Inseparable Envy Fairytale Pair

They are just too much.

Shirayuki and Zen brought up hidden away feelings, that you or I might keep locked away. They to me have a fairytale relationship in a way.

Such loving embraces… ugh hurts the heart

Since getting my hands on Snow White With The Red Hair blu-ray collection. It’s so stunning in HD during my re-watch last month. For those that have not seen this fairytale feel. Your doing yourself a disservice, click off this post go watch it. 

Second time round watching, think I’m in love with this series more than I thought. We have a problem. It’s obvious the fundamental reason why it’s so beloved. Two sweet of a pair Shirayuki and Zen. I’ve spoken before why I love this series but having a broaden outlook than back first watch. As they say you don’t know notice these little things, you couldn’t see before.

I noticed how truly rustled hidden desires, feelings within me. Envy. 

Why am I so envious towards Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship?


It makes me laugh a little that anime has made me feel envy. Mean just a piece of medium for me to enwrap myself in. But no watching their relationship second round just ignited feelings within myself. Things I desire when it comes to love and relationships, no shoujo couple has such delved this deep for me.

Now it’s not because Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship is like a fairytale, almost. Prince falls for a commoner, muster through the trials. Happily ever after, yay. This series does not sugar coat this notion. It really grinds in deep, of the reality in how Shirayuki and Zen get their own ever after. This deepness I speak of is their admiration and respect they have for one another. That’s what I envy.

Zen and Shirayuki relationship is enough to send any romance lover for a spin. In it’s rawness and being too raw. Can’t win really. How strong-willed and good hearted both are toward another hurts the soul a bit. Zen is almost your picturesque prince on a white horse, having the high life. My first impression expected him too gallant in his prince role but upon meeting Shirayuki. In the first episode their was a obvious chemistry between them. No… things are going to get way corny my initial thinking. Shirayuki who seemed like she’ll string along with, love at first sight. Because Zen is a prince. Oh my lord the pair blew all these impressions out of the window. Gone Baby. 

How bountiful their relationship became. Neither wishing to burden the other, ability to speak their minds so freely. Wanting to push each other to reach their goals. No social class or ridicule from others were going to stop this pair. It’s the most refreshing sense to watch when it comes to the meaning of admiration. Snow White With The Red Hair handles this with much warmth and care. Which becomes the reason in you rooting for Shirayuki and Zen all the way.

In almost how perfect things go for Shirayuki and Zen, some of it meets “to good to be true” for real life. It’s hard to not feel envious as your watching the series, in what they have for another. Hidden feelings, desires I have about love and relationships seeing what Shirayuki and Zen had. It was like looking through a mirror. That somewhere inside of me doesn’t feel wrong to desire the admiration from someone else. That Shirayuki and Zen have. To find someone that would better me in areas of myself, I don’t like. To feel unconditional acceptance from just one person, would be worlds enough. To feel the confidence in pursuing things knowing support is there. These are all things we feel, but these are things I personally feel.

There is no wrong in my own desires of love I have. There ones you keep locked away and openly admit. When you feel the time is right or meeting someone. I’m too honest for my own good, one of my flaws. Shirayuki and Zen dug deep damn it. 

I look at Shirayuki and Zen and maybe one day I’ll find that.



Those are my short musings on, I’ve been feeling for sometime now. This was more of a outlet release for me to be honest, Feel free. To comment below what couple in anime do you envy or jealous of? Did they have a big impact on?

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 



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