April Autumn Post – A – Rama Time !!

Tad late this end of month post – a – rama but it’s here. Plus a warm autumn.. it has been very weird in Australia currently.

Last Friday rolled around last week and no post – a – rama, you’ll forgive me. There were some blog reads, had not got around to reading. Still haven’t. It’s until recently refocusing my mind onto my hobbies. You’ll be happy to know, I’ve made my return to video making for my channel. But I’ll be doing a all round update in the next week, covering a few things, leave that till then.

April certainly was a strange month for me, went by too quick. Productive wise here was pretty dead and frankly majority of this year has been, lacking from me. Life distracted me big time during April and it’s all been so strange. Lucky have here and other things to keep my mind distracted. There have been new people I’ve been following and new faces in the anime blogging community.

There was super content, came across in April. Ready to discover something you have may missed? Not as much as last month, I didn’t read as much. 


Why Anime Helped To Free Me From My Phobia By A Nerdy Perspective 

Anime means a lot to us for all our own reasons. Sam expresses in her personal post about his phobia with blood. From not being able to deal with horror movies and heaps of blood, anime has helped them subside this slowly. Because in certain series particularly in gory series, knowing it’s not real. This was a incredibly interesting thing to share and worth your read!



Six Reasons Bakugo Katsuki Is My Favourite Hero By Nice Job Breaking It, Hero

Very entertaining read by Naja of her undying love for Bakugo. *cough* I’ve seen the first season of My Hero Academia. It’s hard for me to see the good in him yet But hilarious read for your pure entertainment.



The Good And The About K Pop By Arthifi’s 

Ever wonder the rage about Kpop? Arthifi’s is new to the the faze of K pop. As a Kpop lover there is good and bad to the fandom itself. In this post Arthifi’s goes into the goods of Kpop music. If your a lover of this genre check it out!!


A Separation of Series And Song By The Lily Garden 

You won’t comprehend the meaning behind anime opening sequences. Remy discusses question if you don’t end up liking a particular series. But you like the opening or ending theme song? Very interesting question to ask as there is disconnection involved. Great and interesting read.



Do You Know All The Deres? By Rossiroad 

If there ever were such a post to go through all the deres out there in anime. This one would be it. Very informative post about even deres, I didn’t know existed. Some totally made up by fans yet alone. Anyone ever heard of a Shundere? Not me.


Personified Race Horses Uma Musume First Impressions By A Girl And Her Anime 

Recently tried out a couple of spring 2018 titles and Pretty Derby was one of those. Amelia saids in a nutshell my opinion of the show, horse girls who are idols. This is not a serious show, very light and fun as Amelia describes in her post.



Blogging On Blogging
By Welcome To Hell Zone 

This wouldn’t be a feature without a personal post. Jenn is new to the blogging scene, and really felt like I got to know her better. Speaking of blogging about anime has reignited her passion for writing. Really good read, love these kinds of posts.



 What Kind Of Collector Are You? By The Manga Hoarder 

Great discussion from Laura regarding how people collect anime and such. Broadening into interesting terms, it was all-new learning to me. I didn’t know there were particular terms used when it came to collecting. Shows how different people in how they do things.



There Is Nothing New Under The Sun By Drunken Anime Blog 

Irina writes the kind of thing that I’m always preaching about. When it comes to blogging, people say reviewing the same anime. It’s been reviewed or talked about so many times. You feel like your opinion does not matter. Irina tells you in their post, that does not matter. Each of individual views, opinions are important as anyones. 


Vampire Princess Miyu Thoughts By Personification

This is an older title been itching to have in my collection. It would be a blind buy for me but really enjoyed reading Lucifer’s thoughts, on this vampire tale. Particularly enjoyed this read, in how honest it’s flaws and ups were broken down. Plus good to see exposure like this for older series.



So much to catch up blog reading.

I’m behind still people on reading people’s blog. Sorry if this post-a-rama wasn’t as big as usual. Promise May will be a cauldron full of goodness. Please check out all the fabulous content featured here, as all were a grand read. April as I said was a strange month for me, so less was read, otherwise more would have been here.

That’s all for this end of month !! Hope you enjoyed!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. Thanks for putting me in this post. Really appreciate it, and glad you liked it. If you ever get a chance to see it hope you enjoy it.

    I also liked that blog post by Welcome To the Hell Zone. I found it encouraging since I could somewhat relate to it. Now, I got another blogger I get tor read from. Thanks for the introduction!

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