Whatever Floats Your Anime Boat

All these brand new seasonal anime that are coming out like fast food. Going from the pay window to pick up window. Service is very fast. Haha nearly most of the time. Here’s me still chopping on mum’s lunch. An epic salmon and cucumber sandwich is way more satisfying.

Which by the way for a fun fact salmon and cucumber is my favourite sandwich is ever. English thing. 

Recently watched Youtuber Sloan The Female Otaku’s video on her feelings about there is too much anime. Which is a valid point that how can one consume all the anime there is, in their life time. Where one will have other interests as Tv series, movies etc. It’s physically impossible.

Seasonal anime has in the last three years upped the game. For how available series become through simulcasting. I’ve addressed before the affects of anime hype especially regarding seasonal anime. The trend now seems now for people to focus on what’s popular.


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 2.29.46 pm
Highlighted in green popular spring 2018 anime that will be most talked about.

Winter and spring 2018 I feel have brought up a new level to the seasonal game. As sloan points out in her video. Winter is usually quiet with fewer popular series. Spring is a mixed bag. This time around for 2018 both seasons have exceeded in this expectation, we’ve grown accustom too. Winter season seemed slice of life genre was winning over viewers such as A Place Further Than the Universe, Yuru Camp. The easy going series were swirling up a storm in anime discussion from what my word press feed had to say about it.

Now, with spring anime already beginning. From having a glance over what’s on offer. This just indicated to me the basket of series will keep filling up from here on out. I was actually very surprised in how many popular series to me. Will get the more exposure. Series such as Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul, FLCL for example did I ever imagine would get another season. Baffles me in a way but seeing what in green which is going to continue. 

For spring 2018 I’ll be planning to watch only Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory and Amanchu second season. I personally don’t care for anymore in seasonal anime what’s popular. The bottom line point wanted to make. People can say all they want to me “You gotta check this out” “YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS RIGHT NOW”. No thanks. It’s not that for example Boku No Hero Academia which I did start the first season. I had a genuine interest in this shounen when it first was announced and still do. It’s not in this moment in time wish to watch it. 

My anime watching is not how it use to be. I thank god my backlog isn’t overly overhauled because the habit has creeped up on me. To watch a first episode of a series then not continue it because myself get’s distracted. Oops. It’s worse with manga honestly because all I ever want to read is shoujo and nothing else. There is something wrong with me there, haha. These days would rather watch a older series over seasonal anime.


From writing my piece now over year half ago. How my anime tastes have changed, there has been much change again. Seasonal anime is no longer top priority, to be in with all the crowd. It all got to a point where was not enjoying watching seasonal anime from overloading myself, so many series. I still think it’s great the growth of seasonal anime, so much is on the platter. An abundance to choose from but as seasonal goes for me on the back burner. I’m making the sacrifice for my dislike of watching weekly for Amanchu and Full Metal Panic. My genuine love for these series cannot take the wait, in not watching these series. 

The exception in seasonal series I’ll watch will be ones. Sends me in a frenzy state to watch. I’ll plaster it all over twitter, you’ll see haha. Also the other exception I review one seasonal series for the site I write for. There are many seasonal anime from still 2016, have not gotten around to checking out. So if you ask me to check out a certain series, chances I wont get around to it for ages. That’s why with seasonal anime not being top priority for me. Gave me idea with my new podcast That Nerd Lita  to have a segment called “In The Seasonal Chest”. I’ll watch a anime from a past season and talk about in a episode.

This only will stop making me think, about all the seasonal anime. I have not got around. It’s a comprise. My anime compass will always put towards older series and those gems and people should respect your tastes. If your like me where seasonal anime is not top priority and people are trying swoon you. To watch what’s new right now. You don’t have to do what they suggest, peer pressure is a no no with me. Be happy cruising in your boat along your private anime stream. Watching what your in the mood for, writing, talking all falls in to the same category. 

Seasonal anime is adding to the endless stream of anime out there. It’s true there is way too much anime. You only have so much time in your day to consume whatever series. It’s suppose to me be a smooth ride your boat, not a endless struggle again the anime tides. Otherwise anime becomes no enjoyment anymore, worrying about what you haven’t seen yet. I was done a long time thinking this crap. Be your own master of your ship, set sail to your place of enjoyment.



Glad I got this out there. Looking over at all the spring and winter anime just made me think about recently. How many series had come out. Mostly spring’s popular list struck up this post idea honestly. Addressing do whatever floats your boat when it comes to watching anime.

Please share any thoughts you have on this discussion. I always love hearing others opinions. You guys know I do.

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 


6 thoughts on “Whatever Floats Your Anime Boat

  1. I too, am a creature of backlog. Mine is huge, and I need a prescription (lol).

    I’ve actually narrowed my list down substantially. The burden of simulcasting has been lifted from shoulders (though I do kinda wish I had blogged Violet Evergarden week to week) once I decided I’d prefer paddling my boat the other way, while unloading all the excess weight piled on by the new waves of shows. Yuru Camp has been pleasant blissful goodness that works in doses of 1-2 eps every so often. And I had no problems marathoning all of Devilman Crybaby when it dropped.

    But my priorities are sighted in the other direction – anime from yesteryear. Both first watches and rewatches. As much as I love finding something new to enjoy (and resonate with if I’m lucky) – Aria, Macross Frontier, Eureka Seven; I am even more excited to revisit my old favourites and see how I feel about them now – Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Summer Wars. Just to name a few. And I’ve set aside 2019 as a year for rewatches (maybe not limited to rewatches, but that will be the focus). It’s going to be AWESOME, fanboying will ensue.

    “Be your own master of your ship, set sail to your place of enjoyment.”
    Well said, I couldn’t agree more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “creature of backlog” I love that line ahaha lol

      I agree Im always more excited to rewatch older favourites honestly lol that’s what ive been focusing on recently 🙂 Glad you enjoyed post 🙂

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  2. I only watch 1 or 2 anime per season when I’m arsed to finally do it. I’m terrible at watching stuff in general though, so it’s not unexpected. I think new and old have both good things. For me new sports shows get priority since I’m accompanying them unlike older ones 😋

    I’m looking forward to the remakes and sequels this year from rather old series 😆

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  3. “Be your own master of your ship, set sail to your place of enjoyment.”

    I think this is really good advice that I wish more people would take to heart. Ultimately, it’s up to you in what you actually consume regardless of the amount of options out there. Don’t feel pressured.

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