The Female Appeal Of Gundam Collaboration

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Gundam appeals highly to the male masses but there are females who love it just as much. As in this collaboration with a special blogger friend. We look at the appeal of Gundam to us and how other females view Gundam.  

Cue heart eyes.

Well it’s about the same when it comes to romance anime. Mecha sends me in the same frenzy.

This special collaboration has been in the works for a fair while now and so proudly to present it to you now. Mecha March wasn’t going to be without some Gundam talk. Who do you think I am? To forget such a importance. I teamed up with a special blogger friend whom is Gundam Girl crazy. Ka-chan from Ka-chan Anime Reviews loves Gundam as much as I do. I approached her with the idea to look at a side of Gundam. Don’t feel has been explored much before.

Gundam is not something appealing to all. It appears at first glance robots fighting right? It’s ideal for male fans, all the kick – ass action, highly entertaining. Female fans of Gundam are hidden away in secret or vastly low. Out of anyone Ka-chan and another female blogger Hazel, are the only two I know. Whom as female fans like Gundam, made me ask the question. What’s the turn off for females to get into Gundam? What appeals to me and Ka-chan in why we like Gundam? 

These are the questions we answer in our collaboration together. You can check out Ka-chan part 2 to our collaboration here. Make sure you do!! 

Gundam talk is happening now!!


What drew you first to the mecha genre?

Ka-chan: I guess it probably started back when I first started watching anime and Code Geass was on Adult Swim every Saturday. There is just something that drew me to it because yeah it was people fighting each other, which was nothing new, but they were fighting it in these giant robots. It was just such a new idea and concept to me that I wondered how different our own world would be if we were fighting our wars in these giant metal contraptions that could fly, had giant swords, and could shoot laser guns at you from miles away.

Lita: Were going back to my childhood days where toonami and cartoon network. Are all I lived for early age. Above Dragonball z and Sailor Moon was another series that captivated me Gundam Wing. I had no idea what was going on in the series, when first watching it. Boys in robots battling. I remember wanting to click off from what I witnessing but something compelled me not too. I quickly became obsessed with main character Hero, think that was because. His cold, harsh nature reminded me of Kai from Beyblade. At that age the cold, shouldered guys seem to do it for me, haha. From falling in love with bad Hero, seeing him fight in a Gundam. Made me excited every time he went into battle and at that time. Then realising there was just something so exciting about these boys battling in their mobile suits. Now I was 11 or 12 back then but I knew watching Gundam Wing just made me feel this rush of excitement.




What was it about Gundam that attracted you?

Ka-chan: The thing that I like about Gundam probably the most is that they spend a lot of time and effort building the world of their show so that you understand what is going on. Yes, there are the giant mecha’s that you see in other shows, but there are details there that not every show tries to focus on. The Gundam franchise does such a good job at explaining to you what the current situation of life on Earth, or somewhere in the universe, is like for the characters. You know the politics of it and who is fighting who and why they are doing it. Whether it be for resources or just for an age-old border war between two nations. I feel like it just gives a new depth to the story that is compelling and that is what drew me in the first time I watched a Gundam show and what keeps me coming back when every new series in the franchise is released. Gundam shows do such a great job at showing you the mindset of every side of a conflict and how specific outcomes will affect their country or alliance. They also are not afraid of going somewhere that you do not think you are going to go. No one is safe in a Gundam show. No one. Your favourite character could be fine one minute and then gone the next. You may think you see one thing coming but then something completely different happens and you are so thrown for a loop that you have to pause the episode to wrap your head around what the heck just happened. I think that makes the story interesting and keeps you on your toes as you watch. Which I absolutely love!

Lita: When I revisited Gundam again after many years. My first reintroduction into it was Gundam Seed Destiny. Back when I watched this series, my old best friend introduced to me. That you had to watch Gundam Seed before hand, no clue that series existed. Going into Gundam Seed Destiny again not much of a clue was going on. Seventeen year old me though had more of an idea what was going on. Gundam Seed Destiny rekindled that old love for Gundam Wing from all those years ago. Reminded me in my attraction to Gundam. It was the characters and world setting that was my first attraction to Gundam. Destiny ignited for me a fresh approach in my attraction. That I began to really care about the characters, their backgrounds. The reasons for why they fight, their constant struggle in such a world they were living in. It never mattered to me whether a character was bad or good. All characters in Gundam had their own eternal struggle somewhere inside. From their my attraction grew more, from two years ago diving into Seed, which should have watched in the beginning.

