To Make The First Move Isn’t Desperate But Brave.

To make the first move, it’s a bold,brave step and this is viewpoint I loved from. Honey Works newest work Our Love Is 10 Centimetres Apart. 

I’ve Always Liked You and The Moment You Fall In Love created by Honey Works. Based off the vocaloid song series (Confession Executive Committee: Love Series) are adorable romance tales. Any lover of romance will enjoy, centring on the struggles in confession of like and love. Finally getting around to watching Our Love Is 10 Centimetres Apart was worth the wait.

A minor focus from I’ve Always Liked You, potential couple Haruki and Mio. Can’t seem to make it over the “more than” friends stage. Both polar opposites Haruki confident and popular one. Mio reserved staying out of spotlight. Both face their own obstacles during their final year of school that put their bond to the test. Making that 10 centimetres in deadlock whole time. 


I’ll never be one to make the first move. Depending on the situation and setting.

Our Love Is 10 Centimetres Apart was a enjoyable perspective on a simple romance. About two people very close but not seeming to be able. Closing that gap that will take them to the next step. It took me until episode two to feel invested in the story, the series has a slow start. But what was apparent to me, obvious anguish Haruki and Mio were feeling. Moments throughout where you think they’ll close the gap, then fizzles out.

There was some illogical drama between the pair, that wasn’t convincing. As to why things became slow progress between the pair. All to do with Haruki’s older brother whom is dead. Haruki’s older brother before he died saved someone from drowning and that was Mio. She finds this out, asking herself does she deserve to be by Haruki’s side? I was just thinking why is this is a concern and to do with your feelings? Then Mio goes and avoids Haruki. This whole concept was dumb honestly, a reason enough of “someone like me” would have been fine.

If we skip all the nonsense of drama on Mio side’s. On Haruki’s side he deals with his dream of working in film. Questioning if its that he wanted, that he was just following his brothers dream. This brought out Haruki’s immature, childish side. Which dealing with over two episode got old. Get over it dude. If there hadn’t been this silly drama and gone the troupe route of a old ex, love rival. It would have made for a more enjoyable watch. I say more because overall it was still enjoyable.

The main aspect particularly loved was that gap ourselves can never seem to close. To whom we may like or love. The clever use of screenshots showing scenes Mio and Haruki only their hands metres away. It seems so simple to take just one another’s hand. Beneath it all, there is much anguish, fear and uncertainty. In these single scenes, it’s so crystal clear and loved this angle approach.

Haruki and Mio are quite the innocent pair. Least one thing they both have in common is a stubborn streak. If I were there friends whom only ever encouraged the pair. For how frustrated, worried Mio friends became, I’d be too. The dumb drama ruined this series to be even more enjoyable for me. Though the ending made up for all of that. Romance being my favourite genre, not every watch will be satisfied. Even when I crave it to always be a happy ending. Lucky this was the case.

Our Love Is 10 Centimetres Apart will be your average high school romance. Through couple Mio and Haruki they shed light on, were all not first movers. When it comes to love, should always be the guy, girls need to be bolder. This expectation that we have, feel sorry for you guys who get laid into it. There was no forcefulness with Mio and Haruki, there should be no rush. Takes time to feel the confidence to speak your feelings. It was great to see some enlightenment that making the first move isn’t about desperation. If the affection is genuine it’s bold to step out of that comfort zone.

Romance fans you’ll enjoy this one.


It was a sweet little romance and hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on Our Love Is 10 Centimetres Apart. You can watch all of Honey Works anime on Crunchyroll. Very doable to watch in a day. All very adorable watches in their own way.

Do you have a favourite of the three romances? Mine is Ive Always Liked You most satisfying, something can easily rewatch. I’d start with that one.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



5 thoughts on “To Make The First Move Isn’t Desperate But Brave.

    1. I think you’ll enjoy this title still and the other ones by honey works 🙂 Really glad they were turned into anime, always need more romance anime haha.


  1. I love HoneyWorks. Thanks for the heads up on a cool new song I can listen to.
    and making the first move is really tough. it often hurts when the other person doesn’t see that as well.

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