Ah The Anime Is Soo Good Man…And What Else?

Common problem run into.


Dare say half of the anime you have discovered has been through recommendation. The passing of the discussion is the most beneficial way to new or old shows shows. Through word of mouth and media, though there is a but with this for me?



Anybody seen this childhood classic? it’s still a favourite for me, The Swan Princess.

Soon thinking up this topic idea, it reminded of a scene from this film. Derek and Odette parents have wished since the pair’s first meeting, to be married when older. The following scene is the pinnacle point if the marriage will happen. Odette is known for her beauty and to not only be married for that fact. Odette ask Derek “What else?”.

Derek pulled the worst move by answering with “What else is there?”

Wrong Answer Buddy. Odette having the expectation Derek would say, your kindness, selfless nature. Some elaboration would be nice.

And this my butt when it comes to someone telling me about a series “You need to watch it it’s so good”, “The anime is amazing”. I’m not excluding myself for stating such words about a series but overtime it’s I’ve built up a slight expectation. Saying a series good or great but that’s it? No saying reasons why it’s good? Their thoughts about the story, characters, the vibe?

Leaving me hanging to know.


Give Me Your Reasons  

There is never getting out of the phase, saying you love a series to death or it’s so good. But over time people telling me they love a series by saying it’s good or great, it makes me even more curious. As to know the reason why, I’ve asked countless times such questions “What made you love it?”. But the same answer on occasions has been given “It’s so good”.

In no way it annoys me when someone saids this about a series they love. It’s clear in their expression and excitement, admiration for such series. It’s just now, these days I’m more eager and curious than ever for people to elaborate more. In why they love such series or their favourites. I blame becoming invested in anime blogging and making discussion videos on my youtube for my curiosity.

Diving into these scenes of discussion has impacted greatly, in my enjoyment of discussing anime with others. It opened my world up starting these hobby ventures, being exposed to so many worldly fellow fans. To know what their views or thoughts about certain series I’ve seen or not. An example I’ll give is from fellow friends DJ M, Ka-chan, Scott and Drake pining for me to watch Gundam 00. Reading and hearing their reasons for loving this particular Gundam series, the series ability delving deep into the main characters, having fantastic backstory. Feeling easy connection towards them.

Just hearing reasons like that from someone’s love of a show. It adds to your own interest and curiosity. It’s what anyone craves to know your thoughts on any media, film, series. Speak your opinions, views, I want to know and so will others in said discussions. Elaborating from such comments “It’s so good”, I can’t help but want from others these days.

Reading or listening to people’s recommendations, personal connection to a series is something I’m always looking for. How a series affected them individually. This is the biggest sell for me to watch or read a series. You tell me how much personally a series means to you, I’m sold. That’s why when giving recommendation pouring your personal feelings, is important. It invites the curiosity of others along with your other view points on the story, themes etc.



Grateful Forms Of Discussion 

My discussions with my old best friend were “This is so good this series” “Ahh Amazing”. My amateur anime fan phase haha. Thinking about that, to how I typically have discussions now. I’m grateful for such forms of discussion that exist. Blogging, youtube videos, forums, it’s something to be grateful we have. 

I’m grateful don’t know about you guys? I’m pretty sure you are. Because for me if I had never entered into the blogging and youtube scene. Someone asking me my thoughts on said series, probably would give the “This is great, you need to check it out”. Though still do this when I’m excitement about a certain series, I’m talking about. But it’s important for me to follow up with why I love said series now to others. 

Or maybe I’m being to way too serious about all of this? huh?. Venturing into blogging and youtube has changed how I view the idea of discussion. Yearning for people to elaborate their love for a series or their thoughts. It’s never been more of an exciting time for me reading fellow bloggers reviews, discussions and watching people’s discussions videos.

It’s more than fine to say to someone a series is good but backing up with given reasons as to why. It can open up for fun to be had discussions and connections.


I’ll appreciate anyone below that comments their thoughts on this particular topic. As it’s something I had noticed, never had come in anime blogging. Hope you enjoyed this short discussion as it’s something had been meaning to write for the last month.

Tell me do you like others to elaborate why they love a show, but say it’s just good?

Happy to mention also I’ve found my blogging groove once again

I’ll see you all in the next post !!!



  1. You raise a very good point. I think we all get overexcited at some point when we really love a show or movie. We keep mentioning the fact that you just have to watch it, but at times we forget to explain why, which usually happens when we are too enthusiastic or passionate about something 🙂 But I totally agree. I’m more inclined to pick up a series/movie when someone explains why it’s good and states the reasons why it’s good (but of course without spoilers, which is a fine line to walk). Great post, about a very interesting topic indeed 😊

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  2. If there’s a situation where I am deliberately trying to keep communication to a minimum, I’ll opt for the “Oh yeah, it’s a great show” act. But when I’m blogging or talking to friends (IRL and online), I’ll definitely splurge on my reasons for why I love a particular series. Like on my blog—beyond technical aspects like characters, animation, sound, etc.—I’ll try to include a section dedicated to the life lessons or big takeaways the show had, both for my own personal musing and for any interested travelers to stop by.

    Love that you brought up an issue not many people talk about, yet still clearly frustrates some of us!

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  3. Whenever someone tells me that I have to watch something and that it’s amazing, without adding any details, it just turns me off to the show. I am guilty of the same thing though lol. Sometimes when you really love something you just want everyone to experience what you experience, so you forgo the details as a means to not spoil it for whoever you’re recommending the show to. You also don’t want to manipulate their feelings towards it, since everything should be authentic.

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    1. I agree sometimes it turns me off also. Also I agree not to forgo details so I don’t spoil it. That’s why in my reviews well if you want to call them that I leave spoilers out all the time now

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  4. Well this is a wonderful post. All too often I find recommendations to come in the form of absolute commands You Must Watch This…but why?..And am I allowed to say I didn’t like it?

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