It’s Not Always About The Goody Two Shoes, Evil Is Good.


Isn’t everyone all for a hero, a good doer. They’ll be no good here folks. Time for you grasp the darker side of me. As we navigate through the dark tunnel, passing by five villains in anime. That are positively, wonderfully evil.

When’s the last time I did a list?

Forever go.

A while back expressing my hardness in doing list for anime favourites,  as in series that mean a lot to me. still can’t do that. But lists like this really miss doing and this one, been meaning to do for while. This post could get very dark, as in anime there are some twisted plotters. I’m not always up for a good doer all the while, I like particular characters for their evil methods.

Could be after this post, you might not like me anymore. Muahh!!

1. Naraku (Inuyasha) 

Without some of Naraku’s schemes during the 167 episodes of Inuyasha. Things would have gotten boring quickly. While watching at times it can feel drawn out. Naraku’s endless schemes but so rivetingly exciting to watch. Naraku has been a long favourite villain of mine, since first watching Inuyasha. This evil being was born from a humans soul who desired priestess Kikyo and power of shikon Jewel. Manifesting into one psycho, plotting demon.

Naraku puts Inuyasha and his friends through the ringer, toying with others emotions. The excitement Naraku experiences from others suffering is truly shallow but that ruthlessness. It’s exciting. Each pursuer of Naraku has a individual begrudge against him. Never for one second does this concern Naraku. Beyond full of himself, he can always outwit everyone. If you’ve seen Inuyasha or not, you might know or will come to know. Naraku’s reincarnations are probably creepier and more twisted them himself. Naraku is relentless in his schemes, never waying up on his next plan. 

Naraku is number one schemer for me. 


2. Kiyomasa Senji “Crow” (Deadman Wonderland)


He’s quite the insane one. Just perfectly rotten to the core for me heh. Kenji may have cooperated with Ganta while in the prison, out of respect for Ganta. Kenji is as selfish as a person gets and it was kind of sexy, i’ll be frank. Mean if your in a bloody, prison hell, your bound to wind up like Kenji. Adore Kenji’s ability “Crow claw”, these giant, bloody scythes emerging from his arms. Fun fact Kenji before going into the prison, used to be a police officer. Oh dear how can one become so corrupted from doing such a good job as he was.

Doesn’t matter really, Kenji doesn’t suit that role in my eyes. Kenji was going to save for another list idea I had. Someone I’d have a one night stand with to be honest. But too good evil to keep off this list. If he was wrapped around my finger, Kenji would do my evil bidding, I’m sure. Long as he didn’t see me as weak, because in no way. Can he stand immodest women.

Just a sexy kind of evil here.

3. Akane Minagawa (Scum’s Wish)

Sadistic and manipulative are such turn ons for you men. I half agree with this, as depends if taken in a jokey or fun context. But Akane is the master of these two profound words, masking over with innocence. Much as watching her throughout Scum’s Wish, hated on a lot by fan. Can’t deny her deceive ways were entertaining, though particularly not fond of her overall. It’s funny reminded me of myself, well the darker parts of me, that don’t come out that often.

It’s not good using men, then tossing them aside like a broken toy. Even when finding out her reasoning for why she does it. Know what? doesn’t still make you feel empathy for her. Over the years Akane had grown accustom to the attention, there was no changing her personality. Hanabi’s crush Narumi, placing so much faith in Akane, it’s laughable. After seeing her true colours, believing that she’ll change her ways. After Narumi proposing to her, the idea of it seemed like just an experiment. Never experiencing a male like Naraumi still wanting to give her a chance. All I’ve done is talk smack about Akane?

Akane is the master of persuasion. Learn a thing or two from her, haha or maybe she just reflects a part of me.


4. Maya Natsume (Tenjou Tenge)

Maya may look like the beauty but she’s not on this list for that. While having watched Tenjou Tenge twice and never again. It’s non – recommendable series, train wreck, get to that another time. Maya seems like a sweet heart helping wannabe fighter Souichiro’s reach his aspirations of being number one. Maya found to be quite selfish and devious in her treatment towards anyone.

Maya is very close with her brother Shin, but he’s worse than her. Total nutcase. Maya would do anything for her sibling. Like Akane, Maya is quite the devious beauty, not classing as a “good” person completely. She has a very care-free spirit and will do as she sees fit.

Devious beauty we like those, again sexy kind-of evil.


5. Aulcard(Hell Sing )

Image result for alucard hellsing gif

What can we say about crazy Auclard. He is the craziest on this list let’s face it. Evil at the core, shed all the blood. Around him it’s an endless blood bath. But we love crazy Aulcard right? Hellsing would be nothing without him. He’s one of few characters that makes me feel chills, from his gory actions and voice.

Aulcard’s whole existence is pretty messed up. This dark entity with no light inside, no remorse. His master would hate to be her. Having to keep such a demon in check 24/7, any wrong their part. Aulcard would turn, matter of seconds. Nothing beats, a vampire on this list, sorry.

Positively adorable.

Have I made you nervous?

Hope indeed poppets you enjoyed this fun little list. Should go to the dark side more often really. Don’t you agree?

Your so very welcome to let out your evil side and tell me down below. Who are some evil anime characters, you admire? Doesn’t have to be about there just evil, could be their actions, how they are as a person. Do tell me and it will be a wicked conversation.

Time to get your freak on!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



10 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About The Goody Two Shoes, Evil Is Good.

  1. Fujisaki kouto (yato’s father) is an intriguing villain character!

    And Ramses from Red river, but he’s not really a villain so…


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