I’ll Be Loving Anime Till I’m In That Rocking Chair

Nothing but anime marathons when older. screw normal TV

Exactly as the title said I’ll be loving anime till I’m in my rocking chair, bingeing crap out of anime. Tire of anime? Preposterous.

It was sometime ago blogger Karandi covered the question What Happens When You Get Tired Of Anime?. Stating in a comment I’d write a response here it is my dear. Better late than never.


“Tire Of Anime” does not exist in my dictionary

There is no greater joy to me in this world than anime. I’ve spoken before it’s more than just a hobby, it’s a life love. You’ll come to know me as one of those “real” sentimental fools, that gets in deep with this. To dam what anyone would think about that. A personal piece wrote two years ago, goes in deep why anime means so much to me. There no way for me to ever do without it honestly. Other interests I have, don’t come near close how much love I have for the medium. 

Anime has been coping mechanism for stress and anxiety, my obsession over it, but just grows. Doesn’t mean I’ll turn into some crazy, crack pot lady with a manor mural of precious series. Set up like a museum. That wouldn’t be a bad idea you know…haha. 

To pinpoint why mostly could never not love anime. It’s a gateway to another universe, where those made up ideas in your mind from childhood. Of magical realms, fairytale romances, alternate utopia’s. The endless possibilities that clocked up in my head, seeing portrayed in anime was surreal. First ever proper anime I saw Angelic Layer, battle dolls fighting one another, using your brain waves. It was this moment just wanted more, what abundance of the basket, was there on offer.

What more could anime give me?

Relatable high school experience portrayed in Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke. A fantasy realm with such wonders, Escaflowne Whisked me away on. Childhood favourite Buffy Vampire Slayer channeled a dark desire to watch series as Shiki. Demonstrating foulness of such creates, vampires. My list could go on in.

God better than average TV hell to the yeah. Am I wrong?

The moment someone mentions “anime to me”

Another sign no way I could tire of anime. I was at the pet store the other day, get to the check out. Person serving me saw my Cardcaptor Sakura wallet and they go into ecstatic mode over it. It was hilarious saying how much they love that series to death. It was the highlight of my day, meeting others who share the same interest. Awh best thing to me, especially when being apart of community here and on twitter. I’ve never felt not so alone in something before, till I started up this blog. Began reaching out to others and only added to fuel my obsession. The desire to want to share my thoughts on certain series, seeing into the minds of others. 

Being apart of a fellow community who loves anime, such as the blogging one. One of the best things personally to have become involved in. From reading so many individuals views, opinions has expanded my horizons. To try anime that don’t particularly watch a lot of, take a dive into the seasonal side and find those rare gems. Like saying before it’s added fuel to the fire. My burning passion keeps a flame, that’s a extremely good thing. 

To continue to grow.

This whole spill given, dubs me as a sentimental fool when it comes to anime. I don’t care, I’m just a sap at heart. It works well for me. There have been times, I’ve not watched anime for a while, desire to watch dramas, other watch interests. When coming back to the anime, only gripe to pick at. What to watch honestly is my constant problem, haha all too common relation. I’ll continue till my time comes to sit into that rocking chair, collecting all titles I want. Writing out my anime spills, Recording my feels. There has been never in my life, next to animals nothing more I’m more passionate about. 

Anime is a wonderland. 
Forever getting lost in it’s endless, magical maze. 

It’s my description of anime itself. What about yourself? How would you describe it?


Comment those descriptions down below, be poetic, rhyme. 

Thanks for reading my anime love spill. hehe. 

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 




16 thoughts on “I’ll Be Loving Anime Till I’m In That Rocking Chair

  1. It is very hard to imagine ever getting tired of anime when there is so much out there to try and yet I guess it does happen. Glad you are still super enthused and hopefully you carry that passion for a long time to come.

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  2. I find that anime excels as both escapist fare and a mirror of reality.

    Often times those two things are superbly intertwined and evoke feelings of incredible power and strength in me. I’m still young, so I never tire of the crazy energetic over-the-top displays of insane possibility that call out to me and burn their inspiring / uplifting messages of reaching for what you desire out of life and becoming someone who can bear all the responsibility that comes with the journey that that entails.

    Of course, I also love the more down-to-earth mundane kind of fantasies, too. It’s quite pleasant to see characters be good to each other and happy with their place in life. There’s a lovely peacefulness and makes for a nice, comfortable watch. Yes, I could foresee myself dipping in and out of periods of watching anime and experiencing other things — in large part, because they encourage me to go out and try new things, see life in different ways, and appreciate what I would otherwise have before taken for granted.

    I can’t imagine giving it up for good, not after all that it has provided me, and continues to offer in the form of both new content and rewatches.

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    1. Long comments I love them 🙂

      “I can’t imagine giving it up for good, not after all that it has provided me, and continues to offer in the form of both new content and rewatches.”

      Full agree here, I’m watching martian successor Nadeisco 90s series and is indeed a crazy time. Something I’ve not watched in a long while. Always reminds me what there is discover out there 😉


  3. Well said, Lita. I feel the same way. We’ll be old and loving anime and it will be great!! While I definitely see myself loving anime for the rest of my life, I am not so sure about blogging or cosplaying.

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  4. I agree with you completely. Just the other day a student was gushing overthe fact that there substitute was reading manga. I’ve made friends at conventions that I look forward to each time one comes up.

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