Attraction Of Anime Videos, Posts And Podcasts: Your Input Is Required.

Fellow blogger people, followers, friends your input is required for this post. Putting forward a question or several, that I’ve been curious about personally. About the attraction clicking to listen to a podcast, read a blog post, watch a video.

Haha that gif cracks me up, need to finish Hyouka but I’ll wait till have it for my own.

Are you a anime youtuber, blogger, podcaster? 

Equally we all have the same ambition when diving into the world of starting either a channel, blog or podcast. Creating content that makes us happy and having fun. Agree? That’s how it should be. Personally as a blogger, youtuber it’s something I’ve never forgotten, for as long I’ve been doing this. Were all just wanting to share our passion about anime, talk about our favourites, share our individual views.

To do we do as bloggers, podcasters etc, community is so vital. Anime community can wonderful yet controversial, but what community isn’t? Your own enjoyment in what you put out comes number one but there’s another part that comes later. Affecting you and pushing you more forward. The input from those who read, listen to your content. It’s something you won’t be able to help when delving into this side of anime community.

From starting out here on word press, people I’ve come to befriend and know. It’s become important to me, in the content I put out. You want your listeners, readers to enjoy what you’ve put out. Give them a laugh, put a smile on their face, start up a discussion. In every piece I produce now, in the back of my mind, the hope others will enjoy it. Plays back there but not forgetting my own enjoyment in the process.

From a blogger perspective, how I run things. My blogger style is humorous and personal, it’s what people have come to know me for. Readers want to be able to have a laugh with my posts and be fun.

From a youtuber and podcast perspective, it’s all about the freedom. Over time making videos, I’ve had many stumbles with the process. I never started doing youtube for the money, as what is a great ambition who wish to start a channel. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s finally beginning last year feeling more relaxed in what I was doing. When creating videos now, think about watchers will have again, a good laugh. Youtube is still a platform for me to be that much more free.

Starting up my recent podcast, going solo. Big step out of my comfort zone but again, another place for me to let loose my thoughts. On all my other nerdy hobbies and listeners have fun with it.


My wish this post gets shared around, to open up a discussion. I’ve had on my mind for sometime. Our enjoyment as what kind of content we put out is important. What else has become important is the appeal from others. Asking them:


What makes you click on that link, video?


What is your attraction to want to watch, listen, read to a person’s content? Is it thumbnails? Is it people’s witty opening blog post introduction’s? Is it the person’s personality? Is it the type of content they cover from discussions to editorials? What draws you in to follow someone’s blog, youtube, podcast?

Ahh Chitanda so adorable isn’t she?

Half of my driving passion to do what I do hobby wise. Comes from the enjoyment others find in what I produce. It’s the same for all who love anime and any kind of community. But were talking about our anime community here specifically. So with much appreciation and gratefulness, Please share this post around.

Because. It’s not for my benefit of discussion.

It’s for all who do what I do.

By Leaving a comment here, or retweeting your answer over twitter. By answering the question above. Your attraction to following another’s content. Getting you to click that post, podcast, or video. I’m just going to thankyou to anyone who likes, comments, share this post. Your a trooper and opening this discussion even more.

Your input is what’s important here and sharing your individual opinion. Any content creator is always wanting to evolve in many ways but can’t do that with you. You readers, listeners, watchers.

So I can’t do this alone. Get sharing and commenting my friends !!


Lita Kino 


  1. For me, anime content is for different reasons. I go to YouTube videos for essays and deep analysis. Podcasts, however are different. I started (and produce) podcasts because of the conversation and communal aspect.
    As a podcaster, my biggest joy is collaboration. I invite people on as guests, I look for co-hosts with different perspectives than my own, because I think podcasting (in any genre) is best when there’s voices collaborating from different spaces. I could never do a solo podcast. It’s just not my style. It’s not for me. I’ve thought about doing something for YouTube in the deep analytical style, because that’s what appeals to me the most, and YouTube is a great format for it, imo. 🙂

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  2. For me, anime content is for different reasons. I go to YouTube videos for essays and deep analysis. Podcasts, however are different. I started (and produce) podcasts because of the conversation and communal aspect.

    As a podcaster, my biggest joy is collaboration. I invite people on as guests, I look for co-hosts with different perspectives than my own, because I think podcasting (in any genre) is best when there’s voices collaborating from different spaces. I’ve always said that I could never do a solo podcast, because it’s just not my style. I would consider doing something like that for YouTube, but on the more analytical level. I think YouTube is a great format for that.

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  3. The first thing is giving a link to click on in the first place, I don’t know what your YT channel is because you’ve not left it!

    I click a video if it looks interesting. I don’t find myself clicking on reviews on YT and more discussion videos but people have different tastes. A thumbnail only matters as if it sucks I won’t click on it probably.

    I only really read the title and the small line underneath doesn’t help a lot. What makes me click is the post being about an idea or question I find interesting, it’s the content that’s in it which keeps me coming back and continuing watching. Also if a YT video has a bad introduction and bad audio I will stop listening nearly straight away.

    The content I tend to like more is discussion topics that are not massively long but not very short.

