Time To Answer A Long Time Question, Why Jupiter?


My female favourite idol.

Whom an inspiration behind this blog. I’ve been asked over the time starting blogging why her out of the sailor scouts? Why is she your favourite female anime character ? Time to answer this question about my precious Jupiter.

 You need to clear your mind and use your imagination at bit here.

Through the glass pane, pale timber wood door, when entering the room facing towards the front of the house. Two sky blue sofa’s as you walk in one to the left, other right. Facing the black, old school TV, in the corner of the room. Old fireplace and crumbly chimney brick scaling all the way up the ceiling. In the centre of the room, sitting on horrid flora carpet, 10 – 11 year old me watching a rare episode of Sailor Moon on TV. Squirming with such excitement and pure joy.

Ahh those were the days. Tv was so much cooler back then in my opinion, I couldn’t get enough of my Beyblade, Sailor Moon and Dragonball. Devastated they stopped airing Sailor Moon on television. It wasn’t later moving countries I got to finish Sailor Moon(First Season) dying 10 year old for years. Wanting to know the conclusion of Queen Beryl but one thing that had remained strong in my mind.


The episode “Jupiter Comes Thunder In”… set me on this path till today.


No Fear 

Pictures so clearly in my mind witnessing her introduction. It’s one of my favourite anime episodes ever. Lita’s composure to not let fear over take her was something I came to admire. Standing up to that punk when Serena was in trouble. Ten year old me was in love but revisiting Sailor Moon at 15. Seeing the episode again reignited my love for Lita. Her fearless nature when the scouts were in the biggest jams, gets me excited, still does.

Unlike the other scouts, Lita would get right in there. Think about consequences later, she was about act now, worry later. It’s that fearlessness is something within myself wished to grow on, becoming an aspiration. In what Lita’s character was all about. Lita never acted like she was all that, this fun-loving, carefree girl who loves to love. Easily others would get the wrong impression, the tough girl. Only being tough and defensive when push came to shove. There was massive relation for me from this aspect, how I treasure my friends. 


Slam That Thunder

Who could slam down thunder any better ?

Once you got Lita mad that was it, your not forgiven. Till she is through with you. In ways this trait of her personality I related. To be honest seeing Lita get angry made me laugh and get excited, knowing whoever is in for it now. Out of the scouts, I considered her to have the stronger elemental power, Lita attack’s had hmph.

Lita has the biggest heart, being the solider of love and courage. It suited her perfectly having a big heart was Lita‘s greatest strength. It’s why to me her attacks had such power behind them, you could see it in her expression. How mad, infuriated Lita felt whenever her fellow friends were in danger. Fun fact also if there was elemental power I could control it would be thunder and lightning. Sailor Jupiter represents in how that power would be used and when myself gets ticked off. Well.. never do I hold back haha.

 Boy Hopeless

Ah..in my teens even though I always wanted to remain in the background. Any boy that gave me attention, even saying hello. Made me feel all fluttery, me and Lita have this in common. What we don’t have in common saying every good-looking guy passing on by “He Looks Like My Last Boyfriend” . This trait about Lita always found endearing about her character, besides being funny. It shows she is a giving person and will be loyal.

Lita is the type that would be loyal and faithful. Pouring her heart into everything she does, but it’s always the bad boys. That her attraction is lead towards, but who doesn’t love a bad boy? Seeing Lita in the series act hopeless around boys doesn’t make her look attention seeking. You see her loyalty and genuine nature about her character. This side of Lita I’ve always adored.

Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter
is simply awesome. Don’t think anyone could take her place as female anime favourite aha. Having a strong running for nearly a decade, well man that’s a dam long time. Lita embodies a lot of thing for me I admire, wish I possessed about myself and personal traits. Above all if choosing would be her that fearless, directness. It’s reminds me how I am when myself becomes annoyed.

Maybe taking my love for Lita to the next level was a bit crazy. Naming my youtube, blog after her, her identity holy. hey crazy isn’t that bad. No idea what possessed me to do this but I just rolled with it honestly. Something I’ve been asked frequently over my blogging time. Too late for me to change anything once people started calling me it, now it’s just grown on me.

So is now thanks to certain friends giving me the name #ThugLita over twitter. That’s becoming a thing.


For your viewing pleasure is a fan-girl video of yours truly. Reacting to when Sailor Jupiter episode from Sailor Moon Crystal aired back in 2014. 

My girl can do no wrong… >///<


Hope you were all entertained by this silly post of mine. Realising I’m crazy but hey no point having it any other way honestly. It’s funny people ask me why Jupiter all the time, felt this was the best way to answer. Hope this post answers people’s curiosity.

Tell me your favourite female anime character and why them? Down below… low… low what makes them special for you? Would you name them after anything? 

Don’t do what I did after a blog….

I’ll see you all in the next post!!


15 thoughts on “Time To Answer A Long Time Question, Why Jupiter?

  1. FINALLY, an answer—it’s too bad we already knew that you were both awesome, courageous, and caring individuals! Jupiter was my favorite growing up, and although I would mix her together with Uranus as my true “fave,” I really do love them both for their own strengths (and very human weaknesses).

    Thanks for always being there for me as my own source inspiration to chase after when I needed it most—you’re a real hero, my friend! ^.^

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Because you like them is an acceptable answer, Lita.

    Still, a great post. Having a personal connection to a character is great. I wish I had one that I felt close to in anime.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So I was reading your blog online because I am such a Sailor Jupiter fan since I started watching when I was idk 8- 10 something like that I was little… I always use to jump around my Grandmother’s house and had her whole attack sequence down when my friends and I would play sailor moon. I just wanted to tell you I 100%% completely agree with you about her she is awesome!! My best friend and I are doing the scouts for Halloween I’m going as Jupiter of course and my friend who is the spitting image of Rei is doing Rei, haha. Just felt like I could connect with you and we both could appreciate Lita!! Yay!! 🤘❤ loved your blog and I reacted the same way with Crystal but I still like DiCs version better haha and you even have Erza on your wall that’s crazy cause I love her too I have her same earrings and all… they are both amazing Characters and growing up I related to Lita a lot she helped me a lot and I have that same type of loyalty to my friends now an I have always been first in a fight to protect my friends. JUPITER STAR POWER!!! glad to know there is another lita fan!! 😁✌peace

    Liked by 1 person

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