OH MY FEELS !! Violet Evergarden – That Nerd Lita Podcast #1

Tear Jerker Violet Evergarden

Month later, I have episode one coming out now. I scrapped my original plans but so glad I did.

My first official episode!!


Finally this week Violet Evergarden made it’s debut on Netflix. Becoming available in such countries as Australia, because we had to wait. Let me tell you the wait was so worth it. If you had seen on my twitter of my babbling about this series. However way I would be talking about this series and the episode turned out. Much longer than expected 40 minutes.

Seems there was a lot I had to say. Apologise if there is some urm and ah’s a lot. Doing it solo is still a big step for me. Many were keen to hear my thoughts on Violet Evergarden, hopefully this saids all in a nutshell. 

Proud to say my podcast was approved for Itunes and as you can see. Decided to upload to Soundcloud as well. Much easier way for my followers to listen to. As this podcast is for me and my blog really, keeping seperate from youtube. To be honest my interest in youtube is dying a little as of late. Maybe just blogging and podcasting is my way to go, who knows.

Hope you enjoy this episode !!! I welcome any feedback so feel free to let me know 🙂
Future episodes will be posted here.

Feel free to subscribe over on Itunes or Soundcloud!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!!


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