Break From Anime? My Five That Gets Me Back When Needed

The face of not sure what to watch?

Had a break from anime. Ready to get back into watching something, one problem? Not sure what to even start with. I got you on this one.. well I hope I do.

Blogger Humble Ace inspired me for this piece from reading their post Giving Up The Anime Diet. Discussing from going without watching anime for a long while. Now not watching a single episode for a long period, messes with their schedule. Recommend go read Humble’s post it will be one many will relate to, like myself. There is nothing more prodding than deciding what anime watch next. Is it seasonal series your keeping up with? Is it a older series you want to start badly?

Let’s face it looking at your current or plan to watch list just overwhelms you. Becoming flustered in what you should choose, no fun when it gets to this point. Believe it or not myself is in the position to often. I hate it has gotten this way as my seasonal watching has increased. There is series on my shelf have not touched for a year. All the older anime just want to consume as much as possible. Some nights I just give up and read manga because I can’t decide.

Obviously shouldn’t be a stressful process to decide what to watch. At times it has gotten like that, my focus on one anime at a time. It has totally gone out of the window. I thought about turning this into giving you tips on how to decide to what to watch. But You guys know what you like to watch, your tastes?

If you find yourself in this currently and cannot decide what to watch. Let me guide you to one of these five anime. That has gotten back into the anime game.


Kaleido Star is one of the happiest series I’ve ever watched. Riding on the themes of following your dreams, in a refreshing way. It’s what I love most about it. Focusing on protagonist Sora who’s dreamt of joining the Kaleido Star stage since she was young. Path for Sora reaching her goal is not an easy one through the two seasons. You see all the blood, sweat and tears in how far Sora strives to make her goal reality.

Kaledio Star at first glance appears to be a circus anime?. Along the lines somewhat, think of circus mixed with stage play. Involving different aerobatic movements and common circus acts. It’s a fascinating concept but the idea is so fun. Kaledio Star is a let loose series about having fun. Equalling displaying the triumphs and fails in reaching your goal, as Sora does. You’ll become enwrapped by Sora’s enthusiasm and passion for making people smile and to perform. Sora is a jumping bean that just doesn’t stop.

If it becomes a fail for me to decide what to watch. Kaledio Star has been one series I’ve always turned too. It’s effortless ability to just make you smile and absorb yourself in the fun. It’s a great series to fill the blank mind of not sure what to watch.


The Fate Stay Night franchise from I remember it, has exploded. Still haven’t seen Unlimited Bladeworks or Zero, just the newest film Heavens Feel. It saddens me though 2006 version is just old news now, people pretend like it’s not there. This was my first experience with Fate and a favourite for me. This was one of the first ten anime I ever watched, it feels weird to remember first series I watched haha.

It’s been a few years since revisiting this series. From my first viewing, it went on replay at lot. Literally am dying to have this one in my personal connection. At the time it was such an exciting series for me to get into. Fate Stay Night has that cool, action essence from it’s drawing plot. Seven individuals picked to participate in the deathly holy grail war with their “Servants”. Historical heroes, figures from history. From not seeing it for years but recollecting the all the rewatches beforehand.

It was such an easy series for me to dive into. The interesting plot and entertaining action what kept me coming back for me. If it was in my collection now, I’d had a break from anime. This would be my first series I’d watch. If you’ve never seen Fate Stay Night before, start with 2006. Just go back to the beginning then dive into the newer series that followed. Makes me happy to see how big the franchise has grown but 2006 version is special for me. Reminds me of why fantasy anime grips me to watch it badly these days. Lita is mentioning that series again. Ah, I know but Full Metal Panic has been my go to always. Whenever I’m in need of a rewatch, need a laugh, this series is number one choice. Fumoffu is my favourite from the franchise, straight up stupid funny. Seriously need to consider having a rabbit anime watch night, you can see for yourself.

This series means the world to me. Fumoffu is a treat of a comedic series, they’ll be nothing more entertaining than seeing a solider. Solve every day issues through military means. You guys can check out mypost reasons to not skip, this hysterical watch. Full Metal Panic just knows how to get me back in that anime mood, every time. To just have a good, old laugh.


Aliens get you back in the game? I’ve yet had the pleasure of discussing this series yet. Guyver is one of my favourite sci-fi series and question why sometimes? Because it is so dam gory at times. It’s hard to explain why Guyver is a series seem to come back too. Over the years when feeling clueless what to watch.

