Live To The Fullest Is Mentoring, You Know – OWLS July Mentor

Crazy dude.


Woho Guess who is back off hiatus? some crazy blogger girl who wants to be Sailor Jupiter in real life. What better way to come back with my entry for this July’s tour focus on “Mentor”. I have the best one of a kind mentor right here ?!? 


Feels good, getting back to the daily grind of things, after time away. I’ll slowly be taking my time getting back to regular blogging. Having the little break really was what I needed, to reanalyse my hobbies. What I have time for and don’t no longer, but what better way to come back than an OWLS Post. If you are not familiar with OWLS, we are a group consisting of bloggers and youtubers that cover topics such as race, disability etc. Through the pop culture medium, talking of important worldly topics.

Last month we looked at the topic of “Pride” where our members covered taking pride through our goals and achievements and LGTB themes. You can check out our tour for that here. July were looking at an important factor in life when it comes to learning of new things, through a “Mentor”. Matt started off our tour going down the nostalgic route about one of the best master/student relationship. Teaching us about the heart of the cards, Yugioh.


Throughout our lives, we might have encountered someone that we admired as a role model or has guided us in some life dilemma. This mentor could be a teacher at school, a coach, a boss or team leader at work, or a family friend. Whoever it is that person impacted your life in a positive manner. For this month’s OWLS topic, we will be writing about mentors or mentorships in anime and other pop culture media. Some topics we will be exploring include how a mentorship impacted a main character’s life, the types of mentor relationships a person could have, and/or personal stories about mentors or mentorships.



Pierce Through Life’s Wall Baby!

This month’s July topic were spoilt for choice, of the vast mentoring relationships in pop culture. We have wizard bond of Harry Potter and Dumbledore, Almighty and Deku from Boku No Hero. It was really hard choosing but having a look over my personal anime collection. One hit the on button for me, that was the perfect choice. I’m interested in what my other members approach to the topic of “Mentor” will be, when you think of the word, it’s obvious the thought master and student come to mind. But I wanted my direction to be different.

So how about a guy who has so much belief, confidence, and is plain crazy? He’s no teacher, boss just a guy with guts and gumption. It’s serious business when someone saids you’re doing yourself a disservice, for not having checked out this anime yet. I’m saying this now you are, about a beloved, over-the-top series, that makes an impact like you’d never expect. Who doesn’t know the series Gurren Lagaan among the anime masses? Truly one of the most popular series, you’ll hear brought up on the regular and with good reason.

First thing that is going to catch your attention in Gurren Lagaan, is Kamina’s character. This crazy character has such impact and influence throughout the series, like you wouldn’t think. Set in a futuristic earth ruled by a selfish king Lordgenome, humanity is forced to live underground. The story centred on lone driller, Simon who just drills holes and nothing more. Ambitious Kamina, is a guy who wants to make a name for himself, he manages to round up a group. Envisioning the idea of visiting the surface. 

Simon while drilling discovers a small machine ‘core drill’, shortly after attacked by gunmen. This assault resulting in Simon and Kamina using core drill mecha, making their break for the surface. Where after meeting rifle shot Yoko, that the surface is not as safe and great as anticipated. Gurren Lagaan is a captivating experience when watching, like nothing I’d experienced. It has such an infectious atmosphere from it’s over-the-top nature to loveable characters. Who touch you in so many ways, I’ll tell you Kamina will be one of those.

Kamina was no proper mentor, you would see him as a guy preaching his mind. It’s this preaching that makes you fall in love with his character. The influence and impact he has over Simon who in the beginning, weakly confident and no self belief. Kamina’s unwillingness to give in or up and genuineness is so heart-warming. Kamina was a guy who would settle for nothing less and do what it took to reach his ambitions. This made a special imprint on Simon, Kamina’s enthusiasm and essence seeped into Simon’s confidence. Transforming Simon into a Kamina replica by the end.


Most famous quote you’ll come to learn

Kamina to me is the best kind of mentor, showing to not settle for anything less. Feel fully satisfied in life not half. We miss great opportunities because we lack the confidence and self belief to just go for it, were scared. People like Kamina who have that self confidence or energy become our best remedy on this issue. It wasn’t until meeting one of my old best friends at the time, her infectious enthusiasm. Got me to do things like go for night drives at 1am, be out all hours of the night. Do things never thought would think I’d do ever, be a rebel really, haha!

Don’t know about you Kamina got it down pact right. What it takes to have some self belief. It’s hard for me to put into words about the impact Kamina had over Simon. You need to watch Gurren Lagaan for yourself, If you’ve never seen it. Click off this post and go watch it, trust me the show will show you better than my words alone. If anything Kamina and Gurren Lagaan teach you is don’t settle for nothing less, break through the walls that deem to hold you back. 


Short and sweet this time around, all this Gurren Lagaan talk makes me want to re-watch it, god dam it. Hope you enjoyed my post for OWLS July blog tour!

Are you going to go watch Gurren Lagaan now? Do tell if you are down below or any thoughts you have. 

You can check out our July Schedule here to follow our other members and next up is Shay who is focusing on particular character from Dragonball z. You can check out her video over on here channel. !!

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I’ll see you next month for Owls and next post!! 




  1. Superbly written and a wonderfully inspiring way to begin my morning! ♥ I have been putting Gurren Lagaan off, mostly due to the hype, but I’m a sucker for mentor-type bonds between people, so… You’ve definitely made me want to watch it a lot sooner.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmm….” Some crazy blogger girl who wants to be Sailor Jupiter in real life” 🤔🤔 Absolutely no idea who you are talking about 😂😂
    Haha…welcome back. Great to “see” you here again. And what a way too come back. Is it really awful when I say that I have never heard of this show before? 🙈🙈🙈 But thankfully now I have, and even better yet I have gotten curious for it now. Thanks for sharing this: I will try to find some time to watch this (although that probably will be a little while when that happens 😊) Kamina sounds like a terrific character though 😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes im jupiter in real life honest LOL

      Thankyou glad to be back feeling nearly all better. Hope you are as well Ras. You have never heard of Gurren? :O *face palm* Oh my god send help lol. I can guarantee you will enjoy this series 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am definitely doing well again, thank you for asking, and I have been having a blast since I came back.
        I know I am horrible. I plan to get better and find help lol 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice to have you back Lita. As for Gurren Lagann, pretty awesome series. Kamina himself is the most infectious part of Gurren Lagann. He knows how to pump you up to see some good mecha action. His way of mentoring Simon is bonkers with his whole just keeps on going until something works attitude, but it works on Simon. Somehow, through all the craziness Kamina, and Simon goes through Simon learns from him a great deal. I liked seeing the impact Kimina had on Simon, especially the second half when Simon grows up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thankyou Lucifer 🙂 Kamina is part of the heart of Gurren Lagann. I agree loved the second half and simon’s growth. It’s a series you need to watch for yourself to know what I’m talking about in this post.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Don’t you hate (but also love) when you start making yourself longing to rewatch/reread something when you write a post? It’s like, “Uh, I’ll finish this later. I need to ‘check’ something… And, oh darn, I have to rewatch it all just to make sure.”

    Liked by 1 person

  5. As popular as this anime is, I haven’t watched it yet! After reading this review, I know I need to get off my butt and go watch! Glad to have you back, though! Always enjoy reading your articles!

    Liked by 1 person

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