    If it’s what draws me into subscribing to a YT channel it’s a mix of quality, quantity and regularity of content, it has to be good. Also getting a good knowledge of the creator helps a lot. I enjoy podcasts a lot and they are sold entirely on how interesting the creator can be so listening to one of those every so often would increase my investment in the creator even if their YT channel doesn’t interest me.

    For example theirs a guy I’m subscribed too who does 3d tutorial videos which I couldn’t care less about. However he’s also on a podcast, is great on the podcast, so I choose to follow him on YT.

    I hope this helped! I tried to answer every question that you asked!

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    1. Ahhh oh my god thank you so much Ross. I can call you Ross right ? And I didn’t know I was suppose to leave a link to my YouTube haha lol I’ve fixed it now!! But this post is for others benefit not just for me

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      1. Yeah I would rather you call me Ross to be honest. My impression of this was that you had launched a YT channel or something and wanted ideas and promotion. It’s cool that it can help others though!

        YT is fun but a lot of work, even after doing it for a while I still only got 350 subs, but then again it was pretty stupid vlogs that not a lot of people were interested in!

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      2. No worries Ross 😁 oh no this was not about me but your comment was super insightful my friend. Others will love reading it as well. I’m hoping to combine everyone’s answers and put into a gigantic post is my goal. Youtube is not the easiest out to the hobbies I do. Video editing is worth than podcast editing.

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      3. I just found your channel through a twitter link so I’m checking it out now! My username is RAMBtalk so if you see a comment from them that’s me! Also that channel is not the one I have the subs on.


  4. When following a blog/YT, I usually check if its posts are first anime/manga related (If it is not, I’ll still sample a few posts and get a feel of the author’s content and decide then if I can contribute to reading his/her posts consistently based on interest of the posts’ topics).

    A good attractive thumbnail with a matching effective title is also a strong incentive for clicking that link. While this is the case, the writing content is also important to me – in the sense that it should validate the ‘trust’ I give to the thumbnail and title I guess.

    Discussions are probably the aspect that draws me in, because it would be nice to hear another voice in regards to *insert topic* in anime/manga/culture/stuff. And when it gets intense or something interesting pops up, the interaction with other people on the internet makes it very enjoyable, and attractive to return to (same post / a new upload). 🙂

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  5. Hmm … what grabs initially is the subject matter. An article or review for an anime that i’m interested in will get me reading, and i nturn potentially lead me to other posts by the same author. After that it mostly comes down whether I enjoy the posts. A writing style that appeals, or a general feel to posts that keeps me interested.


  6. For blogs, what usually grabs my attention is the subject matter. If it’s something I’m interested in (e.g. an anime that I’m watching or an interesting editorial piece), I’ll usually click it. The same applies for videos, but I’m more inclined to click on a video if I like the look of the thumbnail – for blogs, I don’t particularly mind as much, for whatever reason.

    What keeps me going back to someone’s content, however, is usually the personality that shines through. Of course, this depends completely on the tone of the blog in the first place, but if I notice a more informal, friendly tone, I’ll be more inclined to check out that blogger’s content more so than a formal piece. This, of course, is personal preference, I’m sure.

    Admittedly, I can’t comment on podcasts because I haven’t really listened to any… Maybe it’s time to change that! ^^”

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  7. Reblogged this on A Girl & Her Anime and commented:
    Lita Kino is asking some interesting questions and I thought I’d share them here as well, for I’ve often wondered similar questions as well. This post definitely made me think! I definitely think it’s one to think about if you’re a content creator yourself. Personally, it’s made me think about the use of thumbnails and titles, as well as the different types of mediums that people use.

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  8. It’s always two things for me: the content in question, and the personality of the person behind the work. I watch or read content for things that I am interested in looking for, hear an opinion from someone I like and/or has an interesting opinion and point of view that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. YouTube videos might have the addition of a cool to thumb nail to get my attention, but a bad one isn’t a deal breaker.

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  9. I visit anime blogs for their subject matter, typically an editorial or a deep analysis of a show I’ve seen. I prefer reading these to watching on YT since I find most videos more reactionary rather than critical. The writer’s voice is also important, since I like to get a feel for the personality and style. I also look elsewhere for content when poor editing of grammar and sentence structure gets in the way of the subject matter.

    I pretty much only watch comedic bits about anime when on YT, like Prozd or Gigguk.

    As for podcasts, my desire aligns much with my preferences for blogs: subject matter and community. I enjoy it when podcast hosts have a good vibe with one another and when they bring in knowledgeable guests, or at the very least interesting. I’m also a stickler about audio quality and appreciate it when a podcast includes music and sound effects. Editing is also a must, since the last thing I want to listen to for an hour is rambling without any direction or the necessary cuts to stay on topic.


  10. Given what I do on Seasonal Prattle I always have files of content in front of me to rummage through, and the pieces that stand out among the heap to me that I initially click tend to be those that have decent copywriting and related elements ( so stand out headlines, vivid thumbnails, good formatting so it’s digestible etc). But beyond that, it’s the quality and type of content that keeps me checking back.

