Mazing May Post A Rama Time !!

Amazing content this may. ^-^


May was a better month for my catching up on reading some amazing posts. Came across some new faces and…. still behind on reading older posts. Now it’s winter… congrats those that have some sunshine.

April and May have been crap months blogging wise and in other ways as well. Sorry there was only one Friday feature for the whole May. Making up for all the posts I had read, featuring them all here. I’m wrapping my head around, half the year is already gone by the end of June. Makes me want to get my skates on, pushing out posts I’ve meaning to write for years, months. This is my June focus for the blog, feel free to read my half year update, what’s going on with my blog and such.

Hoping for a better next half year focusing on my youtube and blog as the first half for both. I’ve not been overall happy with but taking one step at a time for the moment. On a brighter note there was some as usual some great blog reads for May, that I’ve been dying to share with you all.

This is going to be a big one !! You’ll have plenty to read after going through this my friends. 


The Boy Sakura Loves By Simpleek 

Nostalgia hits you like a ton of bricks. So did blogger Simpleek nostalgic post talking about a pairing that Cardcaptor Fans adore. Since the return of this series after so many years, the cuteness of Syaoran and Sakura continues in Clear Arc. In this post hit me where it knows I’m weak for this pairing myself and how beautiful of what they have.


How Fanworks Positively Influence The Original Artists In The Anime By Kurumi Shim

Fanart and fanfiction find to be a wonderful way of expressing your love for a fandom, genre, series. As Kurumi explores this perspective,  which was a great read. Expressing  art is art and in no way are fans are disturbing artists own works, being fan works individual interpretation.



Enjoyment, Motivation And Writing By Peach’s Almanac 

Sometimes it’s hard to find the will to do any writing, even though you want too. Blogger Chris describes his personal struggle, when it comes to writing about anime. This is indeed a relatable read for any anime blogger. It’s always great to hear peoples thoughts on topics like this.



Bakugou’s Gauntlets Tutorial By Let’s Talk Anime 

Reading Zoe’s post on cosplay, reminded me of the fond times I had making a cosplay mess. Reminds me I really need to share some cosplay posts sometime myself. This was a extremely fun read seeing others creative process while making cosplay. Definitely a fun post to check out !



Ultimate – World Building Gundam 00 Season One By The Anime Parlay 

The Captain is a new blogger I’ve come to follow. It was coincidence coming across their post covering Gundam 00 world setting. Going into such detail but simplified to not be confusing. This was a informative read and will be great reference for an upcoming project I’m working with others on, regarding this series. Gundam fans make sure to check this one out for sure. !!



Mei’s List | Favourite Anime Moms By Treasure Box 

It was mothers day during May, time celebrate our wonderful moms. Mei’s highlighted some of her favourite moms in anime. Her list was a fun read for the mentioning anime moms such as Kudo Yukiko from Detective Conan etc. Anime moms that I’ve never seen get a mention, so this was a warming read.


Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Tv Review By Phantom Kurata Anime Reviews 

The original Gundam is one I’ve not still seen, think shame on me. Shawn’s review on the Original Mobile Suit Gundam was a great read. To be honest reading made me even more keen to watch this series. It was a simple, straight to the point review, which are my favourite kind of reviews to read. Good job with his Shawn.



You Don’t Need To Relate To Shinji Ikari By This Title Is (Not) Acceptable 

It’s my belief a long post doesn’t have to always achieve a to the point answer. Zainou wrote a short discussion regarding feeling no relation to Shinji character from Evangelion. Shinji is a unfortunate soul of bad luck and a psychological mess due to lack of social interaction and bad relationship with his father. A lot of people feel relation to his character but Zainou expresses you don’t need to relate to Shinji. In order to the series Evangelion. I love posts like this, thinking outside the box.


Dragon Dentist Collab By Mechanical Anime Reviews and Iridium Eye Reviews

This collaboration post got me excited about a series I had never heard of. Curtis and Scott cover a short OVA about dragons and dragon dentists. It was a very fun to hear both bloggers view point and giving you something new to add to your list. Good job guys.