Though I have issues with the 2005 series, it just always been so thrilling to watch. Plenty of head splicing and messed up alien shenanigans going on. Though that sounds like not for everyone. Sho comes across a bio weapon which is a living alien form “Guyver” whom Chronos try to claim back. Through their creations of Zoanoids. The plot itself is quite unpredictable and literally a twist at every turn. My first time watching felt like ripping out my head, because the series created such tension moments.

Guyver I feel is a forgotten great action series. It has a great ability of keeping you engaged, I’m hooked every time. Some point I’ll cover Guyver in a post but it’s one that reminds me, the action-packed side of anime. How much I love a kick-ass battle any day. It gets me excited and it’s what Guyver has always done.


Aquarion Evol has two of my favourite elements Romance and Mecha. It’s a treat when I’ve come back to rewatching this series. My mistake without knowing watching this series and not the original at the time. I had no idea there was “Aquarion” Still haven’t watched it and I’ll get around too. Aquarion Evol has always left me feeling wholesome and just satisfied during my rewatches. The silly, over-the-top nature is hysterical from spoken out loud attacks to quirky cast of characters.

The series has been scrutinised over it’s fan service parts and silly factor. Which I’ve always disagreed over. It’s silly factor is what makes Evol so bloody enjoyable. The Aquarion franchise rides on romance factor, the shows selling point. It’s so touching in it’s crazy representation of love and connection, what love most about Aquarion. One of those series for me cannot explain why I ended up loving it. Heh, but it’s had many revisits over the years and doesn’t get old. It’s always reminds me why romance and mecha are my favourite genres. It’s the ultimate enjoyment factor.


Thankyou HumbleAce for the inspiration for this post, it’s a post enjoyed writing a lot for sometime now. Hope you guys enjoyed it!!

All accept Full Metal Panic, I’ll get around to doing a post all the shows mentioned. First need to do some rewatches. Hope sharing my personal anime that has gotten back me into watching anime, helps in someway. Even if it makes you want to rewatch an old favourite.

Let me know down below if this post did helped you and what are series that get you back in the anime game?

I’ll see you in the next post!!



  1. Every time I see someone mention Full Metal Panic, I always ask myself, “Why haven’t you watched this yet?” Your enthusiasm for it makes me want to watch it even more.

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  2. After I finished Fate/Zero I went into Fate Stay Night since the Ufotable version of that wasn’t out at the time. I remembered it being wonky at times with some over the top humor. However, no one will ever forget that CGI dragon that appears in one of the episodes at random. I didn’t know that going into it so I was completely baffled when that happened XD. I did enjoy it, though not as much as Fate/Zero.

    Kaleido Star, and Full Metal Panic are both series I’ve been wanting to see, but haven’t gotten around too. I remember seeing part of the first season of Full Metal Panic, and being amused by it as a kid. Don’t recall much plot specific things from it though.

    For me, rewatching the original Fullmetal Alchemist (one of my personal favorite anime), rewatching Norgami season 1, watching Noragami season 2 for the first time, and seeing two seasons of Wixoss got me back into regularly seeing anime again after some crazy offline antics. Noragami season 1 I’ve seen three times so far, and so easy for me to go to it. It’s so much fun, and the characters I find to be so endearing. Noragami just does it for me.

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    1. I have yet to see the newer fate stay night series. I’ll get there ahaha lol

      Aww hope you might enjoy both shows. Each have their own special thing. Full metal panic is so amusingly pleasing hehe. Let me know your thoughts on it Lucifer. Would love to know.

      OO Full metal alchemist I’ve seen the original yet to see brother hood. Noragami is a hot one on my list to catch up on. I watched the first five episodes and were really entertaining. Wioxss looks fascinating to me.

      Thankyou for commenting XD

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  3. As someone who has taken more than a few breaks over the years, I can’t disagree with some of the entries here. FMP will always be a classic to get you back into the craziness of Anime.

    My personal go to is always Sword Art Online, Death Note or Gurren Lagann!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    I can’t comment on the choices you mentioned as your go-to little pick-me-ups for getting back into anime, but the entire blu-ray collection of Full Metal Panic! has been sitting in the corner of the room for almost a year now and I’m thinking maybe it’s about time I open it up and see what’s inside (then someday I’ll put in the disc and finally watch it lol).


  5. I am going to be honest, I have Fate/Stay Night 2006 and I really want to watch this anime and get into series like UBW and Zero, but I have been lazy and sometimes distracted on other stuff. I do want to watch this series and then go on to other titles.

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