    If you even remotely cover seasonal works I’ll almost always be following you/have you on file in some capacity if I’m aware of it, and if you’re just a quality creator in the community in general, I’ll likely come back to your stuff as well.


  11. This is a great question and a really hard one to answer! >.<

    When it comes to Youtube I don't really watch Anime videos there. I just watch gaming channels, the fine brothers and some well-known youtubers. Here on Youtube I watch videos in two perspectives:

    – The channels I follow which basically I just watch everything that comes up. Here, normally I go for the personality and the funs! 🙂

    – I'm looking for something specific (Tops, tips, music, idk). Here I just click the first video it comes up and see if it answers my question. If it's something that I want to learn, like looking for an e-class I go with the one with more views/likes.

    I can, however that there were some videos I had to click rightway and normally it's because of the title. Yeah, the thumbnail in the past made a difference, but at the moment all thumbnails go for the clickbait factor so I just disregard it! Really, look at fine brothers… All of their thumbnails have people with their mouth opened as if they were amazed by something!

    When comes to blogging I just try to read everything (?). I don't really know, there is no kind of thing that makes me push that button more than others 😛 I think in the end the title ends up being the one that makes me push the button faster 😛 Nevertheless, I know what I want to read so that means the title needs to say more or less what I'm looking for.

    An example: I don't follow seasonal Animes and therefore I don't read Episodic reviews. This way if in the title it says "Episodical Review" I will just not click it! 😛

    When it comes to podcasts… I've still need to enter that part of the internet XD At the present I still don't really quite get it! 😛 For me, podcasts only would make sense to be hearing while doing at the same time 😛 The problem is, at my work if I'm hearing other people talking I won't be able to concentrate and therefore it just doesn't really work for me 😛 This way I don't know what to answer ahah


  12. Mostly the answer is subject matter, but other cases involve either post title or the personality of the blogger. Visuals don’t really matter to me, although if a blogger puts some effort into the introduction, I might pay attention to it if it shows up in the Reader or email.

    I don’t listen to podcasts on a regular basis and only started listening to a few because the creators were established anibloggers I wanted to support. I’m not really into YouTubers either, but I think that might be because YouTubers are a lot more reactionary to things (compared to other kinds of content creators) and it causes some unnecessary conflict.


  13. What is your attraction to want to watch, listen, read to a person’s content?

    Depends. When it comes to watching it’s either the personality, or the content is to my liking. Either be a spoiler free review on anything I intend to watch, a discussion video on a topic I find interesting, and just anything the content creator produces. On YouTube, I’m more likely to give someone I don’t know a watch than a blogger I don’t follow. Reason for this being it’s easier XD, but also on video someone personality come across more easily than in words. I don’t listen to much podcast, but the one I do, The Gaming Pilgrimage Podcast, I listen to allot because the group talk about whatever they want, and I always enjoy their random discussion on a number of things from movies, video games, and anime.

    Is it thumbnails?

    Not really. A thumbnail doesn’t entice me to click on something. Specially on YouTube, if it’s a video on a topic I’m interested in, like a different viewpoint on either a anime, movie, or tv series from someone I don’t follow I might click it.

    Is it people’s witty opening blog post introduction’s?

    Sometimes. Usually what draws me to read someone’s blog is them exploring something outside of my range of interest, or expertise. For example, I’m not really well verse in Shoujo anime, or manga. So if I click on a post that talks about that, and I like it I’ll be more incline to read more from that person regardless what they decide to write about.

    Is it the person’s personality?

    Typically yes. Sometimes it’s difficult for someone to get across their personality in text form like in a blog, but if the blogger interacts with the reader frequently than that usually draws me in too. It’s that engagement, even if just in a single reply that makes it me feel like there’s some connection between me, and the blogger on some level.

    Is it the type of content they cover from discussions to editorials?

    Varies. If I like the person than I’ll give whatever they try to experiment in a shot. If I don’t end up enjoying what they do than I’ll still follow them, but just not bother with the posts that don’t interest me.

    What draws you in to follow someone’s blog, youtube, podcast?

    It’s random to be honest. Sometimes it’s a single post, sometime it’s a simple exchange, or just at random by recommendation. However, one thing that remains the same for all the people I follow is they seem to be themselves regardless where they post their stuff. I personally prefer someone being themselves than (overly) pandering to an audience. At least to me, makes the individual standout more in my mind, and see where them where they go with their content.

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    1. Awww thankyou for the such kinds words. It made me feel so good to hear you enjoy my videos and posts. I’ve been in a bit of weird slump and reading that was what I needed. So thankyou. I probably won’t do this award as Ive done it over 5 times already. thankyou for the nomination XD


  14. For blogs, I’d definitely say personality and style Lita-san.
    There are a lot of people who write about manga and anime out there, but I’m particularly picky about those I follow (which I limit to under hundred fifty because I want to read everything they write).
    So a distinctive voice and style is one of the first things that grabs me.

    Then the other thing I look for, different perspective. Reading the same views on a topic is not what I’m trying for, so I an always impressed by vastly different opinions.

    Videos though, I do consider the aesthetic and organisational aspect very important. An orderly organised video would be what I like and follow.

    Simply put, it’s something that grabs my interest


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