Summer Vibes Still There Friday Feature

Imagine a warm summer autumn lol

It’s summer vibes in autumn for aussie land. Thanks climate change and global warming.

You don’t need to tell me there was no Friday feature last week. I’m not a bit of bleh mind set right now. Believe me is affecting my writing right now and other hobby things I do. Which is why content over the next week will be slow, I’m taking a step back for myself. Till I feel refreshed and reading other blog posts has been very slow. On a positive note launching my first podcast episode for “That Nerd Lita” was a big thing for me. To anyone that listens, I thankyou a thousand times over. Deciding to start this podcast, along side to the blog was a great move for me.

Gives me another creative intake to talk about thing in more detail. Who knows where it could lead to in the future. It’s easier putting together than a youtube video good god.

Anyway folks time to see who got the spotlight this week?
I looked at some older posts this time around. !!!! 



Blogger Feature 

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.40.05 pm


This week’s blogger feature goes to a sweet blogger Rose from Wretched And Divine. If you like following all round blog you’ll want to follow this one. Rose blogs from anime to fashion. I especially love following Rose’s cosplay adventures, doing a different character every time. Rose is a lovely person, I’ve gotten to know and seen grown in confidence since joining the blogging community. Rose is very supportive towards other bloggers and in general great to have a fun discussion with.

Looking for that cute all round nerdy blog to follow? Rose is it!!! 



A Definitive Note – An Anime Studio On The Tulip Of My Tongue By Definitive Anime Review 

I love learning new things. When it comes to anime always is more fascinating to learn. Have you ever heard of Studio Tulip? Because I hadn’t till reading this very informative post. This is a studio that’s been around for a long time and I learned a lot reading this. Highly recommend you guys check this one out !!


Manga Review – Honey So Sweet By DaiyaManga 

DaiyaManga is a fantastic manga blog to follow for all manga. Krystallina wrote this great review on a shoujo Honey So Sweet. It’s one I’d been wanting to check out for a long time. It was summarised perfectly that this series is a sweet romance and will fill all the comfort. It’s gone up on my list to read so check it out.  



Good Luck Girl! Review By Anime Kingdom 

Anime Bro is a new face in the blogging community since this year. I enjoyed reading their short review on Good Luck Girl. They put this parody, comedy in a enjoyable light that will have you laughing.


Nerdy Travels By A Nerdy Perspective 

Anyone who’s told me or I’ve read they’ve been to Japan. I get super jealous badly and this was no exception when reading this travel post. I do love reading these type of posts, it gives great pointers for when I get to Japan, one day. If your planning to visit Japan yourself then make sure to read Nerdy Perspective post.



This is how I feel in real life right now

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Feature as always. Please check out all the awesome people here. There will be a feature for next week, don’t worry. I’ve planned to have a bingeing this weekend, sitting on my ass will be great.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and FULL METAL PANIC SEASON FOUR WILL BE HERE SO EXCITED FOR THAT !!

I’ll see you all in the next post !!



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