No Asukara and Free up there in my favourite original soundtracks, Noragami just made it’s way up there. This series has some wicked, sick beats that mesh well particularly in fight scenes. One of my favourite tracks “Noratan By Iwasaki Taku” as featured above, when this tracks comes on. It’s hard to not have your head bopping to it, fast paced, urban feel. The kind of music that will make my walks less boring. The whole OST soundtracks to both season one and two, like the Free OST ranges in soft-tone tunes to fast, upbeat. Using some crazy mixes, rap that mesh so well together.

To describe the Noragami OST soundtracks, hip hop and urban. All the music fits perfectly with Noragami’s modern day feel in this supernatural god-based setting, it’s in. Music check.. but wait. There is more, the action sequences in Noragami I found captivating. It was a cool concept each god having one sole or multiple regalia, each different abilities. Particularly loved watching Bishamonten in action with all her regalia, even when each god is hailing there speech before an attack. It was still cool. When fighting the phantoms kind of creeped me out a little, repeating all the time “That smells nice”. Ugh got shivers now.


Noragami Strong Supernatural


Before anyone asks me, yes Noragami is one I’ll be rewatching for years to come. Honestly not expecting to love this series, much as I did, it’s in my ranks of favourite supernatural. Noragami hits all high marks for a incredibly, infectious cast of characters. Where chemistry is strong, comedic gags are hilarious. Killer beats and action, but mostly making such a resonating impact. There is nothing that could I say negative about Noragami, really isn’t. Irina whom know loves this series will be pleased to hear this, haha. 

This is not a series you should let fool you with it’s premise. A god nobody in a jumpsuit with the goofiest personality, is not you plan on falling in with love a lot. Yato, Yukine and Hiyori were the rock of this series. There infectious, loveable characters, how there bond grew stronger – it was so heart-warming. Noragami packs the punch you might not be expecting, while standing strong within it’s supernatural elements.

Seriously can I get that Kazuma to go? *wink* Also 



Fun fact this post took me 3 hours to write. It was hard to put words together this time around, hope you enjoyed none the less. Noragami, certainly needs the love, so click off here and go watch this pack a punch supernatural.

Leave your high energy comments telling me how much you love Noragami? Do you think it’s a series to find fault in? Have I made you curious?

Look forward to more anime discussions like this for this next half year. I’ve been slacking in the anime reviews department. Oops.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. My bro felt a similar way when I showed him Noragami last year. He didn’t expect to like it, but eventually it won him over like it did me.

    Great post on this, really does the series strength justice. It got you more emotionally than it did me, but I still care about the characters. Hard not to like such a likable group of characters whom always stick together through the harshest of times. Bishamonten arc in season two is just great. Season 2 elevated everything I liked about season one, and took it to another level. I, and my bro, also desire a season 3! I need more Noragami damn it! It’s so good!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww Thankyou lucifer 😁 I spent like 3 hours on this post haha no clue why that long. Much to say.

      Everything about this series was beautiful and impactful. I was sold baby !!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmm….this post seems so familiar…It’s almost like I have read this one before. Naw…probably my imagination 😂😂
    Well…I think I said something like this: I have stopped making pictures of myself because I am covered in bruises these days. From all the times that I have kicked myself for not having watched something sooner. This one has fortunately already been placed on my to watch list, and I will probably get new bruises after I have seen this, for kicking myself again. Oh and I agree with Scott…your writing is very powerful indeed 😊😊 Hmm…even this comment sounds familiar….🤔🤔

    Liked by 1 person

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