Gundam Seed tugged on my emotional rope and brought a whole new fascination. Enlightening on the themes of human greed and war through it’s characters and story setting. It was a perfection to me honestly and still is. Gundam gets it down pact when it comes to human emotions and it’s characters. That’s a huge attraction. Everything else is a bonus honestly.

Everything is thrown into Gundam that always gives me the most satisfying of watches. Incredible world building, learning the politics of space era. There is a lot of great detail taken in getting to know, between opposing forces. At points it can get very complicated and people feel lost, it becomes boring. A major reason people feel deterred from Gundam franchise. I feel lost at many times but after watching a series. I usually do some background reading so I have a better understanding. That’s because I crave to understand, it’s interesting to me.

Gundam knows how to keep the story full of twists and turns. Every episode there is some calamity that’s about to occur. It’s worse when you have a favourite character in the series.  Dreading if something will happen to them. Oh god Gundam is good and terrible at keeping you suspense but always keeping the story fresh. Iron blooded Orphans had me under wraps whole way through. Which by the way the focus on a group youngsters find a place to call home. It was such an interesting concept.

I have to mention every new bad ass that comes out to play. Every battle in Gundam is always entertaining. It’s impossible for it to not be. Every time a pilot gets a new machine to play with, my focus immediately go into “What hidden abilities do you have” mode. Mecha designs generally for mecha I’ve always been interested. But Gundam ones are special as each new series I’ve come to watch. Gundam 00 is the latest I’ve completed and my mind was blown by Gundam 00 abilities. That is a sexy machine right there.


What was your first gundam experience?

Ka-chan: It seems so long ago now but it was probably ten years ago when I watched Gundam 00 for the first time. I had just finished Code Geass and the first episode popped up as a suggested video on YouTube so I decided to watch it. I remember when I first started it I was really overwhelmed by the sheer amount of characters and large amount of information overload. But I quickly fell in love with the characters and the story, and I ended up finishing both seasons of the show in a week. I was obsessed. I remember when I finished the first season and saw there was a second I was absolutely blown away from how the character interacted with one another and the politics of the whole thing. I seriously did not stop talking about it with my best friend for weeks.

Lita: First experience ah it was such bliss. As mentioning beforehand Gundam Wing was my first. But in this case the true taste I got of Gundam was Gundam Seed Destiny. I fell in love with the series so much, first time viewing. Immediately watched it twice right after. I had missed the excitement of Gundam for such a long time. Older me was able to comprehend more at the time. When it came too plot and characters.

Utter fascination my first time round truly. How twisted the plot could get and characters up/down emotions. It shocked me at one point how savage some of the characters intentions were. Maybe this when I realised I liked some twisted turns when it comes to anime. Destiny was my window into what Gundam had to offer.


There’s need to be more Gundam talk. !!! Feel we have accomplished this in a small way. I enjoyed so much doing this with Ka-Chan so Thankyou for doing this collaboration with me. Make sure to go check her out on her blog, Ka-chan does some great content for anime in general. Well worth your follow !!

Gundam Fans Unite!! 

Make sure to check out part 2 of this collaboration over on Ka-Chan’s Blog 

We would love it if you guys down below left your thoughts about Gundam. Any female bloggers telling us what are your reasons Gundam isn’t for you? Has our collaboration made you see Gundam in a different angle? All comments will be so appreciated for this particular special collaboration. Sharing this around will mean so much as well. We want to widen the discussion.

I’ll see you guys in the next post!! 
Psst… more Gundam talk is coming in another post from me.




  1. Aww… the only Gundam series I got to watch are Gundam SEED and its sequel Destiny. I need to re-watch both, though, because I only got to watch them on a local channel and I missed some episodes. Gundam 00 has been on my PTW list for so long, though, mainly because a friend got me curious of Setsuna. LOL

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