Dreams, Aspirations and Hanasuka Iroha By Jerem’s Anime Sanctuary

This was a beautiful personal post to read from Jerem’s. Expressing his personal relation with P.A Works Hanasuka Iroha, reminding of his dream to be a chef. Delving into each characters own dreams and thrilling idea of working in an Inn. I need to get my skates and write my own thoughts on this series.


Vampires In Devils Line By Ka-chan Anime Reviews 

The vampire genre is a something wish was bigger, shame it’s not. There aren’t enough series in honesty. Devil’s Line is a series I’m dying to watch when it finishes airing but it has had mixed reviews. Ka-chan writes a positive discussion on this series, it’s got some great gore. Bonus having a romance element between main characters, that the series focusing on devils trying to fit into human society. Sounds like up my ally and can’t wait go give my thoughts.


 Why Do We No Longer Appreciate Older Anime By A Girl And Her Anime 

The title said it all for me to check out, you know old anime fan over here. Amelia wrote an interesting discussion not directing towards older series Chobits or Full Metal Panic. Anime from the era 1960s exampling a short 9 minute movie Usagi to Kame which I’ve never heard of. Expressing not to forget this period of anime, from where the evolution of animation itself has formed to today. Great post Amelia.


Let’s Talk About: Separating The Artist From The Art By Lethargic Ramblings 

Leth has made his return to the blogging scene with a interesting discussion as always. Using mangaka Nobuhiro Watsuki creator Rurouni Kenshin this year charged with possession of child pornography. Which was a shock to many whom love the Kenshin series like me. Leth discusses that creators who have criminal backgrounds, or have done wrong. Shouldn’t make you not love their work just because of things they have done prior. This was a eye-opening read and recommend reading highly.


More Please!: 5 Anime In Need Of A Second Season By Artemis 

Artemis hit the nail on the head with this list. All their choices of anime that need a second series like Gangsta, Yona Of The Dawn. Artemis giving their reason why rightly so, great list read!


The Wonder Of Aria The Animation By Animanga Spellbook 

Another short post discussion but loved reading their thoughts and love on series, Aria The Animation. Describing the perfectly this slice of life ability to be a slow down, pace series to immerse yourself in easily. That the main character Akar’s optimistic nature is behind to the series stirring calm current. After reading this I need to watch this !!


How Hunter x Hunter Breaks Boundaries With It’s Astonishing Cast By Plebby’s Den 

Hunter x Hunter is a series I need to get back, this post reminded me of that. I’m currently on episode 76 from memory and Plebby a new blogger I’m following. Discusses the amazing character progressions from cast of characters. How in deep you become invested in such characters as Killua, Hisoka. Hunter x Hunter certainly a character driven series.



This has been me recently, you get the idea. haha,

Oh my goodness this concludes May post – a – rama. Hopefully next month will be even bigger. Hope you got use out of this post, following a new anime blogger and reading material. There was so much amazing content to read during May, already I’m behind like two weeks worth of posts. 

It’s after midnight writing this.. this never takes me half an hour to write. More like an hour or two sometimes, depending if I’m multitasking. 
It’s the long weekend here so my gift to you guys. As this was out original Monday, but stuff that haha.

Have a great weekend everyone !!

I’ll see you all in the next post!



      1. Sure thing. I’m also going to check out the other posts. I just read on Lethargic Rambling’s post about separating the artist from their art given the whole Kenshin issue.

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  1. Thank you, again, for the recognition. It means a lot, especially coming from another blogger I respect to the utmost degree. Perhaps I’ll focus another post on simplifying the complexity of politics in anime. Thank you again and good luck on your project Lita!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwww thankyou, I really don’t consider myself anything special honestly but others think different and i cant stop them ahaha lol

      Oh yes that sounds interesting, Definitely do one on anime politics even I get confused over that. I will so read that. Thankyou I’m excited for this project to come together by end of this month 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks a million for the mention! There were a few blogs in there I haven’t read yet so I’ll have to check those out. Once again, thank you!

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  3. Hello! I’m just getting back into blogging after a five year hiatus, so I thought I’d introduce myself!

    It’s really nice that you take the time to promote other bloggers. I know little known writers like myself really appreciate the exposure! And this has helped me see what other blogs are out there. So, yeah, thanks and keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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