Refocused Friday Feature

I’m a refreshed me.

Honesty have I gotten so lazy giving these Friday Features any good names. I hate calling them what they were before. I just go by how I feel week by week, good enough for you guys.

April this month has been eh best way to describe for me. It’s gone way too quickly among other things. Majority of the month my mind was somewhere else and hobbies got put back on the back burner. Hence why only one Friday Feature came out, but the last two weeks. Mr slump visited me where, did not feel like writing or more like about what. Though now said goodbye to Mr slump and feel completely refocused again. Thanks to the return of Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory and Amanchu.

Bingeing shows recently like The 100 and newly The Alienist on Netflix have helped even more. At some point in the next week, I’ll have a blog update post come out. Just a general overview where things are in terms of my blog, youtube etc. Because since the last update a lot has changed. Felt my brief break from not writing till I felt like it was good, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Planning for May to be better month terms of post wise, millions of drafts, ideas. Just picking which one feel like finishing. There is many posts I’ve not gotten around to do doing for months, and only now I am.

But in the meantime, I’ve been happy with posting something on here at least. Scheduling is your best friend.

Reading others posts is something I’m always behind on. From what I have discovered this week. Let’s find out what I got for you this time !!


Blogger Feature 

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.36.40 pm

This week’s blogger features goes to female blogger Sirius from When Sirius Writes. Sirius has been around the community since late last year, been here for a little while. I’ve come to really enjoy reading her after thoughts on her various interests. Particularly love reading her anime ones, I’ve discovered a few older series. Which have never heard of, you know that’s my jam. Sirius post have a happy vibe to them and always make me come back to read.

Like for many just wants a place to write her interests. There is plenty variety to read from anime to music. Sirius blog is one to follow, if you enjoy variety, and reading ones different thoughts on their interests.



Brief Review of The Cat Returns By Medieval Otaku 

This week in America The Cat Returns made it’s debut in cinema again. As apart of Ghibli Festival 2018. This is my favourite movie from the Ghibli collection, it’s never talked about. It’s one of those films that surprises you despite being from 2002, I always get excited reading others thoughts. On this film, because it’s a charming little film. 


Throwback Thursday | Anime OST From My Childhood By Minty 

From my owls music related post this week, made me recollect this piece by Minty from earlier this month. Minty who is apart of Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers goes nostaglic route in their post. Reminiscing over anime songs from childhood, it was nostalgic reading this and makes you remember your favourites. These kind of posts are the best !!! 


The Lack Of Comments And Self Doubt
By Chikorita

Being all bloggers we’ve been there, thinking are you not doing something right? Chikorita whom has been in the blogging scene for a long time now. Expresses their doubt and fears, over the last few years. The shift of social media, the need to leave comments has lessened. Reading this post made me think I’ve been in this spot. Doubting what I’m putting out, the lack of likes or comments. Life can become on top of you, every blogger has felt this way. I’ve been meaning to write a response piece to this as it inspired me.



Remembering My Teko By Jenn 

Amanchu season two is currently airing this spring 2018. Which most of you know makes me happy as day. I love this series to death. Jenn writes this adorable post focusing on episode one of the new season. Their relation to Teko and Pikari’s growing relationship. How the series handles friendship theme in such a relatable sense.



Weekend is here !!!

Felt good to write this Friday Feature and next week is post a rama time. I’ll have a good one lined up for April. Hope you enjoyed this Feature and check out the awesome ones in this feature. !! 

I’m catching up slowly on blogging reading and new people. Still so behind on a lot of posts, always missing a lot of posts. Have a fabulous weekend my friends !!!! 

I’ll see you all next post and next Friday !! 



  1. Thank you for mentioning my post! Next month, I’ll have to catch Porco Rosso in order to keep up with Ghibli Fest 2018 and to watch yet another Studio Ghibli film I have not seen.


  2. Reminds me I’ve had a post charting the evolution of Sailor Moon themes (from *Moonlight Densetsu* to *Moon Pride*) sitting on the back burner for almost a year now. I really need to find time to finish it and get it out.

    With Yamato 2199 finally ending, maybe I can find the time…

    Liked by 1 person

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