Grief Frustration Of They Have It And You Don’t

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It’s been a good while since doing an episodic focus but while upon finishing Norgami season one. Episode nine just screamed out to me with a characters plead, that ran deep. 

My anime watching currently is all over the place, Yu Yu Hakusho to the left, current seasonal anime to the right and in between whatever else. A genre I hadn’t watched in a long while was supernatural, last one was Inu x Boku Secret Service. That was…. some years ago. I’m terrible as you can tell, haha. It was a good time to give into Noragami, a series recommended over and over by many.

Currently completed the first season at the moment, and… I LOVE IT. Fantastic, likeable characters with great chemistry among them. Very interesting spirit world set up surrounding on gods and yokai. Supernatural anime always ends up being fascinating. Also an inspiration from Japanese history. Expanding as far as supernatural anime can go into the themes of after life, stretching the limits to give us something impactful. This is what I believe Noragami has done beautifully through Yukine’s character.

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Yukine went from a wandering spirit to be called forth as Yato’s Regalia. Yukine is such a gentle soul but deep within were be-grudged dark feelings. These feelings began to take over from Yato’s shameless attitude taking on petty jobs for little moneyendless nights in the cold at random shrines. Slowly became frustrating to Yukine, Yato a god nobody who couldn’t make ends meat for the both. Treating Yukine like a weapon and not a person. Yukine became defiant towards Yato, taking a strain on their relationship. Resulting in Yato’s suffering from a blight caused by Yukine‘s unstable emotions. A darkness that Yato could die from.

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The pinnacle point we reach of this in episode nine“Your Name”. Yukine is pushed to the edge resulting him transforming into a phantom. Truest in the sense we should always be grateful for what we have in our lives. Always though we become blind sighted to this simple fact. This frustrated Yukine beyond anything, that not being of the living no longer. Now a spirit never getting to have a future, friends, anything. Feeling like it was all over for him. The jealously and envy watching mundane, ungrateful humans, taking it for granted, all came to boiling point for Yukine. 

No worse feeling seeing what others around us have, or get to experience. Thinking we might not have that chance or won’t happen to us. The ugly green monster comes out in us, unexpectedly and there is no wrong in this feeling. It’s only wrong by taking your frustration on said person or throwing the blame elsewhere. It would be easy to call Yukine a kid throwing a tantrum and he will get over it. Yukine is a mental mess, fromfeeling he is alone. Suppressing his negative emotions and everyone around him should feel the way he does. No wonder he went into melt down mode, I see it as no different when I’m on the verge of one myself.

It all became too much for Yukine and it was so sad to watch during the episode, the three regalia performing a ritual punishment. For Yukine’s selfish and destructive actions, made me cry because Yukine’s pain is so relatable. Those who have it all and just take it for granted, a feeling that can make you feel sick. But in Yukine’s case, haha course his actions of stealing and smashing school windows, threatening school students, Yukine had to answer for. Though Yukine shouldn’t feel guilt in how he felt, because it’s only natural. All could have been avoided if someone had listened.

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When we become engulfed in such negative space, it’s easy for everything else to become blind too. Sometimes it takes others around us, to make us see what we do have. Yato wasn’t amazing at this in the beginning but it’s another crying moment let me tell you. Thanks to Hiyori and Yato acknowledging Yukine and that he had friends, and was still a person no matter if he was dead. He was Yukine the name Yato gave him. Having as much right to have the simple things Yukine wished for.

This episode was a great reminder to not be blinded by what you don’t have. Be aware of what you do have whether that be from things you’ve experienced, people in your life etc. It was a beautiful representation towards this simple fact through Yukine’s pure character and.. why is so adorable?


Hope you guys enjoyed this episode look on Noragami, the episode itself was very impactful. Made me cry a lot while watching it and Yukine has a special place with me.

Adds to favourite male characters!!

You might as well Comment Below how much you love Noragami because I know a bunch of you do. Like Irina haha. A Norgami discussion will happen once I’ve gotten through season two don’t worry.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



  1. Noragami is fantastic. Huge fan of it. If you loved season 1, then season 2 shall be a real treat for you.

    On this episode of Noragami, it’s where I really ended up liking the series more than I already. Beforehand, the series did such a great job establishing it’s world, and characters as just a fun series. This for me felt like a great pay of sticking with the series when I first saw it. Showing me that not only it can have a lot fun, but also be captivating when it tries something serious. Love the cast in this series. They what make Norgami so great for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a wonderful read! I loved how you spoke about the things that touched you. 😀 Noragami is such a delightful show, even though it has its dark side. I agree with Scott, Noragami always needs the love. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! Noragami!
    This anime needs lots of love. But I agree, that Yukine’s story has a lot of impact and it is incredibly relatable. I remember just how hard episode nine hit me the first time I saw it and how much I loved this character and wanted him to pick himself back up. Really love how his character continues to grow in season 2.
    Thanks so much for sharing such a great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that Yukine is such a shitty teenager, because let’s face it, a majority of teenagers are hormone-addled, angsty, teenagers. Now imagine being stuck like that forever and never experiencing a life growing up. Lots of stuff to angst about then.

    Noragami was such a solid show that I am so confused it didn’t get more attention and love.

    Shame too, I loved both the OPs.

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  5. Yes yessss. I love noragami!
    The way they deal with serious topics without losing sight of their plot is absolutely fantastic! Another superiorly interesting character is Nora herself….
    But let me not get too carried away and write an essay in your comments haha.
    It was awesome reading this Lita-san!


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