No Panic Just Taking A Mini Semi Hiatus

I can imagine all the looks on your faces, don’t be distraught from the title.


Hiatus…? No your not allowed to go. For some reason it’s funny imagining people saying this.


I haven’t taken a Hiatus since beginning of last January so it’s been a while.

This hiatus is not going to be forever just for about week and half. Might be longer not sure right now. This was an unplanned one trust me, real life needs my attention at the moment and honestly I’m just all over the place with things. On top of this hobby wise I’ve taken a step back nothing to do with my blog or youtube. But you will notice that I’ve decided to discontinue my That Nerd Lita podcast. Became clear I cannot fit this little venture, top of what I already do hobby wise, that’s just not on my blog or youtube. But other areas of hobby I have in real life. I’m sorry to those that were looking forward to my podcast venture but all is not lost.

I decided any future podcasts I have will be put up on my youtube. There is an upcoming podcast that I’m excited to do with some special people, which will go up on my youtube. I’ll keep you posted about that, don’t worry. My podcast game is not over.

During my hiatus does this mean no content for the blog, will it go dead?

Yep totally dead…. Haha kidding. One thing I cannot do with this blog, let it go dead with no content for a week. I’ve planned the odd post or two, I won’t be going full bore with writing like I had originally planned. I feel bad my Friday features have been so up and the air, attempting to sort this out.

That’s why I’ve called it semi hiatus as I’ll still be around but not as frequent as I usually am. So don’t take my hiatus seriously at all. Just I feel bad going dead and people going where is she?

Lita will be back in no time, just need to take a step back from things. I honestly will be writing in the background still, most likely haha.

There is a post planned for Wednesday and one for the weekend… I think. I can’t remember at this point haha.

See you in a bit !!

Don’t miss me too much hehe



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