The Full Metal Feels… It’s Back


Finally time for me to sit down and talk about my babies that have returned to me. This was everything and more, for the first episode.

This was me soon as the episode started.


Bless you crunchy roll for getting the rights to Full Metal Panic Invisible.
Made me the happiest than ever could I feel in this life time. They’ll be times your thankful your alive to witness things. Return of Full Metal Panic after thirteen years is one of those times, my friends. There is going to many more times I may say this over and over. So will you haha.


Arbalest looks so radiant

I’ve been in a bit of a slump the past week and this was the pick me up I needed. I even got up extra early before leaving for work. In order to watch this special occasion.  The first few minutes had me hooked, the animation work looked fabulous. All that dimensional detail on the mecha and everything throughout the episode. Full Metal Panic has never looked so good. First tick off for comeback.

As a youtuber I’ve followed previously Lotus his motto “Back Like We Never Left” suits this occasion. The series picks up right off where Second Raid left off, it’s been sometime since seeing. People are not fond of second raid, but I need to rewatch it big time. For new people to Full Metal Panic, starting off with this new instalment. There might end up being some confusion as to what is going on. In this case would recommend to at least watch the first season, to get the flow of the plot and characters. It’s good to have a little background in this instance.

The director of Invisible Victory guarantee us a action-packed series. It was well delivered on this promise. To receive a full 24 minute episode to set up where our series will go. It was a treat, perfect way to bring a old series comeback after thirteen years. You have to agree right?


We need to address this.

Anyone who else is a long time metal fan, Did you flip your lid? At this the scene that thought were never come to pass. SOUSUKE AND KANAME HOLDING HANDS. One down size I’ve had with Full Metal Panic regarding this pair’s relationship. The romance element for them had been seriously lacking. All you ever felt like was teased. Though Sousuke only asked when happening to see a passing couple do it. Looking both unsure, it was too adorable.
 This was something was not anticipating would happen, let ALONE IN THE FIRST EPISODE.

Both have may have been clueless in what they were doing and as to why. I felt like there was a foundation formed.. finally. That maybe will receive small forms of affection such as this slowly. It makes me hopeful, I’ll tell you right now. If a confession or anything happens…..I’ll be fainted on the other side of the room. I will do a video or podcast talking about, let my fangirl scream. Ah… so cute Kaname getting her apartment keys out, opens the door and still hold hands. It’s a scene I’ll never forget.


Leonard pays a visit.

It was obvious soon as Kaname and Sousuke enter the apartment, the peace is disturbed. Leonard took his time getting his ideal threats out there, my favourite part fiery Kaname came out. My girl had not lost her edge and was in Leonard’s face, not letting pretty boy have his way. Personally from think it’s a lie he is love with Kaname, Leonard is just playing the game to come out on top. I was laughing at Leonard’s threat destroying Sousuke’s organisation and kidnapping Kaname. Mithril are going to kick your ass Leonardo no matter what scheme you come up with. Though must say those ASs models that Leonard had with him, were very cool. Excited to see those in action. 

From this point Leonard’s organisation Amalgam begin to make their move. How episode one ended with Kaname and Sousuke surrounded. I could feel the suspense factor, that ending line “It’s going to be a long 5 minutes”. I was in love with the whole vibe and episode. It was so good to see all the characters, I love so much even the bad ones. 

I’ll have a bite every week and be wanting more.


All I need now to complete this comeback is when the english dub cast comes out May 6th believe….

In no circumstances can they change the voices……. UNACCEPTABLE. I’m sorry but the original english dub with Chris Patton and Luci Cristian. They have to come back. No Butts, they are the sole reason I love Sousuke and Kaname so much. Not to say the Japanese voices are not important. I like the Japanese voices but this one of my first english dub experiences. It’s been a long dub cast favourite….. there is no room for error. 

You’ll see a twitter rant happen. You’ll know an unhappy Lita if I don’t get my original english dub. 

Apart from that fantastic comeback for a this crazy mecha series. I’m so happy to be also reviewing this weekly for Manga Tokyo as well. There was no question in my mind viewing the spring list, Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory had my name all over it. 

Lovely folks if it’s your first experience with Full Metal Panic or if your a oldie fan like me. Please share your thoughts down below, I’m dying to discuss this with others… literally dying haha.

I’ll be looking forward to Saturdays after work now to get to watch this or before.

I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. Also really excited to see this show return. And Kaname and Sousuke are adorable together. It is amazing how this anime gave us such a sweet moment followed by some incredible tension and it just reminded me what I loved about this story. That balance between character moments and great action sequences with stakes that feel real. Hopefully this anime can keep up the momentum and just give us an explosive season.

    Liked by 1 person

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